Updated on May 22, 2021

20 Enamel Pins for Awesome Vegans | Shop the Trend

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Add some flair to your wardrobe by attaching some enamel pins to your threads for an instant and affordable upgrade!

Transform your everyday basics, jeans, hats, and bags by adding some cool enamel pins to them! And why not personalize them with some unique pins that suit your lifestyle.

Thankfully, the vegan squad doesn’t have to feel left out. I’ve scoured through the interweb to find some of the coolest pins for awesome vegans, from vegan tacos, vegan care bears, Nooch, avocado toast, there’s bound to be something from this list that’ll suit you and your plant-based lifestyle!

  1. Love Goes Beyond Species $13
  2. Vegan Care Bear £15
  3. Vegan Unicorn 6,75 €
  4. Vegan Heart $7
  5. Vegan Club $8
  6. In Plants We Trust $8
  7. Choose Vegan Cat Bunny $11
  8. Avocado Toast $10
  9. Vegan Banana $11
  10. Vegan Burger $9
  11. Hot Vegan $11
  12. Animals Rights, Social Justice, Vegan Donuts $11
  13. Nooch $10
  14. Vegan Taco $9
  15. Vegan £5
  16. Veganism is for Lovers $8
  17. Plant Life $11
  18. Vegan Tattoo Heart £5
  19. True Beauty is Cruelty-Free $13
  20. Eat Plants or Die $8

Which of these vegan enamel pins are your favourites?!

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