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Does Madison Reed Test on Animals? (2018)

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Does Madison Reed Test on Animals?


No. Madison Reed does not test on animals. Madison Reed is also certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.

Madison Reed’s Animal Testing Policy (2018)

We emailed Madison Reed to inquire about their animal testing policy. Below is a snippet of their response:

“We do not test on animals nor do we commission animal testing. Leaping Bunny, a third-party organization, has certified that no animal testing has been commissioned or conducted by the company or by the suppliers of our ingredients.

At Madison Reed, we are proud to offer products that are socially responsible and that we source our ingredients according to European guidelines. The European Union has very stringent regulatory standards and expressly bans cosmetic testing on animals. Our goal is to ensure humane practices for production, and we are committed to animal preservation.

Our products are not sold in China and we have no future plans to.”

Is Madison Reed Vegan?


No. Madison Reed products contain keratin, therefore we do not qualify Madison Reed products to be vegan.

This is what Madison Reed had to say about their use of keratin in some of their products:

“None of the ingredients in any of our products are derived from animals with the exception of keratin. The wool used for our keratin is sustainable and comes from healthy herds of sheep through a routine and humane shearing process done to keep the sheep healthy. We use keratin simply because it is the best ingredient available for hair repair and conditioning, and it is the protein hair is naturally made of.”

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