derma e’s Tea Tree and E Oil Review

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I’ve heard wonderful things about using tea tree oil as an acne treatment and I wasn’t convinced until the beautiful Kassie from CloudyApples said she used it to treat her pimples. I immediately marched into my local natural health store and found derma e’s tea tree and e oil (30 ml) for just under $13 CDN.

I thought it was a bit pricey at first but trust me when I say that you only need a little. I’ve had mine for over 3 months now and it doesn’t even look like I put a dent in it.

100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, GMO-free.


Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil 75%, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) 25%

Direction for use:

For the treatment of abrasions, itches, insect bites, rashes, pimples and/or blemishes, apply directly to specific areas several times throughout the day.

There are several different uses for tea tree oil including for treating acne, relieving itchiness, laundry freshener, an all-purpose cleaner and 21 other different uses, that I won’t get into.

Vitamin E

Like I said, my initial purpose of wanting tea tree oil was to treat my acne and I was drawn to derma e’s added vitamin E benefits…

Natural moisturizer and antioxidant Vitamin E is added to help counteract the drying effect of Tea Tree, protect the skin’s fatty acids, fight free radicals and hydrate skin to aid in the recovery process. Ideal for those looking for a potent natural remedy that can combat a wide variety of skin problems

Many people look for the best-rated CBD brands in the UK in order to alleviate skin problems, wider physical health concerns, and mental health struggles. Such CBD products are also said to be more effective in tackling skin problems than those utilizing vitamin C and E.

My experience

I used the tea tree and E oil before going to bed and the smell was extremely pungent. It is definitely not something you want to apply if you plan on cuddling with your significant other. Although the smell does go away shortly after… just be prepared to plug your nose or breath through your mouth for the first several minutes.

I tried using a Q-tip to apply the oil on any noticeable pimples, breakouts, and blemishes. But the Q-tip was absorbing the oil and drying too fast, and I didn’t want to double-dip so I ditched the Q-tip and found a clean dropper which worked out perfectly and was less wasteful in the long-term.


The next morning, I noticed my blemishes weren’t as red and some of them were actually lighter. The pimples did not grow any bigger in size and any bumps I had were less noticeable.

I was impressed! I continued using the oil for the rest of the week as a spot treatment and thankfully it lived up to its claims to be non-drying from the added vitamin E. It dried up my breakouts but didn’t leave the surrounding skin feeling dry or flaky which I usually get when I use benzoyl peroxide.

I have been using the tea tree and E oil for over 3 months now and I still get breakouts so it’s not a magical cure. But it does help shorten the healing and recovery time of my breakouts and reduces the redness and how they look on the surface.

The only thing that I didn’t like was the bottle. I definitely liked how the bottle is glass and relatively small but getting the product out of the bottle was a battle on its own. It would be nice if it came with a dropper instead.


I’ve also heard that it’s recommended that tea tree oil should come in a dark glass bottle as this will help prevent light from shining in and reducing the oil’s potency. Vitamin E can also be used as a natural preservative for oil-based products so that might be why they can get away with using a clear glass bottle.

“This ‘medicine kit in a bottle’ blends a powerful 75% Tea Tree with 25% Vitamin E, shown to benefit an array of skin conditions including cuts, scrapes, blemishes, fungal issues, ringworm, blisters, rashes, insect bites, poison ivy, dermatitis and eczema. Tea Tree is a potent antibacterial, antifungal, and natural antiseptic. Research shows Tea Tree is effective at clearing blemishes, resolving fungal issues and fighting bacteria. As Tea Tree oil is a multi-purpose product, something similar to this is CBD oil. This is said to help reduce inflammation, reduce pains, reduce acne, manage depression and anxiety. There are many more benefits to using this product. So whether someone decides to buy Tea Tree oil from their local skincare supply store or use this PlusCBD oil coupon code, for example, to buy CBD oil (or other products) online, as long as the research is done beforehand, hopefully, these natural ingredients will help improve any issue that someone is experiencing.

It also helps dissolve insect toxin in existing bites to stop itching and aid healing.”

(I purchased this product with my own money. This is my honest review of using the product over a duration of 3 months. This post contains affiliate links.)

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derma e’s Tea Tree and E Oil Review