Updated on August 5, 2021

Where To Shop For Vegan Fashion, Shoes, Bags, and Clothing?

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The most frequently asked question I get is where is the best place to find and buy vegan shoes, bags, and clothes?

Fortunately for us, online shopping has created a shopping experience without borders, allowing us to buy just about anything from around the world. But shipping ethical consumer goods from across the world can take a long time, cost a lot, and isn’t always an environmentally friendly option.

Thankfully, we can continue to support ethical and vegan designers as many retailers in our area carry a range of vegan handbags, shoes, and clothes. For example, Matt & Nat, the popular Canadian vegan handbag and accessories brand, is now available and sold at most major retailers like Nordstrom, Designer Outlets, and Chapters Indigo.

And to help you find a retailer or online boutique in your area that carries a selection of vegan brands, I’ve searched and found several online stores, some of which have a physical store where you can actually go in and try things on.

I’ve noted which stores are 100% vegan or carry vegan options and where to find those vegan options.

Where to Shop for Vegan Fashion:






Around the World Marketplaces

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  1. The problem is that many suppliers want to hide the fact that their shoes are not “genuine leather.” FoeLeather dot com actually curates all of the less expensive but high-quality alternatives for those concerned about cruelty, but also don’t want to spend $200 on a dress shoe.

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