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Ultimate Guide to Vegan Boots for Winter (2021)

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Looking for quality and comfortable vegan winter boots to keep your feet dry and warm this season? In this guide, I’m sharing 10 footwear brands offering a range of premium vegan boots for winter.

I think finding vegan boots for winter and the snow to be one of the hardest things to shop for. Most waterproof & snow boots are made from animal leather or suede and are lined with shearling or fur accessories, making them all not vegan.

Throughout my years of being vegan, I haven’t found any vegan footwear brands that specializes or offers a great range of vegan snow or winter boots. There are some vegan shoe companies that offer a couple of styles of winter boots but not an extensive range. And it was especially hard to find quality waterproof boots manufactured from an all-vegan shoe brand.

Fortunately, some of the major boots brands, that may not be 100% vegan, do offer a collection and some styles that are vegan-friendly.

Below is a list of footwear brands that are either 100% vegan or that have some vegan winter boots options. I’m defining “vegan” here as shoes that were made without any animal materials like leather, suede, wool, fur, etc.


Vegetarian Shoes Offers Vegan Leather Boots for Winter

Vegetarian Shoes

If you’re looking for vegan leather winter boots that are fashionable and stylish then Vegetarian Shoes has a great collection. Their boots are not necessarily waterproof but they are water-resistant. A good choice for urban hikers or for everyday wears to keep your feet and toes warm.

All of Vegetarian Shoes are vegan, including the glues.

Native Shoes Offers Water-Resistant and Winter Vegan Boots

Native Shoes

Native Shoes is based in Canada and they offer a collection of vegan water-resistant boots for men and women. Their minimalist styles of boots are insulated with faux-fur materials to protect your feet from the cold while looking fashionable. My favorite is their Lhotse boot which was created in collaboration with popular vegan outerwear brand, Save the Duck.

All of Native Shoes are vegan, including the glues.

Kamik - Vegan Boots for Winter


Not all of Kamik’s boots are vegan as they do use animal leather in some styles but I think they have the best selection with a variety of vegan winter boots to shop from. Best of all, Kamik clearly labels which of their shoes are vegan which makes it easier to shop and browse from their large selection of waterproof vegan winter boots.

Kamik also confirmed to me in an email response that their Vegan shoe collection contains vegan glue.

SOREL - Vegan Boots for Winter


SOREL specializes in making waterproof and winter boots that are guaranteed to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry. Not all of SOREL boots are vegan though as they do use animal skins and furs in some of their shoes. But SOREL does offer some styles that are made with synthetic and vegan-friendly materials. You’ll have to read each shoe composition as SOREL doesn’t label any of their shoes as “vegan.”

However, note that SOREL is unable to guarantee their glues are vegan, stating, “We try to avoid animal based glue whenever possible, but there can be animal byproducts used in some of our glues.” If this is a deal-breaker for you then SOREL may not be a suitable option for you, choose from the other options on this list.

Columbia Vegan Boots


Columbia offers some of the best quality and high-performing winter boots on the market. Not all of Columbia boots are vegan as they do use animal leather and suede materials, but Columbia does have some waterproof boots made with all-vegan materials.

Columbia doesn’t label their shoes as “vegan” so you’ll have to check the composition of each of their shoes to make sure they’re made with non-animal and synthetic materials. I found that most of their Omni-Heat styles are vegan-friendly. Also, it’s best to avoid their boots that appear to contain leather or suede as they tend to use animal leather instead of synthetic leather.

Cougar Winter Vegan Boots


Cougar makes modern footwear that is waterproof and functional. Not all Cougar shoes and boots are vegan but they do offer a few styles that are made with nylon and vegan materials. It’s best to avoid any of their boots that look like leather materials as Cougar mostly uses animal leather over synthetics. Thankfully, Cougar also labels which of their shoes and boots are vegan in the product description so it’s easy to filter and find which of their shoes are suitable for vegans.

In addition, Cougar was also able to confirm that none of their glues contain animal by-products, therefore their shoe glues are vegan.

Hunter Vegan Boots


Hunter is known for their rubber rain boots which also happen to be vegan, by the way! And although not all of Hunter boots are vegan as some contain animal leather materials, Hunter does have a couple of vegan snow boots.

It’s quite easy to figure out which of Hunter boots are vegan as they label their shoes as ‘Certified Vegan’ on their website. Or browse their vegan selection on this page here.

Hunter was also able to confirm that they do not use any animal-based glues in their shoes.

The North Face - Vegan Boots for Winter

The North Face

Specializing in outdoor sports gear and activewear, The North Face does have some winter vegan boots featuring their ThermoBall Eco insulation designed to keep your feet toasty warm. Note that not all of The North Face shoes are vegan as they do use animal leather and suede materials. They also don’t label their shoes as “vegan” so you’ll have to read the product description and shoe compositions to find which of their styles are made with non-leather and vegan materials.

Update 2021! I recently heard back from The North Face after inquiring whether they use animal-based glues in their shoes and they were able to confirm they use synthetic-based glues, making their glues vegan!


Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend Bogs as a vegan alternative. Their Arcata Geo boot partly contains wool materials but you’d only know that if you have the shoes in front of you and read the tags as their website doesn’t mention anything about wool.

I reached out to Bogs to ask for clarifications but never heard back. Therefore, I am not sure about the accuracy of their website’s product descriptions for all their other supposedly ‘vegan’ boots. I think it’s best to avoid Bogs when shopping online. If you’re shopping in person, check the tags for a more accurate description of the composition and materials.

Bogs make some of the best water rain boots and although not all of their boots are vegan as some are made with animal leather or wool materials, they do offer a collection of vegan winter boots. Unfortunately, Bogs doesn’t label their shoes as “vegan” so you will have to check the labels and materials when shopping. Their insulated waterproof boots are a must-have to keep your feet warm and toasty this season.

  • Whiteout Woven $180
  • Snownights $155
  • Arcata Geo  $190 *Note: these are NOT vegan. They contain 15% wool!

Skechers - Vegan Cold Weathered Boots


Not all of Skechers shoes are vegan as they do use animal leather and suede materials in most of their boots. But Skechers does have some vegan cold weather boots made with micro-leather and suede-textured materials that look like the real thing but are made without animal cruelty! Skechers shoes are known to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for long walks.

If you’re shopping on Skechers’ website, you can filter out their vegan shoes by hovering over ‘Technology’ > and then click ‘Vegan Shoes’.

Skechers confirmed the glues they use are water-based and not animal-derived, therefore Skechers shoe glues are vegan-friendly.

There you have it! Some options for vegan winter boots to choose this season to keep you dry and warm!

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Vegan Boots for Winter (2021)”

  1. Unfortunately, BOGS Arcata Geo are NOT VEGAN as they are 15% wool. I know because I just ordered them and was disappointed to see the label when they arrived. Please be sure to make this correction.

    1. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. Their website doesn’t say anything about the Arcata Geo containing wool. I sent them an email just to confirm and made a note in this post. Thanks for letting me know!

      1. No worries. It’s so hard to know sometimes. I purchased them before I stumbled across your website because I too thought they were vegan. Disappointed that they don’t disclose that on their website. The label even says “Wool made in China” which to me is even worse considering their animal welfare is among the worst in the world. Not to mention, they could have easily replaced the %15 wool with some other animal friendly material. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight! We all make mistakes and your website is doing a lot to show people that there is no need to exploit animals for any reason so GREAT JOB! You’ve turned me on to a lot of companies I never even knew existed so thank you!

  2. I was about to buy the Bogs Arcatic Geos till I saw a pic of the tag on Ebay… “15% wool” ; ( Glad I came across this, as it does not mention that anywhere on their website! I’ll be getting the Kamik Snowpearls instead now! Thanks so much for all this info and all these shoe options! This was really helpful with making my decision : ) I’ve actually been on your page all day, going through each brand : )

    1. Hi Tiffani, thanks for also letting me know about the Bogs Arcata Geo containing wool. I reached out to the company to ask for clarification but never heard back, which is never a good sign. So I’ll be removing their shoes from this list and will no longer recommend their boots as a vegan alternative =(

      But I’m glad to hear you went with Kamik instead! Please let me know how you end up liking them!

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