Canadian Vegan Etsy Shops

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Etsy is full of wonderful and unique handmade items. Just about anyone can open up their own shop and sell some, uhm- pretty ‘interesting’ things. So, I took it upon myself to filter through them and try to find some of the more awesome vegan apparel, handbags, and wallets to share with you all. As I was about to put in an order for a $15 badass vegan statement t shirt, I was hit with a shipping rate to Canada that was going to also cost me another $15!!

Pfft! So I took my research a step further and found some vegan shops from Canada– or Canadian shops with some vegan items.


Vegan clothes for men, women, and children. All of the items in this shop are silk screened using water based ink in beautiful BC, Canada. My fave has gotta be the “I don’t eat pals” tank!

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Vegan Veins

Vegan unisex t shirts with some amazing graphic and animal awareness messages. Handmade in ON, Canada by Vegan Veins.

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If you’re looking for something more on the lighthearted side… then you gotta check out ReLove Planet‘s vegan apparel. This shop is filled with clothing items that are silkscreened with adorable characters to help spread the vegan message. Handmade and shipped from Nelson, BC.

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On the hunt for your next tote bag or a makeup pouch? Why not get a set of both? This shop is based in Toronto, Canada and has two beautiful vegan leather tote bags plus pouch gift sets. (Please note that their scarves are not vegan as they are made from silk)

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Looking for a wallet? Have a look at MajestyIndustries‘ shop based out of Edmonton, AB. You’ll find some awesome wallet designs that fits your unique personality! They make great gift ideas too. 100% vegan



These beautiful clutches are from 7thCrowe‘s shop. Each bag is one of a kind and made from vegan leather, they look super stylish and look like they can fit a lot! So thumbs up for being both functional and stylish. ‘Every stitch and seam made in Montreal, Quebec’

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This post contains affiliate links which, while they don’t change the cost for you, earn me a small commission.

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Canadian Vegan Etsy Shops