My Favourite Spring Vegan Nail Polish Color

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Blu by ZOYA nail polish is EVERYTHINGG.

I’ve mentioned this color last year in one of my monthly favourites but I’ve recently fallen in love with it all over again and I want everyone to know just how outrageously gorgeous this nail polish color is!!


Blu by Zoya is a pale baby blue creme color. The consistency of this polish was on the thicker side, so two coats was more than enough. On some nails, it looked a little streaky but that’s what the second coat is for, am I right? =)

If you’re looking for nail polish that’s not tested on animals and doesn’t contain any gross animal ingredients (like fish scales!), check out my growing list of 100% vegan nail polish here.

I haven’t had any luck with white nail polish so I feel this pale whitened creme blue does the trick for me!

What color are you currently loving and wearing?

OK, let’s have another look to admire the true beauty of this stunning Spring-appropriate color!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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