Updated on October 10, 2022

30 Vegan Leather Boots Brands For Every Budget (2022 Update!)

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Guide to Vegan Leather Boots

Looking for a pair of stylish vegan leather boots this season? In this guide, I’m sharing a list of 30 vegan shoe brands that offer a collection of premium faux-leather boots for women and men.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of chic vegan leather Chelsea boots, timeless classic lace-up boots, statement vegan cowboy boots, or vegan knee high boots, there’s something for you in this list!

What are vegan leather boots made of?

Simply put, vegan leather is made from any other material that did not come from animals. Vegans avoid materials like animal-based leather, suede, wool, and silk.

Vegan leather is usually a synthetic material made from a type of PVC or PU but we’re also seeing more innovative and sustainable materials being used today like pineapple leather (Piñatex) and leather made from grapes or recycled materials.

So, note that not all vegan leather is created equally. If you’re looking for vegan leather boots made with sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices, I encourage you to always check the brands’ website for more information.

Vegan Boots Brands

All of the shoe brands listed above are 100% vegan with the exception of Dr. Martens, Stella McCartney, and T.U.K Footwear.

I know first-hand how hard it is to shop for quality vegan leather boots so below, I am sharing a few of my favourite vegan shoe brands. Hopefully this will help you narrow down your options so that you can find the best vegan leather boots for this season!

Matt & Nat Vegan Leather Boots
Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat

Best for: Accessible vegan boots, you can find Matt & Nat online and at most major retailers

Matt & Nat offers a great range of stylish and modern vegan leather boots for women, along with a couple of options of men’s boots. I always recommend Matt & Nat as a great place to start when looking for vegan leather boots as you can often find their shoes at major retailers or shopping malls. That way, you get to try on their shoes before buying. Matt & Nat boots are reasonably priced between $100-$170, but you can often find their previous year’s boots on sale.

Will's Vegan Leather Boots
Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes

Best for: Range of ethically and sustainably-made vegan boots for men and women

Will’s is a sustainable, ethical, and vegan shoe brand based in London. Will’s Vegan Store has the best selection of vegan leather boots for both men and women. The brand uses Italian vegan leather made from plants. From vegan leather work boots, winter boots, to heeled boots, and cowboy boots, Will’s has it all! They’re all reasonably priced, between $90-$170. All of their shoes are ethically made in Portugal and shipped in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging, and carbon-neutral supply chain.

BC Footwear Vegan Leather Boots
BC Footwear

BC Footwear

Best for: Affordable, cute vegan boots for women

BC Footwear offers a nice selection of cute vegan leather boots for women. All of their shoes are PETA-certified and made with all vegan materials including the glues! BC Footwear has the best options for affordable vegan boots from $60-$140. You can also find some of their styles on Amazon for less!

BHAVA Vegan Leather Boots


Best for: Smart & chic, eco-conscious vegan boots

BHAVA is an eco-conscious and ethical, vegan footwear brand from New York. They make the most beautiful vegan leather boots and vegan winter boots for women. All of their shoes are “manufactured in Alicante, Spain where shoes are still being handmade by generations of artisans. The design is in the details, from the choice of upper, and the soft eco-suede lining (all imported from Italy), to the European hardware.” BHAVA boots start at $200.

NAE Vegan Leather Boots

NAE Vegan Shoes

Best for: Range of vegan boots made with sustainable materials

NAE is a Portuguese footwear brand with a vegan philosophy and concerned with environmental sustainability. NAE offers vegan leather boots made with sustainable materials for both men and women. From pineapple leather (Piñatex), Oeko-Tex Certified Ecological Microfiber, to 100% organic cotton fur, NAE vegan shoes has thought of it all! All of NAE boots are ethically made in Portugal and are fairly priced between $85-$210.

Mireia Playà Vegan Leather Boots

Mireia Playà

Best for: Trend-setting and statement vegan boots

Mireia Playà is a sustainable vegan footwear brand based in Spain. They have the most exquisite selection of unique vegan leather boots with an array of fun prints, shapes, and designs! Mireia Playà shoes use sustainable materials made with corn and/or recycled materials and organic soles. Their boots are also reasonably affordable, prices range from $100-$200.

Collection & Co Vegan Leather Boots

Collection & Co

Best for: Chic and stylish vegan leather heeled boots

Collection & Co is a UK-based sustainable and vegan footwear brand with a collection of fashionable, quality vegan leather boots. Collection & Co has timeless styles made from upcycled vegan materials and includes a selection of classic vegan Chelsea boots, knee-high croc boots, to patent leather combat boots. All of their beautiful footwear are ethically and responsibly made in limited quantities in a small, family-run factory in Greece. Price ranges from $70-$180.

Minuit sur Terre Vegan Leather Boots

Minuit sur Terre

Best for: Range of colors and styles of vegan leather boots for men and women in the EU.

Minuit sur Terre is an eco-friendly fashion brand based in France, making ethical and sustainable vegan leather boots for men and women. All of their shoes are made in Portugal, using Oeko-Tex certified eco-friendly materials that were made in Italy. Minuit sur Terre vegan boots are also fairly priced between $100-$200.

Novacas Vegan Leather Boots


Best for: Range of colors and styles of vegan leather boots for men and women in the US.

Novacas is the house brand of the original NYC vegan shoe retailer, MooShoes. Novacas offers a collection of vegan leather boots for men and women. All of their shoes are ethically handcrafted in European worker-friendly facilities and they use high-quality, Italian-made microfiber materials. The price range for their vegan boots is between $75-$225.

Stella McCartney Vegan Leather Boots
Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Best for: Designer vegan boots

Shop from sustainable and vegetarian designer, Stella McCartney’s high-end and luxurious vegan boots collection. Price ranges from $475-$975.

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