Does Peter Thomas Roth Test on Animals?

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Is Peter Thomas Roth cruelty-free?

No. Peter Thomas Roth is not cruelty-free as their products are sold in Mainland China where animal testing is required by law and they also cannot guarantee their raw material suppliers do not test on animals.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Animal Testing Statement

Peter Thomas Roth claims to be “animal cruelty free” however this is very misleading.

Since there are no legal definitions for the label “cruelty-free”, companies can use and label their products as being “cruelty-free” to mean whatever they want it to mean. This is why we always need to research brands before buying.

In Peter Thomas Roth’s animal testing statement above, they claim that all their products follow certain guidelines that do not allow animal testing however this is not entirely true.

Although the FDA does not specifically require the use of animals to test the safety of cosmetics but it is also not prohibited by the FDA. In fact, the FDA allows companies and manufacturers to test their products on animals in order to prove their safe.

“Animal testing by manufacturers seeking to market new products may be used to establish product safety. In some cases, after considering available alternatives, companies may determine that animal testing is necessary to assure the safety of a product or ingredient” (Source: FDA)

Peter Thomas Roth also mentions the European Union’s testing guidelines that do not allow the use of animals for any safety testing procedures. This part is true as the EU has banned the sale and marketing of animal testing however this law does not apply to products that are being tested outside of the EU.

Since Peter Thomas Roth is selling their products in countries that require animal testing, like Mainland China, their products must be tested on animals by the Chinese local authorities.

The Truth: Peter Thomas Roth Animal Testing Policy

Here is where it gets interesting. The above screenshot was taken from Peter Thomas Roth’s website.

In point 2, they confirm that they are indeed selling in China where animal testing is required by law and therefore their products are being tested on animals. They try to justify this by saying Everyone else is doing it so it’s OK! *eye roll. 

It’s true that all cosmetic companies that are selling in China must have their products tested on animals by the local Chinese authorities however many cosmetic companies have chosen not to sell in Mainland China for this very reason. Kat Von D, Juice Beauty, Stila, and Drunk Elephant are all examples of cruelty-free brands that not selling in China until they change their animal testing requirements.

In their first point, they mention that they cannot be certain that their raw material suppliers are not testing on animals. This is a cop-out answer. I understand that Peter Thomas Roth cannot be certain their suppliers at some point in the past tested on animals, but what they can be certain about is the fact that their supplier aren’t testing on animals now. This is often done with a mutual agreement and understanding with their suppliers that they must not test on animals after a certain cut-off date.

Since Peter Thomas Roth has confirmed that they are selling in Mainland China where animal testing is required by law and they have not verified that their ingredient suppliers are not testing on animals, I would not consider Peter Thomas Roth to be a cruelty-free brand.

Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Peter Thomas Roth

Looking to switch to cruelty-free brands? Here are some cruelty-free options that are similar to Peter Thomas Roth:

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  • Marisa Damiano
    February 6, 2019

    Thank you for this information. I really hate companies that word play people. Its disgraceful.

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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