Glow From the Inside Out with AG Hair’s Vegan Glow Hair Serum!

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If you want smooth and glowing hair, I highly recomend AG Hair’s newest product, Glow Shine Infuse Serum! It smooths out my hair like a DREAM.

AG’s Natural category looked to inspirations in holistic wellness, and our latest innovation is no exception of this self-love and wellness ethos. Glow shine infuse serum is inspired by the indescribable force that radiates from within. This lightweight and silicone-free formula acts like a smoothie for the hair, filled with healthy ingredients that instantly nourish and make you  #GlowFromTheInsideOut.

AG Hair is a cruelty-free brand with plenty of vegan options. They’re also based locally in Vancouver, BC! ??

The Glow hair serum from AG Hair is 100% vegan and formulated with over 97% plant-based and naturaly derived ingredients including super food seed oils like broccoli, chia, cucumber, pumpkin, black raspberry, tomato, and cranberry.

How to use it? Apply a drop in palms and run hands through dry or damp hair, focusing on mid to ends.

How much is it? $28 on Amazon

Why I love it? It’s a super lightweight, silicone-free serum that doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling oily. The serum is a little thicker compared to other hair oils or serums I’ve tried before but it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all. It does a fab job of giving life back to my dull and dry hair. It smooths out my ends like a dream. It’s so quick and easy to use and work into the hair. Noticeable difference in nourishing my ends and helping to maintain frizz.

What does it smell like? It has an herbally scent to it, I’m getting hints of peppermint or something minty.

Where to buy AG Hair Natural Glow Serum? Available on Amazon and Ulta.

My Overall Rating: 9/10


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Glow From the Inside Out with AG Hair’s Vegan Glow Hair Serum!