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Complete List of 100% Vegan Makeup & Skincare Brands

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A complete and updated list of 100% Vegan beauty brands! What does it mean to be on this list?

First, companies must agree to never test their products or ingredients on animals and also, brands included on this list must only offer vegan products! which means absolutely no animal ingredients or derivatives are used —in any of their products!

None of that, “all our products are vegan– with the exception of our animal hair makeup brushes” or “only a small number of our products contain carmine, lanolin, beeswax” bullsh*t! Nope, none of that here!

Why support these vegan brands?

If given the option, I’d rather buy from a company that is 100% vegan over a brand that says “90% of our products are vegan” for two simple reasons, (1) My support proves that consumers care and see value in a vegan brand and (2) it proves to the rest of the world that running a 100% vegan company is totally sustainable and profitable!

I often praise other beauty brands for offering a list of vegan products but the brands on this list are all 100% vegan and intend to always be vegan! I hope with this list, you’ll get to discover from all the awesome and growing vegan makeup and beauty brands!

100% Vegan Makeup

100% Vegan Skincare Brands

100% Vegan Haircare Brands

100% Vegan Nail Polish Brands

100% Vegan Brushes & Tools

100% Vegan Beauty Boxes

72 Responses
  • Brooke
    December 15, 2017

    How about Arbonne?

  • Brooke
    December 15, 2017

    Arbonne not on the list?? 🙂

  • Lindsey Arnold
    December 12, 2017

    Hi Vicky, I love what you do! I was wondering, how can I get my vegan skincare brand Velvet Report added to your list? I’d love to be included 🙂 Thanks, Lindsey

    • Vicky Ly
      December 13, 2017

      Hey Lindsey!
      Would love to add your brand to the list. Send me an email at info@ethicalelephant.com and we can verify Velvet Report’s animal testing policy from there! =)

  • kay
    December 3, 2017

    I noticed acure organics isn’t on your list, they are a 100% vegan and cruelty free skin and hair care brand! 🙂

    • Vicky Ly
      December 4, 2017

      Hi Kay!
      I love Acure Organics! =) They are indeed cruelty-free where none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals however some of their products contain organic beeswax so I’m unable to consider them as a 100% vegan brand.

      If you’re interested, I have a handy list of Acure Organics’ vegan products >> https://ethicalelephant.com/acure-organics-vegan/

  • Luna
    November 30, 2017

    black moon cosmetics is all cruelty-free and vegan! <3

    • Vicky Ly
      December 4, 2017

      Thanks Luna for the tip! I’ve now added Black Moon Cosmetics to this list of 100% vegan beauty brands! =)

  • Erin
    November 27, 2017

    Gabriel cosmetics is vegan! And is the list ONLY brands that started out vegan, or also brands that have become vegan? Thanks!

    • Vicky Ly
      November 28, 2017

      Hey Erin,
      The cosmetics from Gabriel are vegan but some of their makeup brushes are made with “natural pony and goat hair” so I’m unable to add them to this list of 100% vegan beauty brands! =( Hopefully they will switch over to using synthetic bristles for their makeup brushes instead of animal hair soon!

      This list includes brands that either started out as being 100% vegan or have switched all their products to being 100% vegan! =)

      • Allison
        November 30, 2017

        Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. has a few brands. The sister brand to Gabriel, Zuzu Luxe is 100% Vegan. They have a Kabuki brush that is made of synthetic hair and all their makeup is vegan & cruelty-free!

        • Vicky Ly
          December 4, 2017

          Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, Allison! I lumped Gabriel and ZuZu Luxe together and assumed both of their makeup brushes were using animal hair but it turns out, like you said, ZuZu Luxe currently only has 1 makeup brush and its made out of synthetic bristles!

          So with that being said I’ve added ZuZu Luxe to this list now! =)

  • Cristina
    November 20, 2017

    Hi, what a out R.I.T.U.A.L.S?

    • Vicky Ly
      December 4, 2017

      Hi Cristina,

      I’ve never heard of the brand RITUALS before but I did email them and they’ve confirmed that they do NOT test any of their products or ingredients on animals; they do NOT commission animal testing on their products/ingredients to a third party; and they do NOT sell in Mainland China where animal testing is required by law.

      So RITUALS is cruelty-free however they also informed me that although most of their products are suitable for vegans, some of their makeup and collections are NOT vegan.

      This is exactly what they told me:

      “Most of our products are suitable for vegans. Some make-up products aren’t though and some products from The Ritual of Ayurveda aren’t either.”

  • Gaja
    November 2, 2017


    What about Drunk Elephant? Aren’t they vegan as well? 🙂

    • Kate
      November 17, 2017

      Arbonne is not on your list??

    • Vicky Ly
      November 28, 2017

      Hey Gaja,
      Drunk Elephant is cruelty-free and none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals. However, not all of Drunk Elephant products are vegan as they DO use some animal-derived ingredients (like honey, beeswax, and seashells) in a few of their skincare products.

      I actually have a list of Drunk Elephant’s products that are considered vegan and not vegan. Check it out here: https://ethicalelephant.com/drunk-elephant-vegan/

  • Lexi
    September 29, 2017

    Thank you so much for introducing me to some of these amazing brands! I started using Athar’a Pure products and have fallen in love! They are also cruelty free, which is a major plus for me! Thank you for everything you do! <3

    • Vicky Ly
      September 29, 2017

      I love Athar’a Pure skincare products! =) They’re amazing and super effective! I’m glad to hear that you’re discovering new vegan beauty brands!

  • Kim
    September 8, 2017

    Hi! Have you done any research on the vegan line Surface Hair?

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