These Shoes are Made from 100% Hemp!

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Shoes made out of 100% hemp? YES!

Are they comfortable? YES! Durable? YES! But do they look cool?! ALL KINDS OF YES!

That’s what the peeps at Bohempia, a Prague-based hemp footwear brand, have been trying to create for the past 2 years and they checked everything off ?? in making an ethical, sustainable, and vegan shoe that’s also classic, stylish, and versatile to wear!

About Bohempia

Bohempia is a brand that I strongly stand behind because they care beyond just making stylish shoes out of sustainable materials but they also care about the people who are making the shoes, where the shoes are made, and how their goods are produced responsibly.

Hemp is a super plant with great sustainable and functional benefits. Our footwear assortment is stylish, unique and responsibly made in the very heart of Europe”

Bohempia founder, Tomas Roahl

Bohempia is the first Czech brand to be PETA-certified as a vegan brand. All of their vegan shoes are made using the world’s strongest natural fiber, HEMP! Inspired by classic footwear silhouettes that we’ve grown to love, Bohempia shoes can be worn on any occasion. All of their shoes are made in an independent factory in Zlin, Czech Republic and they also make sure their factory workers are paid a fair living wage.

About Bohempia Shoes

I have on here Bohempia’s low-top, KRASEN, in all black. It’s a true fit and super comfortable to wear! Here’s some more details about the making of these shoes:

  • 100% hemp canvas upper
  • All of Bohempia shoes are PETA-certified Vegan
  • Orthopedic insole with arch support and shock absorber
  • Vulcanized one-piece rubber outsole
  • REACH-certified eco-friendly dyes
  • EU-sourced materials only
  • Made in the Czech Republic

Support Bohempia

If you’re like me and nodding your head as you’re reading about all the awesome things that Bohempia has done and is trying to achieve, then you’ll be happy to hear that Bohempia has a Kickstarter campaign where you can help pledge to get more of these 100% hemp shoes to market!

But you’ll have to act quickly because the campaign is about to end soon! Learn more about Bohempia’s Kickstarter campaign here.

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1 Comment
  • Michael
    July 20, 2020

    Too bad you are using a Rubber Soul… Please do not advertise 100% hemp.. it is truly misleading and unhealthy..

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These Shoes are Made from 100% Hemp!