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Is By Terry Cruelty-Free? By Terry’s Animal Testing Policy (2018)

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Is By Terry Cruelty-Free?


No. By Tery is not cruelty-free; By Terry products are sold in Mainland China and therefore they are required by law to test on animals.

By Terry’s Animal Testing Policy (2018)

We couldn’t find any information on By Terry’s website about their animal testing policy so we emailed By Terry inquiring about their stance on animal testing and received the following response:

“By Terry don’t test on animals and is against animal testing. Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 prohibits animal testing on finished products and alternative methods have been set up in order to replace these tests. BY TERRY complies with this regulation as well as all current law texts in the countries where we export.

We recently made the decision as a brand to enter into the China market due to high consumer demand. We do not wish to exclude our loyal Chinese customers from being able to purchase our products. We are a familial company, not part of a large cosmetic group, and we are working hard to partner with big associations in order to make China change its rules on animal testing.”

It’s great to hear that By Terry is trying to work to change China’s animal testing requirements but many cruelty-free cosmetic brands have chosen not to sell in China until they change their animal testing laws.

Unfortunately By Terry has chosen to put profits before the welfare of animals, and because of their decision to start selling in China, we conclude By Terry is not cruelty-free.

By Terry Cruelty-Free Alternatives

If you’re looking for similar products to By Terry, but from brands that don’t test on animals and are cruelty-free, we recommend trying:


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