Is NUXE Cruelty-Free? | NUXE Animal Testing Policy

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Is NUXE Cruelty-Free?

No. NUXE is not cruelty-free; NUXE products are sold in China and therefore they’re required by law to be tested on animals.

NUXE Animal Testing Statement

On NUXE’s website, they claim “NUXE does not test on animals neither its products nor the ingredients contained in its products, then respecting the European Regulation.”

However, on NUXE’s Chinese website, it states:

“Laboratoire NUXE does not test neither its products nor the ingredients in its products on animals, thus complying with European regulations. The finished products are evaluated by independent test laboratories, through alternative methods and/or clinical trials on volunteers. In China, the authorities require that the products be made available for testing in state-approved laboratories, according to the local safety regulations.”

Source: NUXE China

The last part of NUXE’s animal testing statement implies that NUXE is selling and importing their products in Mainland China. As per China’s current animal testing laws, all imported cosmetics must be tested on animals.

Even if NUXE has already proven their products and its ingredients are safe by non-animal test methods, but in order for any cosmetic company to sell their products in-stores in Mainland China, they must be registered by the Chinese government. Part of that registration process require cosmetic brands to pay and consent to have their products tested on animals in China’s state-approved labs.

Although NUXE is not conducting these animal tests themselves but since they have decided to launch and sell in China, NUXE’s products are required by Chinese laws to be tested on animals.

Many cosmetics brands have chosen not to sell in China for this reason or until China changes their animal testing requirements for imported cosmetics.

Source: NUXE China

Is NUXE Sold in China?

Using NUXE’s Store Locator page, we found evidence of several stores throughout Mainland China carrying NUXE products.

Therefore we conclude that NUXE is not cruelty-free.

NUXE Cruelty-Free Alternatives:

If you’re looking for similar products to NUXE, but from brands that don’t test on animals, we recommend trying some of these cruelty-free brands:


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  • Elena Cristina Anelli
    February 13, 2019

    Vorrei sapere quali sono i prodotti che non vengono esportati in Cina,grazie.