Nice Shoes – Your One Stop (Online) Shop for Vegan Footwear

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Gone are the days of looking at each shoe composition to see if they were made from animal skin (yuck!) or if you’re shopping online, you had to find the right keyword to search for faux-leather, fur-free, pleather, or vegan shoes. Lucky for us, the good folks at Nice Shoes has solved all of our problems.. bringing us beautiful, functional, cruelty-free shoes.

Nice Shoes has a store-front located in Vancouver, BC on Fraser St. and 19th Ave but they also have a very well stocked online shop so you can find all types of shoes ranging from wedges, boots, sandals, athletic shoes, sneakers, dressy, casual, and everything else in between! The only thing you’re not going to find is anything made from an animal. They also have a growing selection of vegan purses, bags, belts, wallets, and even cookbooks!

Still not convinced yet? If you’re shopping online, Canadians get free shipping for orders over $100!

What’s left to do but share some of my favourite vegan products that they carry with you all!




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