Updated on June 2, 2018

Is Champagne Vegan?

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Is Champagne Vegan?


Not all champagne is vegan. Some champagne, prosecco, and sparkling wine are processed using animal-derived fining agents to clarify the product.

What’s NOT Vegan about Champagne?

Some champagne and alcohol are filtered using animal ingredients like:

  • isinglass (fish bladder)
  • casein (milk protein)
  • gelatin (boiled up animal parts)
  • egg whites

How to know if Champagne is Vegan?

It’s nearly impossible to tell when champagne is vegan-friendly just by looking at the bottle as it’s not clearly labelled.

I personally use an online resource called, The Barnivore Vegan Alcohol Directory, to search which brands of alcohol are vegan as they do all the work for you of reaching out to companies and asking!

List of Best Vegan Champagne

Below is a list of Barnivore-Approved vegan champagne:

  • Moet & Chandon
  • Veuve Clicquot
  • Nicolas Feuillatte
  • Taittinger
  • Dom Perignon
  • Lanson
  • Piper-Heidseick
  • Krug

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2 thoughts on “Is Champagne Vegan?”

  1. Hi there,

    Barnivore website does not control the production of alcohol. Any companies can register without any vegan certification or proof of your methods. No documents are asked, you can even create a fake company and register. Your source is unfortunately not accurate and not reliable.

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day.


  2. I fail to see how a champagne can reliably be declared „vegan“ considering the amount of different base wines needed to produce either a grand cuvée or a single year vintage.
    Up to 120 base wines from ten different years bought in from various producers in the champagne area may possibly be included to produce a grande cuvée with the desired taste of a certain champagne house, the maturation of which may take up to twenty years. Which producer could seriously maintain that each of those numerous wines were clarified in a „vegan friendly“ way?

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