Beauty & The Beach – Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (May 2017)

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If you can’t be bothered with reading ingredients every time in order to know if something is vegan or not or you’re always on the hunt to discover new vegan products, then I highly recommend subscribing to Vegan Cuts monthly beauty box! I’ve had the pleasure of trying some of their past boxes and every month is always different and I’m always so pleased with what they include in each box!

When you subscribe to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, each month you’ll get 4-7 cruelty-free and 100% vegan beauty products to try! Each box is $22.95, free shipping to US or if you’re in Canada (like me!) it’s CA$31.95 each month. They also ship internationally for $37.95.

Let’s dig into what was included in the Vegan Cuts’ Beauty & The Beach May 2017 Box!

Vegan Cuts May 2017 Beauty Box

1. Salis Skincare – Blackhead Removal Mask ($7.50)

This mask contains only 3 ingredients!! Redmond clay, Organic baking soda, Organic MSM. It’s a white powder where you’re supposed to mix with water until you get a toothpaste consistency. It says you’re only supposed to apply the mask as a spot treatment and not over the entire face. So I can see this package lasting a long time!

The directions also says you should apply this at night and to leave on overnight. It dries fairly quickly and doesn’t make your face feel tight or itchy.

2. Pair’d Beauty – Organic Spray Dry Shampoo ($6)

The only dry shampoo I’ve ever used is a DIY recipe that contains corn starch + cocoa powder so going from a powder to this organic spray dry shampoo is definitely different for me. I love how this spray only contains Distilled Water, Organic Maize, Organic Ethanol, Essential Oils. It does smell a little like alcohol when you first spray it but the smell doesn’t linger and thankfully it doesn’t leave your hair smelling like alcohol.

3. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques – Pressed Eyeshadow in Sweet Pea ($14.50)

I got the shade Sweet Pea which is matte mauve color. To be honest, this color didn’t work for me and I found the formula to be too chalky and hard to blend. However I really like how they use natural ingredients to create this pressed eyeshadow!

4. Luxie Beauty – “Dream Catcher” Foundation Brush ($20)

This vegan makeup brush makes this box totally worth the cost of $22.95 considering that this brush alone is $20! It is a round shaped foundation brush with the most beautiful lilac + rose gold handle!

5. Little Moon Essentials – “Clear Mind” Mental Alertness + Energizing Mist ($3.20)

I am obsessed with this mist!! You wouldn’t expect to receive this in a beauty box but I’m glad they did!! This one contains a mix of rosemary oil, grapefruit oil, and eucalyptus oil. I’ve been spraying it non-stop while I’m sitting at the computer and need a little kick to get me motivated or inspired!

6. Nubian Heritage – African Black Soap Facial Cleansing Bar ($5)

This is my first time using a cleansing bar for my face and I loved the convenience of it! Don’t need to fuss over a pump, bottle caps, or lids. I was also concerned about the bar drying out my face but it actually left it feeling smooth and hydrated! My only gripe with this is the storage aspect, when I leave it out on my bathroom counter top, my guests think it’s a bar of soap for their hands!

Final Words on Vegan Cuts May 2017 Beauty Box

Vegan Cuts did such a fab job of curating this month’s beauty box in terms of product variation and value!! The total value of this month’s box is $56.20. There was a nice mix of skincare, makeup, hair products. I especially loved this box due to the fact that I wouldn’t have tried any of these products on my own so it’s been such a treat getting to play with new vegan products with this month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

I’ve love to know, are you currently subscribed to a monthly beauty box? Would you give Vegan Cuts a try?

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