OH TIFF! Cruelty-Free, Vegan, 5-Free Nail Polish Review

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A couple years ago, I got my hands on a new-to-me cruelty-free and vegan nail polish brand, OH TIFF!

I fell in love with the three polishes I previously reviewed, in fact as I’m typing this post.. I’m wearing OH TIFF’s Fond Du Me!

I was recently sent three more of their cruelty-free, vegan, and 5-free nail polish colors to try and the first thing I noticed was their new logo and nail polish bottles!

OH TIFF! Nail Polish Review

With a new nail polish bottle comes a new, wider, and bigger brush as well. I love OH TIFF’s bigger brush, the original brush was a lot more narrow and longer in comparison.

The nail polish colors I’m reviewing in this post and photographed above include:

Revive Me – a rich red creme with a cool undertone

Leaf Me Alone – a sandy medium nude creme with an orange undertone

50 Shades of Gray – a muted creme green with a touch of gray

All 3 colors are opaque and full-coverage, I applied 2 even coats of each polish on my nails and got a beautiful glossy finish.

I was really impressed with the final results and the stunning color pay-off. The consistency is the same as all the other OH TIFF! nail polish colors I tried before and I especially love the unique shades and tones of OH TIFF! nail polish colors I received!

However I noticed the photos of the nail polish colors on OH TIFF’s website looks a little different than how the colors look in-person and in the bottle. I know that trying to represent the exact same color online versus in real life is a little tricky, but thought it was worth mentioning, if you wanted to compare swatches and colors.

My final thoughts on OH TIFF’s vegan and 5-free nail polish colors is that they’re totally worth it! For the low price of $7.99/each, you get a full-coverage and unique shade range of vegan nail polishes! ??

Which of these 3 OH TIFF! nail polish colors do you like the best?

What do you think?

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OH TIFF! Cruelty-Free, Vegan, 5-Free Nail Polish Review