Pacifica Vegan Hair Products Now Available to Canadians!

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Pacifica Vegan Haircare Products

A few months back, Pacifica extended their line of vegan products to include a range of hair care products but there was a catch. They were only exclusively available at Ulta which meant us Canadians were left hanging out to dry!

But the wait is over because one of the largest Canadian online retailers, now carries Pacifica’s range of hair care products!

I’ve frequently shopped at numerous times already because they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $29 and they have super speedy delivery too!

It also looks like most of Pacifica products are 10% off right now too! Hop on over to to shop for Pacifica’s hair care products, here.

coconut-power super-kale well-conditioned

Vegan Shampoo by Pacifica

Pacifica Coconut Power Strong and Long Shampoo

Pacifica Super Kale Juiced Up Shampoo

Pacifica Well Conditioned One Step Cleanser & Conditioner

coconut-power-conditioner harvana super-kale-conditioner

Vegan Conditioner by Pacifica

Pacifica Coconut Power Strong and Long Conditioner

Pacifica Hairvana Leave On Conditioner

Pacifica Super Kale Juiced Up Conditioner


Vegan Hair Treatments & Styling Products by Pacifica

Pacifica Best Day Ever 10-in-1 Balm

Pacifica Coconut Super Power Mask

Pacifica Dragon Tamer Anti-Frizz Serum

Pacifica Ginger Root Volumizing Spray

Pacifica Native Flower Hair Oil 

I’m a little sad that they don’t have any bundles or kits but I’m still super excited to try just about everything from their hair care line!

Have you tried any of Pacifica’s hair care products yet? 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which, while they don’t change the cost for you, earn me a small commission.

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Pacifica Vegan Hair Products Now Available to Canadians!