35 Vegan Statement Shirts for Men

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Looking for some vegan shirts for men? Well, you’re in luck because there’s plenty of vegan clothing/apparel options for guys and I’m here to prove that with this list of 35 vegan shirts for men! If you are looking for suits, you might want to try out somewhere like Tailors’ Keep.

They’re also totally appropriate for women as well but I find that some men shy away from getting unisex shirts when a shop’s website only shows a female modelling the shirts. So when I say these shirts are for men, I actually mean that they’re for everyone! but if you’d like to get an idea of how the tees fit on other guys, then this post is for you! You could even adapt some of these lovely T-shirts with a heat press machine. If you don’t know much about them check out Big Time Shirt. But I digress.

Whether you’re just shopping for a vegan shirt for yourself or you’re looking to get one for a vegan guy in your life, here’s a list of my current top picks!

Vegan Shirts for Men

I’m the Badass Vegan They Warned You About Shirt | Vegan Scene

Meat Sucks Shirt | Raw Apparel

Eat Like You Give a Damn Shirt | Herbivore Clothing

Plant Slayer Shirt | BeetxBeet

Compassionately Strong Hoodie | Harmless Threads

#Vegan AF Shirt | Vegetaryn

Animal Liberation Shirt | BeetxBeet

Eat What Elephants Eat Shirt | Crazies & Weirdos

The World Used to be Cooler, Fight Climate Change Shirt | Herbivore Clothing

It’s Not You, It’s Meat Shirt | BeetxBeet

Love Respects All Lives Shirt | Meaningful Paws

Vegan Pizza Gang Shirt | Chiaralascura

Vegan is.. Shirt | Meaningful Paws

Vegan As Fuck Shirt | Veganrex

Not Meat Zone Tank |Mighty Vegan Apparel

Animal Liberation Shirt | The Veganz

Break Habits Not Hearts Shirt | Get Infected Fashion

Animal Lover Shirt | BeetxBeet

Animals Are Not Ours Shirt | PETA

Captivity is Cruel Shirt | Vegan Veins

Hardcore Herbivore Tank | Viva la Vegan

Carb King Shirt | Vegan Apparel

Kale em with Kindness Shirt | Plant Faced

Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk Shirt | Vegan Veins

Just Give Me Plants and Nobody Gets Hurt | Triple Threads

Plant Based Rebel Shirt | Wear Bare Bones

Plant Eater Shirt | Compassion Co.

Plant Life Shirt | Plant Faced

Rescue Respect Repeat Shirt | Arm the Animals

Stay Wild & Eat Plants Shirt | Tantamount Apparel

Straight Outda Garden Shirt | Wear Bare Bones

Tree Huggin’ & Vegan Thuggin’ Shirt | LIVING BEINGS

Vegan Highland Bull Shirt | The Vegan Police

Vegan Vibes Shirt | In The Soulshine

Allergic to Apathy Shirt | The Tree Kisser

As you can see, there are so many rad options for vegan men!

Which of these vegan men’s shirts do you like?

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

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35 Vegan Statement Shirts for Men