Top 27 Cruelty-Free Youtube Beauty Vloggers You Should Already Be Following

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Whether you need a reason a make the cruelty-free switch in 2019 or you need some help on your cruelty-free journey, these lovely compassionate beauty gurus have your back! Remarkably, YouTube has 1.8 billion unique monthly visitors regularly visiting the site. We hope as many of that incredible figure take our advice and check out these stunning beauty queens who truly value the welfare of animals.

Trying to navigate and keep up with which brands or beauty products are cruelty-free or tested on animals is tough enough, and luckily we don’t have to do it alone! With the help of some amazing cruelty-free and vegan beauty vloggers sharing their beauty tips, product reviews, and routines, it’s like we now have access to a cruelty-free coach in the palm of our hands!

Equally, many cruelty-free Youtubers find it difficult to gain recognition on the platform. However, it’s important that these advocates have a voice on the application to spread their positive message! If they are struggling with views and getting noticed, they can always check out Tinkapp to deliberate whether buying views is the way round this challenge.

We’ve rounded up our favorite list of cruelty-free (and some vegan!) beauty vloggers you should be following to get your daily dose of inspiration to help you on your cruelty-free journey

Vegan Beauty Youtubers

Here’s a list of cruelty-free and vegan beauty vloggers who exclusively shares and features beauty products that are free of both animal testing and animal-derived ingredients. Remember that, cruelty-free and vegan don’t always mean the same thing, and these lovely vegan beauty heroes make it easier for us to discover new and exciting vegan products!

Rhian HY – Rhian is the gal pal you wished you had on your squad. Rhian shares her cruelty-free and vegan beauty favorites in her monthly round-up videos, skincare routines, makeup tutorials and hauls. She’s also always on the ball with sharing all the new vegan beauty releases and trying out new products to help us know what are the must-haves.

Mirror and Haze – Jessica Haze is a makeup artist, she started transitioning to only using cruelty-free products in 2015 but in the past couple years, she’s been exclusively using and recommending vegan products. Jessica is the ultimate lipstick swatch queen where you’ll find a ton of helpful videos of her swatching and reviewing a variety of cruelty-free lipstick formulas. You can also find a fabulous range of makeup tutorials on her channel and her Top 5 series will help you immensely when trying to find your next fave vegan beauty product.

Tashina Combs – Tashina is the ultimate cruelty-free expert and is the creator behind one of the most trusted online cruelty-free and vegan beauty resources, Logical Harmony. On Tashina’s channel, you’ll find first impressions, swatches, and reviews of some of her favorite vegan beauty and household products, along with some essential tips to help you go cruelty-free.

Hannah Hagler – Hannah is the queen bee when it comes to vegan beauty and fashion. Hannah veganized her makeup and beauty collection in 2017 and now shares and reviews 100% vegan products. You can find fun try-ons, reviews, swatches, and monthly favourites on her channel that will leave you adding all her personal recommendations to your wishlist!

Cruelty-Free Becky – Becky has always and forever been cruelty-free and her devotion and passion for all things sustainable, vegan, and all-natural shines through in her videos. Becky shares her vegan beauty favourites, reviews, and routines to help and guide us through all the lovely ethical products that are worth checking out.

veganbeautyaddict – Jess really does live up to her username as a vegan beauty addict, she always seems to know what’s hot in the vegan beauty space while sharing her first impressions and reviews of her personal favorite cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. She also has some helpful videos to help us find and shop for cruelty-free products in-stores.

Kiera Rose – Kiera is a Lush-obsessed (I mean, who isn’t?) cruelty-free and vegan vlogger where she captures and shares all of her makeup, skin and hair care favourites. Kiera also takes us along with her in her videos to showcase what she eats in a day and what her vegan beauty routines are like.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Youtubers

The following is a list of cruelty-free beauty vloggers. Most of them didn’t start their channel as being cruelty-free but instead, once they realized the truth about animal testing for cosmetics, they have since transitioned and switched to exclusively using products from cruelty-free brands. If you’re ever struggling with trying to make the cruelty-free switch, these compassionate beauty gurus will inspire and help you on your journey!

Carli Bybel – Carli officially announced on her channel she was adopting a vegan diet in 2016 and since then, she has also made the switch to exclusively using only cruelty-free products. Carli has an endless playlist of cruelty-free makeup and hair tutorials, how-to’s, and skincare routines. In addition, Carli has collaborated with celebrities on her channel, like Drew-freakin-Berry-more!

Bella Fiori – Bella announced she had switched over her entire makeup collection to cruelty-free products in 2016. Bella now showcases her impressive makeup skills in a variety of videos from makeup tutorials, how-to’s, makeup looks, and she even lets us in on her everyday makeup and skincare routine.

ilikeweylieWeylie is like the sister you wished you had! Weylie started transitioning to using only cruelty-free products in 2015 after realizing the fate of her adorable pet rabbits could have ended differently if they were used for cosmetic testing, and she wasn’t down for that! Her videos are full of inspirational makeup looks and routines that will motivate you to make the cruelty-free switch as well.

LaMadelynn -Madelynn went fully vegan in 2016 and now she shares a playlist of her cruelty-free makeup and skincare routine in beautifully filmed and edited GRWM videos. It feels like I’m watching a short cinematic film every time I watch Madelynn’s videos. Her unique and artistic style of videos is definitely worth subscribing to, you will not be disappointed.

itslikelymakeup – Jordi is a cruelty-free professional makeup artist showcasing her incredible talent and artistry on her channel. In her creative and transformation makeup tutorials, Jordi walks us through on how to transform into a glam goddess using a range of both affordable and luxury cruelty-free makeup products.

Kristen Leanne – Kristen made the official announcement that she was transitioning to using only cruelty-free products in 2015. Kristen is also the owner of the wildly popular vegan hair color brand, Arctic Fox. She shares videos on her channel of what she’s currently loving (and hating), makeup tutorials, first impressions, and honest reviews so you know what to add to your cruelty-free wishlist!

Cosmobyhaley – Haley went cruelty-free and vegan in 2017. Her talent and passion as a cruelty-free makeup artist is apparent and shines through just from watching 30 seconds into her videos. Haley posts an impressive variety of makeup tutorials from everyday looks to elaborate Halloween makeup tutorials. If you ever had doubts about the quality of cruelty-free makeup and think they suck, watch Haley’s videos and she’ll prove you wrong.

Jkissa – Jkissa is a makeup artist and she made the exciting announcement that she’s gone cruelty-free in 2016. Her channel is the cruelty-free capital for anything and everything cruelty-free makeup as she shares her favorites, recommendations, first-impressions, try-ons, reviews, and makeup tutorials. Oh, and did you see her most recent collab with ELF!? #GOALS

Aja Dang – Since adopting her adorable doggies, Aja made the switch to using cruelty-free products in 2017. She’s a huge animal lover and her makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and chatty GRWM videos are super down-to-earth and are just as real as her mission to help all the homeless animals on the planet!

Andréa Matillano – Andrea is on top of all the latest and greatest cruelty-free product launches where she shares her honest opinion and reviews to help you know which products are worth your money and which ones left her disappointed. She has been uploading videos on Youtube for the past 7 years and has amassed a huge makeup collection but Andrea went cruelty-free in 2017 and now she has one of the most remarkable cruelty-free makeup collections I’ve ever seen, think Tati Westbrook but cruelty-free.

Brittany Marie – Brittany transitioned her makeup collection to using only cruelty-free products in 2017. Brittany makes videos on an assortment of cruelty-free beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics including what she’s currently loving this month, tutorials, how-to’s, letting us in on her makeup routine, all while using both budget-friendly and luxury cruelty-free brands.

BelleJorden – Belle started using only cruelty-free products on her channel in 2017. She is a true cruelty-free goddess, slaying it with all her flawless and glam makeup tutorials that will leave you adding every product she uses in your shopping cart.

nicolerenee – If you find yourself unable to keep up with all the new cruelty-free makeup and beauty product releases, don’t worry because Nicole has your back. Nicole knows what’s new and what’s good in all things cruelty-free and makeup. She shares her first impressions, swatches, and reviews of all the cruelty-free makeup she’s acquired in her collection. Nicole made the cruelty-free switch in 2017.

Jasmine Rose – Jasmine went cruelty-free in 2016 and her channel is full of amazing videos where she shares her all-time and seasonal favorite cruelty-free beauty and natural hair products from first impressions, makeup tutorials, reviews, and helpful swatch videos to help guide us through picking the perfect shade.

BiohazardousBeauty – Victoria made the switch to using only cruelty-free makeup in 2017. Her goth makeup tutorials and reviews are proof that high-quality and pigmented cruelty-free makeup do exist, so there’s really no excuse for us to keep buying makeup from brands that are still testing on animals in 2019, in order to achieve any desirable look.

Kelly Gooch – Kelly transitioned to using only cruelty-free products in 2017 and now she has the most impressive cruelty-free makeup collection where she shares her all-time favorites featuring both affordable to high-end cruelty-free brands. I love her chatty GRWM videos where you see how she applies her makeup while she shares her experience as a Youtuber.

Kittysnack – Katie went cruelty-free in 2015 and her channel consists of a wide range of makeup tutorials, first impressions and try-on, GRWM, and she also shares her current favorite beauty products, as well as, all the new cruelty-free products coming out.

SMARTER BEAUTY – Jess made the switch to using only cruelty-free products in 2013. She shares her current monthly cruelty-free obsessions, product reviews and demos, and makeup tutorials on her channel. If you ever want to know if a new product is worth the hype, Jess is unafraid to tell it like it is to give us the full scoop.

Jacks Lorraine – With so many cruelty-free makeup to choose from now, where do we even start? Thankfully, Jackie makes it easier to navigate through all the hits and misses in her incredibly helpful video series, Top 10, where she shares with us the best of the best cruelty-free makeup products! Jackie started switching over to using cruelty-free products in 2017.

SeeKaysee – Chris is mostly live streaming on Twitch but she does posts some of her looks and tutorials on her Youtube channel and trust me when I say this girl is freakin hilarious! I can totally understand why people would watch her live while she applies cruelty-free makeup for over an hour. Her videos are so well-edited and I just love how honest and wildly entertaining she is while she tries and samples new products on camera.

Let me know in the comments below, who are some of your favorite cruelty-free (and vegan) beauty vloggers!

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  • Cheri C
    December 19, 2019

    Nice list. I’ll definitely be visiting some of these.
    Stephanie Lange is also cruelty-free and vegan. It’s because of her that I became more aware of animal testing in cosmetics.

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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