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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Boots – 24 Pairs & No Animals Harmed!

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Ultimate Guide to Vegan Boots

This list has been updated to a BEYOND Ultimate Vegan Boots Guide (2018)!!

Replacing your beloved seasonable boots with one that’s made from only vegan material doesn’t mean you have to give up on style and functionality! With so many fabulous and countless vegan boot options to choose from nowadays, there’s really no need for  anyone to buy shoes made from animal-skin ever again!

Don’t believe me? To prove that there’s an endless selection of vegan and animal-free boots, I’ve picked 24 vegan boots to help you get started!

But first, What are vegan boots? Boots that are vegan do not contain any animal material that were derived from the skin of animals and that includes leather, suede, fur, silk, alligator skin, wool, alpaca, sheepskin, etc.

Where can you buy vegan shoes? Check out my list of vegan shoe shops from around the world here.

Vegan Booties

Vegan Booties

Mod Cloth $49.99 *no longer available, see updated Vegan Boots Guide for more options

Matt & Nat $155.00

NICORA $259.00

Vegetarian Shoes £69.95

Vegan Ankle Boots

Vegan Ankle Boots

NICORA $279.00

Cri de Coeur $160.00

Mod Cloth $69.99

Dr. Martens $140.00

Vegan Moto Boots

Vegan Moto Boots

Beyond Skin £135.00

Wills London £96.00

Cri de Coeur

Report Footwear $80.00

Vegan Chelsea Boots

Vegan Chelsea Boots

Wills London  £78.00

Matt & Nat $150.00

Ahimsa $136.00

Bourgeois Boheme $280.00

Vegan High-Heel Boots

Vegan High Heels

Mod Cloth $69.99 *no longer available, see updated Vegan Boots Guide for more options

Cri de Coeur $200.00

Wills London £93.00

Beira Rio AUS$83.00

Vegan Knee-High Boots

Vegan Knee-High Boots

Melissa Shoes $235.00

Wills London £104.00

Beyond Skin £165.00

Cri de Coeur $170.00

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

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  • veg4life
    October 30, 2016

    Great post – definitely sharing so others know they have plenty of options!

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