Are Giorgio Armani and YSL Beauty Products Tested On Animals?

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Are YSL beauty products tested on animals?


Hi Vicky,

In particular, I would really like to know about Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics.  Giorgio Armani made a statement that they will no longer use animal fur on the runway, which is a great start, however, I’m still not 100% sure if their cosmetic line is cruelty free… they say they do not test on animals, and their comment about L’Oreal is vague as to whether or not L’Oreal sells Giorgio Armani to China, where animal testing may or may not still be required.  I have the same concern for YSL cosmetics who are also owned by L’Oreal.  How do I find out if these 2 cosmetic lines are sold in China, and if these big brand names would require animal testing in China.  

I look forward to hearing back from you, and any information or links will be greatly appreciated.


Giorgio Armani took a huge step in the right direction earlier this month when they announced they were going to cease the use of animal fur in their collection, starting from their fall winter 2016 season.

However I have proof that Giorgio Armani beauty products are sold throughout China where animal testing is required for all imported cosmetics, and unfortunately the same can be said about YSL cosmetics; therefore I would not consider both Giorgio Armani and YSL cosmetics to be cruelty-free.

Giorgio Armani’s Animal Testing Statements

I love how this reader’s question is phrased because she is absolutely right about how confusing and vague the statement made on Giorgio Armani’s website is.

Giorgio Armani's Animal Testing Statement

Giorgio Armani doesn’t come out and say whether or not they sell in China. But the statement, “others, completely independent of L’Oreal and outside the direction or control of L’Oreal, might do animal testing pursuant to their local requirements” implies that their products are sold in countries that require animal testing (ie. China).

They also pass it off as if it’s not up to them that animal testing is done on their products but keep in mind that it was ultimately up to L’Oreal and Giorgio Armani to decide to sell in these specific countries that require animal testing. They authorized and paid for these animal tests to be conducted.

Back to the question of how do we know if Giorgio Armani cosmetics are sold in China?

After some snooping, I managed to find a list of Giorgio Armani beauty counters located throughout China.

Proof that Giorgio Armani cosmetics are sold in China

This confirms that Giorgio Armani beauty products are sold in China where animal testing is required and therefore they are not cruelty-free. 

Yves Saint Laurent’s Animal Testing Statements

YSL beauty’s animal testing policy is just as confusing as Giorgio Armani because they go onto stating L’Oreal’s statement and not YSL.

Yves Saint Laurent's Animal Testing Statement

I’ve highlighted the main point of L’Oreal’s (and therefore YSL’s) animal testing statement and that is their products or ingredients are tested on animals “if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.”

I managed to find several YSL beauty counters located throughout China on their Chinese website. For example, when I typed in Shanghai, 3 different beauty counters were listed.

Proof that YSL beauty products are sold in China

This shows that YSL beauty products are available for sale in China and therefore must be tested on animals as required by China’s current animal testing laws; therefore YSL beauty products are not cruelty-free.

Change is Possible

In my opinion, Giorgio Armani Beauty and YSL Beauty already have a significant presence in the Chinese market and I don’t see them pulling out of selling in China in the near future. But as we’ve witnessed recently with Giorgio Armani’s recent announcement on going fur-free, I firmly believe that if we get enough caring consumers to demand these brands to go cruelty-free that they might consider it!

Photo by ookikioo, used under CC BY 2.0 

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Are Giorgio Armani and YSL Beauty Products Tested On Animals?