Londontown Black Thorn Review – Vegan Mani Monday

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This week is Halloween so I’m pulling out the darkest nail polish color I have in my stash for this week’s Vegan Mani Monday.

A couple weeks ago, I featured the best black vegan nail polish I’ve ever tried, so the only other dark color I own is Black Thorn by Londontown.

Black Thorn Londontown Nail Polish Review

Black Thorn by Londontown is a very opaque and richly pigmented polish. The polish applied very evenly on the nails. It does have a tendency to stain your fingers so take your time with the application. I have 2 even coats of Black Thorn in the photo above.

All of Londontown nail polish are cruelty-free (not tested on animals), 100% vegan (no animal ingredients), 9-free, and Made in the USA.

See more of my review of Londontown’s vegan nail polish here.

What color is it? Black Thorn is a midnight purple with a shimmer finish. There’s a mixture of blue and purple shimmer in the polish which gives it a galaxy look that I’m loving!

Why I love it?  I love this color! Depending on the light, the color switches between midnight purple and midnight blue. I also love the pearlescent and shiny effect of the shimmery finish.

Price: $16

Where to buy it? On Londontown’s website and on Amazon.

Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween! And that you all treat yourself to some vegan-friendly Halloween candy!

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Londontown Black Thorn Review – Vegan Mani Monday