Updated on May 22, 2021

Vegan Nail Polish at nailpolishcanada.com

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Great news Canadians! I’ve found the site to shop for all of your vegan and cruelty free nail polish needs!

I’ve heard and been on nailpolishcanada.com a couple years ago, they’ve been in business since 2011, but their outdated website design really turned me off. Sadly, not much has changed and it’s unfortunate because they do have a killer selection of vegan nail polish (full list of vegan brands below) and they’re super reliable and quick with their shipping. Am I the only one who judges a business based on their website? ?

www.nailpolishcanada.com carries a wicked selection of vegan nail polish

What made me take the leap of faith and proceeded with my order on nailpolishcanada.com was their insanely generous and competitive shipping rates… free shipping within Canada for orders over $25! or $3 flat rate for orders under $25! How can you say no to that?!

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I placed my order on Tuesday, received an email on Wednesday saying it has been shipped (included tracking ID), and then I received it on Thursday!

{I should mention here that I googled their shipping address and it turns out that they’re local; in Vancouver and actually only 15 minutes of a drive from my house! I’m still impressed with their reliable delivery process nonetheless}


You get what you pay for – they don’t have the most glamorous packaging and from a tree-hugger perspective, I wasn’t thrilled to see a large box full of foam packing peanuts.

However they don’t promote themselves as an eco-friendly brand and instead, focus more on finding the best and newest nail polish colors for us! So I wasn’t expecting much. They also threw in a lollipop, which was a sweet touch.

Just in time for Summer, I decided to purchase Swagger by piCture pOlish, Tennis Anyone? by NCLA, and New Mood by Nubar. I have been on the hunt for NCLA polish since Tashina from Logical Harmony has been raving about them so I was excited to see nailpolishcanada carrying it!

Final Thoughts On Experience

I will definitely be repurchasing from nailpolishcanada.com, their prices are reasonable and they also have a rewards points program so the more you spend, the more points you get and then you can redeem it for more nail polish!

They however don’t have a ‘vegan’ filter option showcasing the 10 vegan nail polish brands they carry, so I’ve gone ahead and listed them below with links for your convenience! (None are affiliate links)

Vegan Nail Polish Brands Available at NailPolishCanada.com

Spa Ritual
piCture pOlish
Piggy Paint
Soulstice Spa
Color Club
Rainbow Honey
Deborah Lippmann – cuticle oil is not vegan

For a full list of vegan nail polish brands, check out my list of over 40 brands!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever shopped at nailpolishcanada.com and what is your favourite vegan nail polish brand? I haven’t had the pleasure of trying most of the brands listed above so I’d love to hear what brands you guys like the most!

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3 thoughts on “Vegan Nail Polish at nailpolishcanada.com”

  1. The packing peanuts Nail Polish Canada use are biodegradable (cornstarch, I think). I chuck them in with our compostables. Thanks for the list. They also carry some beautiful indie vegan brands like A England, Emily de Molly, ILNP, and probably some others I do not know about as well.

    1. Are they really?! I had no idea, I’ll have to email and ask for clarifications because that would be so awesome if they are! oOohh.. I’ve noticed that they’ve added a few more brands since this post! I’ll email the companies and ask for their animal testing policy, thanks for bringing that to my attention! =) and of course, I’ll update this list as new information becomes available so you can always reference this post =)

      1. Hi Vicky, I’m wondering if you got around to emailing these companies:

        A England
        Emily de Molly

        The above list doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2015; is that correct?

        Thank you for this website. It’s important to stay aware and be an ethical consumer.


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