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Share more of that delicious...

No but seriously 😬✨
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No but seriously 😬✨ ....

Coming to the ruff realization that work starts tomorrow. πŸ˜‘ // #regram via @fabfitfun & πŸ“Έ via @lumadoodlebear

Coming to the ruff realization...

For real tho πŸ˜’

For real tho πŸ˜’

@callitspring is committed to becoming a fully vegan brand and will be discontinuing the use of animal products, starting with its Spring 2019 collection! πŸ‘ βœ¨πŸŒΈ
β€œOur customers asked and we listened. CALL IT SPRING noticed a growing demand for vegan footwear, particularly over the last few years as veganism has become increasingly adopted....We wanted to make it easier for customers to shop for vegan, cruelty-free styles” (Source: Vegan News Co)

@callitspring is committed to becoming...

When life gets a little nutty πŸ₯œπŸ˜
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When life gets a little...

DID YA HEAR? LUSH recently announced it will be removing eggs from all its beauty products! πŸ₯šπŸš«
"All of our products will now officially be egg-free. But never fear, your fave Lush goodies will be as effective as ever thanks to some egg-citing ingredient replacements."
LUSH is cruelty-free with mostly vegan products, but some of their beauty products still contain some animal by-products like lanolin, honey, and/or milk. Hopefully, they're working on becoming a 100% vegan brand in the near future! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»
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DID YA HEAR? LUSH recently...

YESSSS πŸ˜‚βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ»

YESSSS πŸ˜‚βœ¨πŸ™ŒπŸ»

BUNNY 🐰 LOVE 🧑. I just found out bunnies can start reproducing as young as 4 months old and are pregnant for 30 days, having litters of 4-12 babies. They can have 800 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren during their lifetime!! 😳 Meanwhile, I'm over here just trying to drink enough water throughout the day πŸ˜…
This #VeganManiMonday is from one of my favorite cruelty-free and vegan nail inspo accounts @nagelfuchs, check out her insanely creative and cute AF nail art, all using 100% vegan nail polishes! You can thank me later ✨

BUNNY 🐰 LOVE 🧑. I...

But who’s counting πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ· Hope you’re all having a nice and relaxing weekend! ✨

But who’s counting πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ· Hope...

65+ Pairs of Vegan Boots – The BEYOND Ultimate Shopping Guide

This post may contain affiliate links.

The time has finally come to update my 2016’s Ultimate Guide to Vegan Boots, and this 2018 updated version is the beyond ULTIMATE vegan boot shopping guide with almost 70 pairs of vegan boots!

All the vegan boots listed below do not contain any animal materials like leather, suede, wool, fur, shearling, or exotic skins.

I tried my best to offer a range of vegan boots at different price points but I really wanted to promote and feature as many ethical and 100% vegan shoe brands as possible, so that’s why most of these vegan boots are over $100.

In addition to finding shoes that don’t harm any animals, we also should be making an effort to buy from fashion brands that care about their factory workers by paying them a fair wage and providing them with a safe working environment. While also caring about the manufacturing process and the type of materials used in replacement of animal-derived fibers.

Please note that I did not verify each and every single boot to determine if the glue used may contain animal ingredients. If this is an area of concern for you, it’s best to contact the company directly to inquire about their glue and its ingredients.

Vegan Boots Guide

I categorized this beyond ultimate vegan boots shopping guide according to styles. If you want to quickly jump to a category, click from the following list options:

Quick Style Guide – Vegan Boots

Vegan (Flat) Booties

1. Pixie Boot in Black – Vegetarian Shoes Β£70
2. DUKE in Beige Veg.Suede – Good Guys €155
3. Zipme in BlackΒ  – nae Β£112
4. Kensington Boot in Black – Vegetarian Shoes Β£85
5. Melina in Black – Ahimsa $146
6. Taste Spontaneity in Brown – Tastemaker Supply $189
7. Candice in Black – By Blanch €130
8. FRIDA in Black Vegan Leather – Good Guys €174

Vegan (Heeled) Booties

9. GIONA Orange Square Toe Boot – Collection and Co Β£150
10. Billie – SUSI $125
11. Depth Ankle Boot – BC Footwear $89
12. PATTI Ankle Boot – Bhava $249
13. DAYDREAM in Beige – By Blanch €158
14. DEA – Matt & Nat $140
15. Edie Faux Leather Clear Lucite Heeled Ankle Boots – Golden Ponies $60
16. NOAH in Red Veg.Suede – Good Guys €169

Vegan Chelsea Boots

17. FRAN – Matt & Nat $140
18. FOD in Beige Elasticated Chelsea boot – Collection & Co Β£110
19. Chelsea Hiker – Bhava $269
20. NEWMAN – Matt &Nat $130
21. Alcott – SUSI $125
22. Smart Chelsea Boots – Will’s London Β£85
23. The Chelsea Rain Boot – Madewell $68
24. Garin – nae €120

Vegan Work Style Boots

25. Dock Boots – Will’s London Β£82
26. 1460 Pascal Cherry Red Vegan Leather 8-Eye Boots – Dr. Martens $140
27. Airseal Boulder Boot Smooth Lite – Vegetarian Shoes Β£125
28. Aspen Hiker – Bhava $279 On Sale $249
29. Work Boot in Cognac – Ahimsa $129
30. Casbah Cream Lace-Up Ankle Boots – Dirty Laundry $67
31. ETNA – nae €145
32. Johnny Treklite – Native Shoes $130

Vegan Knee-High Length Boots

33. CHERE – nae $230
34. RenataΒ  – Noah €179
35. Orta | Under The Knee Black Alcantara Boots – Nemanti $335
36. Vivien – Long Boots – NAK Fashion Β£360
37. Christine Black Knee-High Boots – Zette Shoes AUD$279 On Sale $167.40
38. Knee Length Boots – Will’s London Β£104
39. Lyra Camel Knee High Vegan Boots – Beyond Skin Β£180

Vegan Over-The-Knee Boots

40. KALLYA – Matt & Nat $175
41. Stick Boot Cini – Rafa $650
42. Di Burgundy Suede Over the Knee Boots – Lulus $57
43. King Over the Knee Boot – Chinese Laundry $89.95
44. Orta | Over The Knee Taupe Alcantara BootsΒ – Nemanti $335
45. ROBY – Matt & Nat $190
46. Pixie Camel Over The Knee Vegan Boots – Beyond Skin Β£170
47. Heights Knee-High Vegan Boots – BC Footwear $139

Vegan Boots – Faux Shearling

48. Highly Snug in Grey – Vegetarian Shoes Β£89.95
49. Alaskan Bear in Chestnut – PAWJ $149
50. Snug Boot in Brown – Vegetarian Shoes Β£84.95
51. Misty Black Faux Sheepskin Vegan Boots – Beyond Skin Β£190
52. SONYA – nae €130
53. K2 Winter Platform – Bhava $299

Vegan Lace-Up Boots

54. Rally Combat Hiker Boot – Bhava $279
55. Dozen Ankle Boot – BC Footwear $95
56. Sky in Black – Bahatika €169
57. LUCE – nae Β£116
58. NORIDER in Khaki Veg.Suede – Good Guys €190
59. Comfy Lace-Up Boots – FAIR €160
60. Airseal Intrepid Boot in Black – Vegetarian Shoes Β£130
61. Fitch Black Lace-Up Combat Boots – Lulus $45

Vegan High-Heel Boots

62. Mid-Calf Ankle Boot Black – Sydney Brown $405
63. TAMINDA – Matt & Nat $150
64. Zip Lace-Up Boots – FAIR €160
65. Andria Black Ankle Booties – Lulus $41
66. Morgan B Vegan Ankle Boots – Beyond Skin Β£160
67. TAZE – Matt & Nat $150
68. BLINE – nae $170
69. Stresa | Black Strapped Ankle Boot – NemantiΒ  $390

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β€œMake ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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65+ Pairs of Vegan Boots – The BEYOND Ultimate Shopping Guide