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List of Unilever Brands That May Test On Animals

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List of Unilever Brands May Have Been Tested On Animals

Unilever claims they do not test their own products on animals “but occasionally some ingredients [Unilever] use have been tested to meet government requirements.”

Therefore Unilever sadly is not a cruelty-free brand. It is ultimately the company’s decision if they wish to sell their products in countries that require animal testing by law (like China) and in doing so, they should be held responsible for the repercussions of their decisions.

In this case, Unilever is putting profits before the welfare of thousands of animals used to test their ingredients.

Unilever’s Animal Testing Statement

We do not test our products on animals, but occasionally some ingredients we use have been tested to meet government requirements. A few governments still test our products on animals in their own laboratories, and we are working with these authorities to help them adopt non-animal approaches. ~Unilever

Does Unilever test any of its products on animals?

Unilever’s Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing

In Unilever’s animal testing statement, they try and push the notion that the company is committed to developing and using non-animal approaches to test the safety of their products. You can find more information about Unilever’s position on developing alternative approaches to animal testing on their website and below.

Unilever's Animal Testing Statement

It’s great to hear that Unilever is putting their resources and money (€3 million!) to good use in developing non-animal testing approaches however I personally do not feel comfortable supporting a company that continues to test on animals in this day and age. Many companies are already using from nearly 50 different and validated alternative testing methods, why can’t Unilever get by doing the same?

List of Unilever Brands

Unilever has over 400 brands, you can find the full list on their website. I’ve decided to list only brands that are available in the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia. I’ve also indicated which brands are sold in China as well as which ones are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny or PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program.

Many caring consumers choose to avoid buying all subsidiary brands from a parent company that chooses to continue to test on animals. If you wish to avoid all of Unilever brands, use this list as a resource.

Sold in China – This brand distributes its products in China when animal testing is required by law

PETA Certified – This brand is PETA Certified Cruelty-Free

Leaping Bunny Certified – This brand is Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free


  • Alberto Balsam
  • Bioexpert
  • Clear – Sold in China
  • Nexxus
  • Sunsilk
  • TIGI
  • Timotei
  • Toni & Guy
  • TRESemmé
  • VO5

Personal Care

  • AXE
  • Brut
  • Degree
  • Impulse
  • Lever 2000
  • Lux – Sold in China
  • Lynx – Sold in China
  • Rexona – Sold in China
  • Sure


  • Aviance
  • Badedas
  • Breeze (soap)
  • Caress
  • Citra
  • Dermalogica – Leaping Bunny Certified PETA Certified
  • Dove – Sold in China
  • Dove Men+Care
  • Lifebuoy – Sold in China
  • Murad – PETA Certified
  • Noxzema
  • Pond’s – Sold in China
  • Radox
  • RENPETA Certified
  • Simple
  • St. Ives
  • Suave
  • Vaseline – Sold in China


  • Hourglass – Cruelty-free! *acquired in 2017

Oral Care

  • Close Up
  • Pepsodent
  • Signal


  • Cif – Sold in China
  • Comfort – Sold in China
  • Coral
  • Domestos
  • Drive
  • Jif
  • Sun
  • Sunlight – Sold in China
  • Surf

Photo by seamusiv, used under CC BY-SA 2.0 / Added Text 

10 Responses
  • Jo
    December 31, 2017

    HI, I’m currently in Argentina and would like to know how to know which Unilever products aren’t testing on animals so I can reduce the purchase of those. What should I look up to on their website??
    Thank you!

  • Marianne Stacey
    March 15, 2017


  • Gabi Busby
    December 29, 2016

    I think it’s sad to hear that a multi million company still supports animal testing by using ingredients that are produced in China. How can profit be out before the well being and health of an animal which has got as much right to life pain free on this planet as us humans?

  • Lorisca De Ridder
    August 19, 2016

    Hi there, does not been tested on animanl mean they do not contain animal products as well?

    • Vicky Ly
      August 19, 2016


      No, sadly “not tested on animals” doesn’t always mean it doesn’t contain any animal products! The term “Vegan” is often used to describe when something is both not tested on animals AND doesn’t contain any animal products. However, that is not how it’s ALWAYS used since there are no labeling laws that restrict how companies use these terms.

      So if you’re looking for something that is not tested on animals AND does not contain any animal products.. you want to find products that say they’re “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” AND that they’re also “Vegan”

      Here’s a post explaining the two terms which you might find helpful! https://ethicalelephant.com/crueltyfree-vs-vegan/

  • Aimee
    March 22, 2016

    I was looking at your list and it’s great you put the little images to decipher is they test or don’t etc however there are a lot of blanks is that because they don’t or you don’t know if they test?

    • Vicky Ly
      March 22, 2016

      Hey Aimee! This list doesn’t necessarily indicate which brands that are owned by Unilever does or does not test on animals. This list shows 3 things:

      1. A list of Unilever brands most commonly sold in US, Canada, Australia, and the UK

      2. The few select brands that Unilever owns that are CERTIFIED cruelty-free by either Leaping Bunny or PETA with their corresponding bunny logos next to each brand name

      3. Which of Unilever brands have been confirmed to selling in China where it is required by law to test on animals which are noted with China’s red and yellow flag next to the brand name.

      This list is primarily for people who choose not to purchase any brands that are owned by a parent company (like Unilever) that DOES test on animals. Most people are often surprised to learn that Unilever owns a few certified cruelty-free brands like REN, Murad, and Dermalogica and then will choose to no longer buy from these brands anymore.

      It’s totally up to consumers to do what they’re comfortable with but I always like to provide as much information as possible to help caring consumers make informed decisions =)

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