Slay Nails, Not Animals with Dimension Nails Vegan Nail Glitter!

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I’m so so SO excited about this special #VeganManiMonday post because I’m going to be sharing my review & first impressions of my collaboration with vegan nail polish brand, Dimension Nails!!

About Dimension Nails

  • Dimension Nails is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny
  • All nail polish from Dimension Nails are 100% vegan and 10-free!
  • A beautiful range of nail polish, nail glitter, and nail art accessories

Vegan Nail Glitter by Dimension Nails

A few months ago, the badass, go-getting, vegan babe and owner of Dimension Nails, Stephanie reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be one of the lucky vegan gals that she handpicked to collaborate on her new line of vegan and cosmetic grade nail glitters!

Of course, I was down! And all I had to do was pick from a selection of color options and then choose a name for my glitter! Everything else was designed, created, and packaged by Stephanie herself.

Dimension Nails’ catchy slogan is Slaying Nails, Not Animals! and so naturally, I wanted to stick with the same theme of slaying and as a testament to how badass and hardworking Stephanie is (seriously, go follow her at @thevegandoll_ to see how much this girl can accomplish in a day!).. I decided to name my vegan nail glitter Rise & Slay!

Rise & Slay – Nail Glitter by Dimension Nails

Rise & Slay is a cosmetic grade, vegan, and cruelty-free glitter that can be used with nail polish or used with creating some beautiful nail art and designs!

Rise & Slay is an ocean blue holographic glitter and they’re $6.50 each.

In this post, I used the glitter with a nail polish base. I’ve never used a loose glitter before on my nails so this is totally a first for me.

I started with applying a clear coat of nail polish on my nail and before it dried, I dipped my nail into the glitter pot, trying my best to cover my entire nail with glitter. I tapped off the excess and then used a clean eyeshadow brush to carefully wipe off the excess glitter around my nails. I finished it off with a clear top coat!

And this is how it turned out:

Rise & Slay Review

The color payoff is absolutely spectacular! I’ve used glitter nail polish in the past and I’ve never came across anything that was as full-coverage as using these loose glitter from Dimension Nails!

I was surprised at how even and full-coverage the glitter stuck to my nails. I used a clear base coat and the glitter covered my entire nail without missing a spot!

I didn’t read the instructions until after (woops!) but it says to use an eyeshadow applicator to rub the glitter onto the nails to create a smooth surface.

Uhh…I didn’t do that and so the texture was a bit rough and scratchy. The second time I used the glitter, I tried rubbing and pressing down the glitter onto my nails and it definitely created a smoother result!

Overall, I am blown away by the quality of these vegan nail glitters from Dimension Nails and the color is just incredibly stunning! ??

They have over 20 nail glitter colors to choose from, so definitely go check them out on Dimension Nails website! 

Thank you Dimension Nails and Stephanie for teaming up with ethical elephant on this project!

Full disclaimer: these glitters were gifted and sent to me. I was not required to write a review, all opinions are my own. I do not earn or receive commission for this collaboration with Dimension Nails.

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Slay Nails, Not Animals with Dimension Nails Vegan Nail Glitter!