Updated on May 15, 2021

35 Awesome Etsy Finds for Vegans

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Awesome Etsy Finds for Vegans!

Shopping on Etsy can sometimes feel like you’re shopping at a flea market. With thousands of new products added daily to the online marketplace, how can you make sure you’re not missing out on anything good or worthwhile?

Well, my friends, I’m a HUGE fan of Etsy! Especially when it comes to finding vegan goods because most Etsy shop owners that offer vegan products are usually vegan themselves! They’re just regular ol’ peeps who thought, “hey, we need a vegan version of that!” So shopping on Etsy is a great way to support other vegans!

To help you get on the Etsy bandwagon, I’ve gathered my top 35 Etsy finds for vegans! This list is full of awesome vegan shirts, bags, stickers, skincare sets, and household items! They also make for some perfect and thoughtful gifts for vegans!

Vegan Etsy Finds

Eat Jam, Not Ham T Shirt

Couldn’t have said it cuter myself! | Eat Jam, Not Ham Unisex T-shirt ($24.98)

Compassion is the New Fashion tote bag

Bag all your compassionate goodies in this! | Compassion is the New Fashion Reusable Tote ($15)

It's Cool to be Carbivore Mug

 Always a nice reminder! | It’s Cool to be a Carbivore ($19.99)

Plant Based Princess T-shirt

A thoughtful gift for the princess in your life! | Plant Based Princess Vegan Shirt ($28)

Vegan Hand Embroidered Patch

A great way to customize your clothes! | Hand Embroidered Vegan Patch ($5.87)

Vegan for the Animals 8x10 Print

Great for putting in a frame or customizing your school/office supplies with!| Vegan for the Animals 8×10 Print ($5)

MeDusa Vegan Mini Clutch Handbag

Stunning cruelty-free bags without having to hurt animals!| MeDusa Vegan Mini Clutch ($90)

Unicorns are Vegan Cropped Top

I believe it! | Unicorns are Vegan Cropped Top ($22.64)

Vegan Stickers

YAAAAAS. | Vegan Stickers 

I'm So Vegan Right Now T-Shirt

This shirt is like, totally trending right now. | I’m So Vegan Right Now T-Shirt ($38.56)

Kale Chips and Chill Decal

Netflix and Chill for Vegans. | Kale Chips & Chill Netflix Sticker/Laptop Decal ($1.99)

Vegan Heart Pin

A noncommittal way to personalize your clothes!| Vegan Heart Enamel Pin ($5.64)

Vegan French Clay Handmade Soap Bar

Yes, most bars of soap aren’t vegan! | French Pink Clay Vegan Soap Bar ($6.29)

Vegan Pizza + Vegan Taco Stickers

Let it be known, my two favorite things!| Vegan Pizza & Vegan Taco Stickers ($1)

Yes, I Get Enough Protein T-Shirt

If I hear someone ask me again…| Yes, I Get Enough Protein T-Shirt ($29.99)

Friends Not Food Poster

How can you eat them? They’re so adorable!| Animals are Friends, Not Food Poster ($8+)

Vegan (Personalized) Bracelet

Fully customizable!| Plant-Powered Bracelet ($16)

You Had Me At Coconut Bacon T-Shirt

Say no more! | You Had Me at Coconut Bacon T-Shirt ($24.99)

#Vegan Necklace

Join the hashtag vegan club! | #Vegan Heart Necklace with Paw Print ($23)

Plant Powered T-shirt

This shirt says it all! | Plant Powered Unisex T-Shirt by Dharma Store ($25.99)

Welcome to my Vegan Kitchen Sign

A place where no animals are harmed! | Welcome to my Vegan Kitchen Sign ($25)

Vegan Ninja T-shirt

Bet you didn’t know? | Vegan Ninja T-shirt($26)

Natural and Vegan Skincare Set

Being vegan made easier with this set! | Natural & Vegan Skincare Set ($42)

Vegan Vibes Sweater

No bad vibes here! | Vegan Vibes Unisex Sweater ($45)

Everyday I'm Brusselin' Tote Bag

This is easily one of my favourite tote bags! | Everyday I’m Brusselin’ Tote Bag ($26)

Rabbit Heart Necklace

LOVE all animals!| Vegan Necklace ($16)

Vegan Vinyl Window Decal

Stick this on your car or laptop!| Vegan Vinyl Window Decal ($7.99+)

Lavender Matcha Mask Vegan Face Mask

Nourish and cleanse your skin with this cruelty-free mask! | Vegan Lavender Matcha Face Mask ($14)

End Animal Testing Makeup Bag

Now that’s one way to help raise awareness! | End Animal Testing Makeup Bag ($11.32)

Save Them With Kindness Tank

Kindness always wins. | Save Them With Kindness ($26)

Vegan Shampoo by Sudsatorium

No animal ingredients in this shampoo! | Strawberry Fields Forever Vegan Shampoo ($10.69+)

Herbivore Love T-Shirt

Herbivores, where you at!? | Herbivore Dino Shirt ($19.95)

Vegan Snuggle T-Shirt

Animals make the best snuggle buddies! | Vegan Snuggle T-Shirt ($23)

Aromi Vegan Liquid LIpstick

A carmine-Free lipstick!| Aromi Vegan Liquid Lipstick ($17)

Free Them All Necklace

This says it all! | Free Them All Vegan Necklace ($15.80)

Which of these handmade vegan products did you love? Did I miss any? Be sure to leave some of your awesome vegan Etsy finds in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

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