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Is Rimmel London Cruelty-Free; Testing On Animals?

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rimmel cruelty free

Rimmel London is unfortunately not cruelty-free and Rimmel products and ingredients are tested on animals.

I don’t blame you if you thought otherwise because they’ve done a stellar job of hiding one little detail about their animal testing policy.

They have a special link dedicated to trying to sell you on how they take the issue of animal testing ‘very seriously’.


At first glance, we’re all thinking.. Good for Rimmel, they seem to care. But when you click to read more, you’re redirected to this long write-up that no one cares to read. Somewhere in this essay, you’ll find the catch.

Rimmel claims to be an ethical company that supports alternatives to animal testing but not when it’s cutting into their profits.


“We do not perform, nor do we ever commission any third parties on our behalf to perform, testing of our products or ingredients on animals. The only exceptions are the very few countries where, by law, the regulatory authorities require us to submit our products or ingredients to them for testing on animals as a mandatory part of their regulatory protocols in compliance with their local regulations”

China is currently the only country that requires mandatory animal tests on all cosmetic products imported into the country.

Simply put, if a company sells their products in China = they are no longer cruelty-free. Now this begs the question, does Rimmel retail their products in China?

In an email response when asked if they sell their products in China, Rimmel said…

Chinese consumers have made it clear they want Rimmel London. It would not be right to deprive them of the products they want to use and enjoy. Our industry continues to work together in encouraging the Chinese authorities to accept more modernized non-animal safety testing methods.

There are over 40 non-animal test methods that have been scientifically validated and over 5,000 ingredients that are already proven safe for human use. Not to mention, the E.U. has a complete ban on product testing on animals and thereby proving that animal test methods are outdated and unnecessary.

Nice try Rimmel London, if you really do care about animals and take the issues of animal testing very seriously.. then stop supporting it.

26 Responses
  • Natalie J
    January 18, 2019

    I am shocked and disturbed as i have been using and promoting rimmel as cruelty free for years and now this!

  • Natalie
    January 18, 2019

    I am shocked and disturbed as i have been using and promoting rimmel as cruelty free for years and now this!

  • Gena Froggatt
    October 30, 2018

    I’m really annoyed because I read Rimmel’s blurb and they seemed really against animal testing and so I bought a few bottles of their Rita Ora nail polish.
    To find out now that they’re ‘such a kind, caring company’ who don’t feel it’s fair to deprive the Chinese of their products, I am livid!
    If Rimmel wish to sell to China, let their people buy it online directly from the UK so it doesn’t actually distribute from China and skirts around their draconian animal testing laws.
    I get especially irked at Youtubers buying makeup from the Wish app. They evidently don’t realise that EVERY one of the items of makeup or skin care will have tortured animals before going to market.
    There needs to be a blanket of publicity regarding Chinese cosmetics/ copies of good brands

    • Carla Norris
      November 1, 2018

      Well, Rimmel is going to be deprived of my business, cold-hearted wench that I am.
      I was contemplating a purchase from Rimmel, but it is SO not happening now.
      Back to Jane Iredale, Milani/Jordana, and Stila!

    • Sue Ferguson
      December 31, 2018

      Hate animal testing

  • Camille Etheridge
    September 16, 2018

    People seem to think that less expensive means poor quality. I use a lot of Wet and Wild products and they are really good. They are also cruelty free. I also use Hard Candy, ELF, Physicians Formula cosmetics and Shea Moisture and Palmers lotions and soaps. I am trying to eliminate all house hold and skin care products that are tested on animals. I like the Mrs. Meyers products a lot…the 7th Generation seems to irritate my skin. If anyone has any others that they would like to let me know about, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Carla N.
    June 13, 2018

    I’ve never bought even a single Rimmel item, and the Rimmel lipstick I was considering buying is now permanently no longer under consideration.
    I don’t buy from animal-testers.
    MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Prescriptives, Avon/mark, and Revlon/Almay lost me as a customer when they started selling in China.
    I just will not give them money!

    • Carrie
      September 25, 2018

      I am so with you Carla! I am furious because I thought Rimmel was a cruelty free brand! There is absolutely no excuse for animal testing of any kind…..especially for cosmetics!

  • TTrish
    December 17, 2017

    There are many ethical alternatives- use them instead.
    Years ago I stopped using L’Oreal when I became aware, and now I research their animal testing policies before I am lured into trying a new product.
    I buy from QVC and have suggested that they tell us when a product is cruelty-free. Of course they won’t as then we would know who the bad guys are.

    • Carla Norris
      July 9, 2018

      I’m doing the same – I have narrowed my cosmetics-buying choices to a relatively few companies, like Milani/Jordana, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, Makeup Geek, Palladio, etc.
      It’s something of a hassle, but 100% worth it!
      I’ve been an ardent animal lover/respecter since I was a child, and months spent in the hospital as an adult really solidified my determination to do anything and everything within my power to spare fellow creatures from suffering.
      As much as I love make-up, it comes at least second to me.

      • Carrie
        September 25, 2018

        Absolutely! I belong to Physicians for Responsible Medicine, they are trying to end animal testing in medicine as well, since there are alternatives. Helping to keep animals safe free from abuse of any kind, has always been extremely important to me. I am so disgusted that there are so many makeup brands that still test on animals, because they want to do business with China.

  • Laura
    May 9, 2017

    “It is common knowledge that China is currently the only country that requires mandatory animal tests on all cosmetic products imported into the country. However, we have been actively involved in the dialogue with the Chinese authorities and regulators, including through our membership to the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI). As a result, China has recently started to investigate ways to replace animal testing and has sought the assistance of European scientists.

    The common goal of all these efforts is our aim to completely replace animal testing.”

    This is what it says now, in 2017, on Rimmel’s website – I thought I’d post it here as I was researching them and your post came almost top of the list! So at least we know that Rimmel are trying to improve and soon we may be able to use their products again 🙂

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