Does Spectro Test On Animals? or Cruelty-Free?

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Does Spectro Test on Animals?Spectro skincare products are unfortunately not cruelty-free where their parent company, GlaxoSmithKline admits to testing their products’ ingredients on animals.

Spectro is a Canadian brand most notably known for their acne-fighting facial cleansers and moisturizers. They have confirmed that Spectro products are only available in Canada however in the same email response, they also state they test on animals only when no alternative is available.

We appreciate and understand your concern regarding our policies on animal testing.

GSK CH is dedicated to developing novel therapeutic agents and drugs for use in the prevention, management, and cure of human ailments and diseases. GSK CH is an  OTC(over-the-counter) organization; therefore most of the products we market are unlikely to be new chemical entities.

Most of our products’ ingredients have a well-established medicinal use with recognized efficacy and an acceptable level of safety as detailed in published literature.  Therefore animal testing would be largely unnecessary.

Animals are only used when no alternative is available. GSK supports and participates in an ongoing program to develop alternatives to the use of animals in safety testing, and ensure the humane treatment of laboratory animals.

We are alert to all developments and are eager to implement alternative testing that is accepted by scientific, legal, and regulatory experts.

Our policies are not only established in accordance with Canadian regulations and the regulations of the companies with which we do business but also with a number of company wide policies. These policies are made freely available online at In summary, we are very sensitive to the issue. We take seriously our obligation to respect animal life and will continue to support efforts to develop alternative testing methods. 

Hundreds of companies already avoid using animals to test the safety of their products, ingredients, and formulations. Why can’t Spectro or GlaxoSmithKline get by doing the same?

Sadly, Spectro products are not cruelty-free. 

If you’re looking for similar cruelty-free facial products like Spectro, I highly recommend derma e and Avalon Organics.

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Does Spectro Test On Animals? or Cruelty-Free?