Just stop eating animals. 🐷🐣🐮🌱 (via @antieatmeatclub)

Just stop eating animals. 🐷🐣🐮🌱...

Bite Beauty is now officially 100% vegan! 🌱✨ @bitebeauty recently reformulated all of their products and has removed all animal-derived ingredients and by-products (like lanolin, beeswax, and carmine) from their entire collection. 🙌🏻
However, it should be noted that their Lip Lab is not completely vegan, yet! They’re working on making it vegan in the near future. 🌿💖
Bite Beauty's Vegan Statement:
"Yes, Bite Beauty products are vegan.
Our reason to go vegan was simple-we’ve evolved. We can create high-performance formulas without ingredients that come from animals. As we’ve been innovating with superfoods, we’ve learned we can get amazing results that perform on par with-if not better than-formulas that contain animal byproducts.
Further, we wanted to create products everyone can love-including people who crave clean, cruelty-free and vegan beauty."
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Bite Beauty is now officially...

I just finished reading ‘Slave to Fashion’ by @safia_minney 📚 and it has completely changed my perspective on the true cost of cheap clothes. ✨ Definitely a must-read to understanding modern slavery in the fashion industry and the need to support fair trade and ethical brands that are transparent about how their products are made with respect for people and the planet. 🌍🌿
"Today, a whole generation of shoppers expect to be able to buy cheap clothing - but these low prices are only possible because of the slavery and exploitation that exist in the fashion supply chain.
The price of clothes does not reflect the true cost to the farmers, spinners and weavers, tailors, finishers, quality-control teams and packers who are underpaid and overworked in the race to get the latest fashion items into our stores.
Many of them are forced to live and work in shocking conditions.
Workers in developing countries are often left helpless by a lack of workplace representation and unions that could speak up for their rights. As a result, we are witnessing a global 'race to the bottom', with developing countries competing against each other to supply the cheapest labor in a bid to attract brands to their factories."

I just finished reading ‘Slave...

So accurate 👌🏻😂✨ (via @vegan.meme)

So accurate 👌🏻😂✨ (via @vegan.meme)

So-called “Cruelty-free” products have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, but let’s take a step back and ask, what exactly does it mean when cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products are labeled as “cruelty-free”?
Products that are labeled as “Cruelty-Free” generally means they weren’t tested on animals, however, there is no standard or legal definition as to what is and isn’t allowed to be labeled as “cruelty-free”. So companies can call themselves and their products “cruelty-free” and it can mean whatever THEY want.
Misleading? — Yes.
Illegal? — No.
The FDA, responsible for regulating cosmetics labeling in the US, states on its website, “Consumers sometimes ask about use of claims such as “Cruelty-Free” or “Not Tested on Animals” on cosmetic labeling. Some cosmetic companies promote their products with claims of this kind in their labeling or advertising. The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms.”
Unrestricted Use. No Legal Definition. — “Cruelty-Free” is now being used as a buzzword by marketers wanting to cash in on the trend.
But not ALL cruelty-free companies are liars and imposters. Some brands are genuinely committed to not testing their finished products and ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world.
But HOW do we know which cosmetic brands are telling the truth and are truly cruelty-free in 2020?
❶ Ask brands if their products or ingredients are tested on animals either by the company, their ingredient suppliers or commissioned to a third party and if they allow animal testing when required by law.
❷ Look for @leapingbunnyprogram brands --the most trusted cruelty-free certification program available!
❸ Check @ethicalelephant’s Cruelty-Free Brand Directory List where we have verified each and every brand's cruelty-free status before we list them (link in bio!)
 Together, we can end animal testing for cosmetics once and for all!
Thank you for choosing cruelty-free! 🐘 💕

So-called “Cruelty-free” products have become...

Lazy Sundays 💖 Laying in bed and wondering why you haven’t gone cruelty-free in 2020 yet 🤔✨
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Lazy Sundays 💖 Laying in...

I love you all for going vegan! ✨ Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 (via @sassyspudshop)

I love you all for...

What can I say..? I’m just a hopeless ramen-tic! 🍜
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What can I say..? I’m...

THIS. 🙌🏻
“It’s not about being perfect! And we don’t know any vegans who walk around saying that they are, or that they cause zero harm. Veganism doesn’t mean causing ZERO harm (that would be delusional)... but it definitely means causing a lot less of it!! And causing LESS harm than before (before being vegan) is definitely worth celebrating and continuing to advocate for.

Don’t let the vegan haters get you down. Usually the people pointing their fingers and trying to find a flaw in veganism are the ones who simply don’t understand it or don’t know what it takes to stand for something.” (Words by @vegan_boss, 📸 via @unmeatfuture)

THIS. 🙌🏻 . “It’s not...

Show your love & support for vegan businesses in the comments by @ tagging some of your fave brands so we can follow and discover them too! 💚 (📸 via @brightzine)

Show your love & support...

List of Vegan Leather Briefcase & Laptop Bags

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Most leather briefcases and laptop bags are made from animal hides and not vegan-friendly but thankfully, there are some quality, functional, and stylish vegan leather briefcase bags that are made from man-made and synthetic materials, meaning no animals were harmed in the making of these bags!

Be careful of canvas and nylon bags that may include leather handles, buckles, and detailing, which are often overlooked when shopping for animal-free and vegan bags.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 12 of the best vegan briefcase and laptop bags that will go with almost everything from your classic work attire to business casual to street wear. These vegan leather briefcase bags will fit your laptop, wallet, umbrella, documents, lunch, and more!

Not only are these vegan laptop bags sleek AF but some also include interior compartments and exterior pockets to help keep your life together and an adjustable/removable strap so you can switch it up on your commute and carry it like a messenger bag.

Kind fashion meets functionality, working at its finest here.

List of Non-Leather, Vegan Briefcase Bags

Ministry of Tomorrow Vegan Briefcase

01. Ministry of Tomorrow Vegan Leather Laptop Briefcase ($300) – This vegan leather briefcase or laptop bag is made from the highest quality Italian Animal Free leather. Fitted with a durable 100% certified organic and fair trade cotton canvas lining from India and hand silk screened with our Kenyan Afro-funk Maasai Warrior mask pattern. The fully lined interior features room for a 13” laptop as well as plenty of space to organize your paperwork and business essentials.

Matt & Nat SOREN Vegan Leather Briefcase
Matt & Nat SOREN Vegan Briefcase

02. Matt & Nat, SOREN ($190) – Modern day vegan leather briefcase with an adjustable and removable strap. Fits both 13” & 15” laptop, features a top zipper closure to keep your essentials secured, and two front pockets for easy access to the things that matter. 100% recycled interior nylon lining. Available in black, brown, and olive.

Doshi Vegan Leather Briefcase Midsize
Doshi Vegan Briefcase Midsize

03. Doshi Midsize Crossgrain Brief ($159) – A midsize briefcase with a beautiful crossgrain microfiber leather shell, this briefcase has just enough space while keeping a slim profile. Fits a 13″ laptop. Available in black and brown.

Tokyo Bags Vegan Leather Briefcase
Tokyo Bags Vegan Briefcase

04. Tokyo Bags, Hasuda Briefcase Dark Brown ($178) – Crafted with our proprietary and wear-resistant vegan leather, the Hasuda Briefcase is designed with the utmost consideration and sized just right for your working essentials. Completed with an adjustable shoulder strap and thoughtfully designed interior makes for the most practical cruelty-free briefcase ever. Features an easy access magnetic opening at the main compartment. Available in black and brown.

VeganWear Vegan Leather Briefcase
VeganWear Vegan Briefcase

05. VeganWear, Gentleman’s Bag ($169) – Whether you’re presenting to company leadership or meeting a VIP client for drinks, you need a briefcase that looks as successful as you do. Refined and luxurious, the Gentleman’s Bag shows you’re ready for the corner office. This vegan leather briefcase comes in black and brown and includes a detachable comfort-rich, padded strap. Water-resistant. Features an easy-reach front pocket, three central pockets, a pen holder, and rear paper pocket. Ability to expand to fit two laptops, an umbrella, lunch, and more!

Will's Vegan Leather Briefcase
Will’s Vegan Briefcase

06. Will’s, Vegan Leather Briefcase ($177) – “We spent a year creating this classic unisex piece with the aim of creating a beautiful high quality messenger bag that will last you years and be a pleasure to use. Pull the straps out from the sturdy front bridge closure fastenings to open up the bag and reveal the luxurious micro suede lining. Handy pockets located under the flap and on the rear of the bag can be used for every day items and storage. The secure main compartment fits 15″ laptops, a4 notebooks, tablets, umbrellas, long wallets and hard back books. There is also an interior zip pocket to place your keys, glasses and wallet. Use just the top carry handle or attach the smart adjustable strap to wear over the shoulder or across the body.

Doshi Vegan Briefcase

07. Doshi Classic Large Brief ($249) – “A classic briefcase with a microfiber shell, this briefcase offers a distinctive, yet nostalgic shape and a great deal of organization with three separate zippered compartments.” Available in multiple colors. “The new Black, Brown and Grey colors also maintain a waxed appearance but have greater depth in their colors. The Matte Black color has a cross-grain texture.”

Corkor Vegan Cork Leather Briefcase
Corkor Vegan Cork Leather Briefcase

08. Corkor, Briefcase ($195) – Take on the elements with this sturdy Cork Briefcase. Smooth and sophisticated, this vegan briefcase is the natural choice for the man with a refined taste. Cleverly designed, this classic carryall keeps your working essentials looking sharp and organized, while the hard-wearing cork ensures protection and lightness. Includes a detachable/adjustable 100% cotton shoulder strap. Water-resistant. Multiple interior compartments help to keep your essentials organized.

jeane & jax Vegan Laptop Bag

09. jeane & jax, MATTHEW Classic Laptop Bag (CAD$130) – Laptop bag with zip closure. Front slit pocket with magnetic snap. Back zip pocket. Interior laptop pouch, phone pouch and zip pocket. Adjustable crossbody strap included. Available in black and brown.

Tokyo Bags Vegan Leather Briefcase
Tokyo Bags Vegan Briefcase

10. Tokyo Bags, Kazuno Flap Briefcase in Vintage Brown ($178) – The Kazuno Flap Briefcase exudes a heightened benchmark of working style and uncompromised functionality. Fine, vegan leather plays home to a combination of cool and classic tones such as black and dark brown. For the business professional, this ensures both work and play are never far from reach. Large main compartment with full length zip and puller that fits iPad Pro, MacBooks and laptops up to 13”. Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.

Matt & Nat DAVID Vegan Leather Briefcase
Matt & Nat DAVID Vegan Briefcase

11. Matt & Nat, DAVID ($195) – A minimalist vegan briefcase that will go with any work or smart casual attire. This vegan leather briefcase can be worn as a crossbody with adjustable and removal strap. Fits a 13″ laptop and features an interior centre divider, slit pocket, 2 pen pockets, smartphone pocket. 100% recycled nylon lining. Available in black, brown, and olive.

Will's Vegan Leather Satchel/Briefcase
Will’s Vegan Satchel/Briefcase

12. Will’s Classic Satchel ($160) – Handmade from Italian vegan leathers that meets Ecolabel, Oeko Tex 100 and REACH standards. Use just the top carry handle or attach the smart adjustable strap to wear over the shoulder or across the body. Luxourious vegan suede lining. Front pocket fits smart phones, keys, pens, glasses, paper back books (protected by front flap). Main pocket fits 13″ laptops, a4 notebooks, tablets, umbrellas, long wallets, hard back books. Available in black and brown.

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    Really love the amazing collection of new vegan leather. I know of a new brand called Gemini Lush, they do beautiful affordable luxury handbags for women. Another vegan brand to look out for!

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    Why are all of the briefcases carried by men? It’s 2019.

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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