So accurate 👌🏻😂✨ (via

So accurate 👌🏻😂✨ (via

So-called “Cruelty-free” products have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, but let’s take a step back and ask, what exactly does it mean when cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products are labeled as “cruelty-free”?
Products that are labeled as “Cruelty-Free” generally means they weren’t tested on animals, however, there is no standard or legal definition as to what is and isn’t allowed to be labeled as “cruelty-free”. So companies can call themselves and their products “cruelty-free” and it can mean whatever THEY want.
Misleading? — Yes.
Illegal? — No.
The FDA, responsible for regulating cosmetics labeling in the US, states on its website, “Consumers sometimes ask about use of claims such as “Cruelty-Free” or “Not Tested on Animals” on cosmetic labeling. Some cosmetic companies promote their products with claims of this kind in their labeling or advertising. The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms.”
Unrestricted Use. No Legal Definition. — “Cruelty-Free” is now being used as a buzzword by marketers wanting to cash in on the trend.
But not ALL cruelty-free companies are liars and imposters. Some brands are genuinely committed to not testing their finished products and ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world.
But HOW do we know which cosmetic brands are telling the truth and are truly cruelty-free in 2020?
❶ Ask brands if their products or ingredients are tested on animals either by the company, their ingredient suppliers or commissioned to a third party and if they allow animal testing when required by law.
❷ Look for @leapingbunnyprogram brands --the most trusted cruelty-free certification program available!
❸ Check @ethicalelephant’s Cruelty-Free Brand Directory List where we have verified each and every brand's cruelty-free status before we list them (link in bio!)
 Together, we can end animal testing for cosmetics once and for all!
Thank you for choosing cruelty-free! 🐘 💕

So-called “Cruelty-free” products have become...

Lazy Sundays 💖 Laying in bed and wondering why you haven’t gone cruelty-free in 2020 yet 🤔✨
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Lazy Sundays 💖 Laying in...

I love you all for going vegan! ✨ Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 (via @sassyspudshop)

I love you all for...

What can I say..? I’m just a hopeless ramen-tic! 🍜
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What can I say..? I’m...

THIS. 🙌🏻
“It’s not about being perfect! And we don’t know any vegans who walk around saying that they are, or that they cause zero harm. Veganism doesn’t mean causing ZERO harm (that would be delusional)... but it definitely means causing a lot less of it!! And causing LESS harm than before (before being vegan) is definitely worth celebrating and continuing to advocate for.

Don’t let the vegan haters get you down. Usually the people pointing their fingers and trying to find a flaw in veganism are the ones who simply don’t understand it or don’t know what it takes to stand for something.” (Words by @vegan_boss, 📸 via @unmeatfuture)

THIS. 🙌🏻 . “It’s not...

Show your love & support for vegan businesses in the comments by @ tagging some of your fave brands so we can follow and discover them too! 💚 (📸 via @brightzine)

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Cruelty-free is the only way to be!🐇✨

Cruelty-free is the only way...

A quick and easy way to find out if your shoes are VEGAN and whether they were made from animal OR non-animal materials! 👠🌿
Once you know, you'll never forget! ✨ I've been using this guide for YEARS now and it has saved me so much time and hassle! 💗
Swipe 👈🏻 to see what each symbol means and which ones are considered vegan materials! 🌱
NOTE: This pictogram does NOT guarantee whether the glue used contain animal products, please contact the shoe manufacturer/companies to inquire about the source of their glue.
Shoes: old from @callitspring

A quick and easy way...

Never too late for a fresh start ✨ doing something is better than doing nothing 🌱
I had failed to meet my personal goals to living minimally and more sustainably this month, but I will keep trying to do better — even if it means making some mistakes along the way! 🌎 (via @createcultivate)

Never too late for a...

List of Vegan Watch Brands – Timeless Timepieces Without the Cruelty

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A sleek and sophisticated timepiece completes every outfit but I had never considered the materials used to make my everyday accessory. Most watch straps are made using leather derived from animal skin, so in order to find a cruelty-free watch, I had to look for vegan leather watches made with synthetic and/or considered materials.

Thus, began my search for vegan watch options! As a result, I found 8 vegan-friendly watchmakers that have created some of the most stylish yet functional timepieces using a variety of vegan materials!

Here is a round-up of the very best, sleek vegan watches for men and women, all made without harming any animals!

Votch - Vegan Watches
Votch Unisex Vegan Watches

Votch Watch – 100% Vegan

Price for Votch watches: US$160 – $200

This UK-based, cruelty-free and vegan watch brand is changing the world, one stylish watch at a time! Votch‘s mission is simple, to do better and to create a product that inflicts no harm to animals and as little to the environment as possible!

Votch is committed to always being cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable, all of their watches and straps are certified vegan. They also make for some thoughtful gifts as each watch purchased from Votch is lovingly packaged in recycled materials with low environmental impact!

Votch watches are made using a cotton woven microfibre with PU and their latest collection of watches is made from a blend of TPE, polyester, and cotton. Votch also has a line of straps made using pineapple leaf fibers, Piñatex!

Votch offers a one year warranty on all watches. All of Votch watch straps are interchangeable; choose from their vegan leather straps, stainless steel straps, or Piñatex straps!

Hurtig Lane Vegan Watches
Hurtig Lane Vegan Watches

Hurtig Lane – 100% Vegan

Price for Hurtig Lane watches: US$120 – $200 {Use coupon code: ETHICALELEPHANT to receive 15% off your order.}

Based in Barcelona, Hurtig Lane watches are inspired by the minimalist style and quality design. Hurtig Lane offers a range of timeless, chic, and sophisticated vegan watches while remaining committed to not using leather or any other animal-based materials in their designs.

In addition, Hurtig Lane stylish vegan watches are ethically-made by a production team that is paid fairly and cares about women’s rights in the workplace, offering above and beyond maternity leave and promotion opportunities.

Hurtig Lane’s vegan leather watch straps are made using recycled materials and cotton woven fiber with PU, they’re also PVC-Free. Their watches are also shipped and packaged with environmentally friendly materials including recycled cardboard and nylons, avoiding the use of plastic in their packaging.

Hurtig Lane offers a 2 years warranty on the watch movement. All of Hurtig Lane’s watch straps are interchangeable and vegan; choose from a fabulous selection of watch straps like vegan leather, vegan suede, vegan tweed, and vegan rubber!

TIVC Unisex Vegan Watches

TIVC : Time IV Change – 100% Vegan

Price for TIVC vegan watches: US$150 – $170

This cleverly named, Australian, sustainable vegan watch brand was created by two people with a passion for change and a belief that every positive change you make, no matter how big or small, contributes towards creating a world that’s brighter for everyone. TIVC is making change happen with their handcrafted cruelty-free and classic-style vegan watches. TIVC watches are made from materials that are animal-free and have minimal impact on the environment.

TIVC‘s eco suede bands are made in Italy and its production process is similar to that used for paper recycling, in which no harmful chemical substances are used. The recycled polyester contained in the eco suede material is derived from polyester fibres (T-shirts, fibres, etc.) and PET (bottles, plastic, etc.) and they also have a Piñatex range of timepieces made from pineapple leaf fibres!

TIVC offers a limited warranty for all watches purchased 365 days from the date of purchase.

All of TIVC watch straps are interchangeable; choose from their vegan leather straps, Piñatex strap watches, or Eco-Suede strap watches!

PIPERWEST Vegan Watches for Women

PIPERWEST – Selection of Vegan Watches

Price for PIPERWEST vegan watches: US$59-$179

Not all of PIPERWEST watches are vegan as they do offer some genuine leather watch straps, but PIPERWEST does have a beautiful selection of vegan watches for women. PIPERWEST’s timepieces are for the modern minimalist; crafted with style, quality & functionality in mind. PIPERWEST is based in Vancouver, Canada, and all of their watches have an interchangeable strap so you can switch up the color and look of your timeless accessory to match your outfit!

Want to create and customize your very own PIPERWEST watch? You can build your own custom timepiece, from the color of vegan leather watch strap down to the face and hardware colors!

PIPERWEST watches come with a one-year warranty and 5% of all sales are donated to Free to Be Talks.

My favorite PIPERWEST vegan watch is their marble minimalist collection!

Olivia Burton offers some vegan-friendly watches!

Olivia Burton – Selection of Vegan Watches

Price for Olivia Burton vegan watches: US$110 – $205

Not all of Olivia Burton watches are vegan-friendly however there is a growing selection of Olivia Burton watches that features a soft faux leather strap. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from in their vegan collection, including their classics, vintage-inspired, hand-drawn floral print, Olivia Burton’s signature florals, and more!

Olivia Burton also recently released its first-ever environmentally friendly strap made from 100% recycled materials.

All of Olivia Burton watch straps are interchangeable to fit other models of the same size however please note that not all straps are suitable for changing at home, some will require taking to your local jewelers for fitting. Olivia Burton offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years.

You can buy Olivia Burton vegan watches at The Bay 🇨🇦, Bloomingdale’s, and The Dressing Room.

Evig Grön Unisex Vegan Swiss Watches

Evig Grön – 100% Vegan

Price for Evig Grön vegan watches: US$300

At Evig Grön, sustainable practices and versatile Swedish design meet world-renowned luxury. Evig Grön’s luxury swiss vegan watches are manufactured in Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, and Italy from material that is as sustainable as possible and always 100% cruelty-free.

“All of our watches are manufactured in Bioggio, Switzerland. Adhering to the strictest rules and regulations in the watch industry, our timepieces are made with parts that are always of Swiss preferential origin. Our straps are handmade from genuine Portuguese cork by our artisans in Tomar, Portugal. All of our packaging is manufactured in Europe – from our Italian pouches through to our German warranty cards made from sustainable liquid wood.”

Evig Grön offers a warranty for the first 24 months following the date of purchase. All Evig Grön straps are easily interchangeable; straps are sourced from sustainable Portuguese cork, a material that does not cause deforestation as the trees stay in place and a layer of bark is removed, it is renewable and recyclable.

Ksana Vegan Colorful Watches
Ksana Vegan Watches

Ksana Watches – 100% Vegan

Price for Ksana vegan watches: £75

If you’ve been looking for an environmentally-friendly, colorful, water-resistant vegan watch then look no further because Ksana Watches has it all! Based in the UK, Ksana watches are boldly colorful featuring a lightweight, anti-slip, and durable silicone watch strap in a variety of colors from neon green to your classic black. In addition, they have a Silicone Recycling Program where you can send your watch straps back to them and it’ll be repurposed into solar panels.

“Timeless yet fun. Outside the realms of “normal”. Bold design will always remain at the heart of Ksana.” – Ksana

With every watch purchase, Ksana Watches donates 1% of the sales value towards helping environmental causes. Ksana also offers a 2-year warranty on all their watches.

You can get your hands on a Ksana watch at

NOX-BRIDGE Vegan Watches

NOX-BRIDGE – 100% Vegan

Price for NOX-BRIDGE vegan watches: from US$150

Based in New Zealand, NOX-BRIDGE makes vegan watches for both men and women, their timeless luxury watch designs are inspired by the night sky, where NOX means night in Latin. NOX-BRIDGE are manufactured in Japan and Switzerland to ensure each watch is made to the highest quality and precision.

“We strongly believe that high-quality goods can still be produced cruelty-free. This sits at the core of our values and we have ensured that the products we create are 100% vegan, including a water-resistant vegan leather strap.” – NOX-BRIDGE

NOX-BRIDGE watches features a quick-release, interchangeable waterproof vegan & eco-friendly strap. In addition, all of their watch collections are limited to 888 watches.

BAUME Environmentally Responsible Custom Vegan Watches

BAUME – 100% Vegan

Price for BAUME vegan watches: from €470

If you’re looking for a luxurious custom vegan watch, BAUME offers unique and personalized watches for men and women that are environmentally responsible and sustainably-made with considered materials. BAUME only uses natural or recycled materials, like cork, linen, recycled PET, and upcycled materials, in the manufacturing process. Their watches are designed in Geneva, Switzerland and assembled in Amsterdam.

BAUME watches feature an interchangeable eco-friendly strap made with recycled or natural materials aiming to minimize waste.

“Ethics are at the heart of our watches. We don’t use secondary packaging or precious stones, and our agile supply chain is designed to reduce waste at every step of the way, by adopting a made-to-order approach. Upcycled from multiple materials, including skateboard and ocean plastic, BAUME watches illustrate our commitment to mindful design, demonstrating that is indeed possible to reinvent waste into a beautiful, highly durable product while respecting our society and the planet.” – BAUME

All of BAUME watches are limited edition and are under a two-year warranty.

Fjordson Swiss Made Vegan Watches

Fjordson – 100% Vegan

Price for Fjordson vegan watches: from €279

Fjordson is a Vegan Society certified and PETA-approved vegan watch brand, all of their modern and contemporary watches are Swiss made. Fjordson Watches is based in Belgium and has production facilities in Switzerland. Each watch is made in Switzerland to ensure the highest quality possible and ethical working conditioners. Rigorous quality checks are performed throughout the entire production and assembly process.

All Fjordson eco-leather watch straps are interchangeable and crafted with premium synthetic fabric. Fjordson donates 5% of revenue to animal charities and rescues.

Which of these vegan watches are your faves?

What do you think?

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  • Jen
    February 24, 2019

    I bought a watch from Aubry Watches. Their website states that they would reply within 24 hours. However, I’ve emailed them at the start of January to enquire about the possibility of an exchange. It’s now the end of February and they don’t reply. I just wanted to know whether if it’s possible or not.

    • Vicky Ly
      February 25, 2019

      Hey Jen,
      I’ve removed Aubry Watches from this list and anywhere else on my website. Sadly, I would no longer recommend buying from this brand. You’re not the only one who has complained about their lack of customer service. I’ll reach out to them to ask them to get back to you and hopefully your issue will be resolved. So sorry you have to deal with this! -Vicky

  • MD
    September 11, 2018

    It clearly says they use calf leather! How is this list vegan???

    • Vicky Ly
      September 12, 2018

      If you read my article, it says “Although NOT ALL of Instrmnt minimalist watches are vegan, their beautiful K-series watches feature an Italian vegan rubber strap.” If you wish to only support and buy from 100% vegan brands, then I have listed 6 other completely vegan watch companies in this list.

  • Danielle
    September 7, 2018

    A Votch rep said their straps have a backing which is glued on. Glue = not vegan! I checked with PETA on that so I’m not sure how they got Peta vegan certified.

    • Vicky Ly
      September 8, 2018

      Hi Danielle,
      Some glue is considered vegan but I’ll reach out to Votch to inquire if they can confirm if the glue they use doesn’t contain any animal-derived components. I also don’t think PETA verifies if the glue used in products are vegan before they certify brands as being “vegan”, their certification process is a simple online questionnaire where companies just fill it out and then get approved.

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into this and report back if I hear anything =)

  • Em
    November 20, 2017

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Have you tried any yourself? I would love some reviews on the products.

    • Vicky Ly
      November 20, 2017

      I recently got my hands on the CPTN vegan watch and I have a full review of one of their watches which you can read here:

      I wish I could try some more! but my bank account wouldn’t be happy about that! =( Keep checking back to see if I get my hands on any more to try, as I will always give my honest review!

      • Briana
        December 7, 2017

        Hi there! Do you happen to know what CPTN’s vegan leather is made of? A lot of vegan leather is made of various polyurethanes. I am looking for something both eco- and wallet-conscious. Some vegan leathers are cork or kelp-based though. Is this one of them?

        • Vicky Ly
          December 7, 2017

          Hey Briana,
          I’m not sure what the exact materials the CPTN vegan watch straps are made out of but it’s some sort of polyurethane.

          For more eco-friendly watch straps..

          VOTCH (USD$228) – has a pineapple leather vegan strap but those watches start at $228, they also claim that their VEGAN LEATHER “strap materials are free from PVC, heavy metals, flame retardants and have no added antimicrobial chemicals. They are produced with low VOC emissions and also incorporate recycled and renewable content.”

          TIVC (USD$130) – they have straps made out of pineapple leather as well and also a collection of ECO-SUEDE bands that they claim “it’s production process is similar to that used for paper recycling, in which no harmful chemical substances are used. The recycled polyester contained in the eco suede material derives from polyester fibres (T-shirts, fibres, etc.) and PET (bottles, plastic, etc.)”

          and TIVC also claims their VEGAN LEATHER watch straps are “made up of different microfibre bundles as well as raw and recycled materials. They are eco friendly towards the environment as well as the people who create the leather. There are also no nasty chemicals involved in the process of manufacturing our band”

          • Briana
            December 7, 2017

            Thanks so much for the info!

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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