Is First Aid Beauty Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

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Is First Aid Beauty Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

First Aid Beauty (FAB) offers a range of skincare products targeted for people with sensitive skin and specific skin issues like eczema, dry skin, and acne but is First Aid Beauty cruelty-free and vegan?

Is First Aid Beauty Cruelty-Free?

First Aid Beauty is Cruelty-free! None of First Aid Beauty’s ingredients, formulations, or finished products are tested on animals, anywhere in the world.

However, it should be noted that First Aid Beauty is owned by P&G, a parent corporation that does test on animals when required by law.

First Aid Beauty Animal Testing Policy

On First Aid Beauty’s website, they claim “At First Aid Beauty, we love animals. That’s why we are committed to being a 100% cruelty free company. We have not, do not and will not conduct any testing of ingredients or finished products on animals. Furthermore, we only work with business partners who certify compliance with our policy.”

First Aid Beauty Animal Testing Policy
First Aid Beauty Animal Testing Policy

First Aid Beauty’s animal testing policy is a great start to making sure no animal testing happens during any stage of product development and manufacturing, however, I wanted to know if First Aid Beauty allows other third parties to test on their behalf, and if their suppliers test on animals, as well as, if they sell their products in China or any other country that may require animal testing.

I reached out to First Aid Beauty and received the following response:

“First Aid Beauty does not test our products on animals, nor do we test the raw ingredients on animals. We do not have a third party testing on our products and ingredients. FAB does not sell our products in China.”

I was very pleased by the response I received from First Aid Beauty however I wanted to also ensure their raw material suppliers were not testing on animals as well.

So a follow-up email was required where I received further clarifications about First Aid Beauty‘s process in verifying that their raw material suppliers do not test on animals.

“First Aid Beauty’s raw material suppliers do not test on animals. First Aid Beauty went through a rigorous certification process with our suppliers in order to ensure that the ingredients bought and used by our suppliers were not tested on animals.  Each supplier signed a certificate which states that the ingredients used by our suppliers are cruelty free.”

First Aid Beauty is included on our List of Cruelty-Free Brands.

You can find First Aid Beauty products at Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon.

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First Aid Beauty Acquired by P&G

In 2018, P&G acquired First Aid Beauty. P&G is not a cruelty-free corporation and admits to testing on animals when required by law.

Even though First Aid Beauty is now owned by P&G, First Aid Beauty remains committed to not testing any of their products or ingredients on animals throughout their supply chain.

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Is First Aid Beauty Vegan?

Not all of First Aid Beauty products are vegan, some of their products contain beeswax, collagen, honey, and/or yogurt extract making them not vegan, but some of First Aid Beauty products are vegan and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

Please reference below for a list of First Aid Beauty vegan and non-vegan products.

Which of First Aid Beauty Products is Vegan?

Below is a list of First Aid Beauty products that are suitable for vegans and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

You can also find out which of their products are vegan as they’re labelled accordingly on their website under each product description.

Moisturizers – First Aid Beauty Vegan

Cleaners & Exfoliators – First Aid Beauty Vegan

Serums & Treatments – First Aid Beauty Vegan

Eye & Lip – First Aid Beauty Vegan

Masks – First Aid Beauty Vegan

Body – First Aid Beauty Vegan

Makeup – First Aid Beauty Vegan

This vegan product list is updated as frequently as possible, please be aware that formulations may have changed since the publication of this post. If you have new information to suggest one of the above products isn’t vegan, please email me at to let me know.

Not Vegan – First Aid Beauty

Below is a list of First Aid Beauty skincare and makeup products that are not considered vegan as they contain some animal-derived ingredients or by-products:

  • 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask – not vegan
  • Cleansing Body Polish With Active Charcoal (contains honey) – not vegan
  • FAB Pharma Oat & Hemp Multi-Fix Salve (contains beeswax) – not vegan
  • FAB Skin Lab Resurfacing Liquid 10% AHA (contains elastin and collagen) – not vegan
  • FAB Skin Lab Retinol Eye Cream with Triple Hyaluronic Acid (contains Chondroitin and Cholesterol) – not vegan
  • Pure Skin Gentle Foaming Face Cleanser with Amino Acids – not vegan
  • Skin Rescue Acne Clearing Charcoal Cleanser With Probiotics (contains yogurt extract and honey) – not vegan
  • Ultra Repair Concentrate (contains beeswax) – not vegan
  • Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum (contains collagen) – not vegan
  • Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm (contains honey, beeswax, and proposil) – not vegan
  • Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery (contains proposil) – not vegan
  • Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner (contains honey) – not vegan

Is First Aid Beauty Ethical?

Based in: the US

Products Manufactured: the US

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any public information on First Aid Beauty’s sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Giving Back Initiatives: First Aid Beauty recently launched FAB AID, a student debt relief initiative where First Aid Beauty has committed $1Million to pay back student loans. Applicants must fill out an application and submit a video sharing their student loan story.

Ingredients and Formulations Claims: First Aid Beauty claims, “there are over 1,300 ingredients on FAB’s no-no list, including Artificial Colorants and Artificial Fragrances, Parabens, Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Denatured Alcohol, Methanol, N-Butyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, SD Alcohol, Lanolin, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Formaldehydes, Oxybenzone, Coal Tar, Hydroquinone, Triclosan, Triclocarban, Talc and Sulfates.”

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