Updated on November 7, 2023

10 Long-Wearing Vegan Lipsticks That Stay Smooth All Day | 2023 Update!

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Looking for a pigmented vegan lipstick that’s also long-wearing, weightless, and comfortable on the lips? In this guide, I’m sharing the best vegan lipsticks. Whether you prefer traditional bullet lipstick, liquid lipstick, high-shine, matte, satin, or sheer, there’s something for you in this list!

Unfortunately, most drugstore and high-end lipsticks are from brands that still test on animals, like Dior, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Clinique, Lancome, Revlon, Kevyn Aucoin, Tom Ford, Nars, MAC, Guerlain, and should be avoided when looking for a cruelty-free and vegan lipstick.

In addition, some lipsticks may contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products. Common animal-based ingredients found in lip color formulas may include beeswax, carmine, lanolin, and animal-based glycerin or stearic acid.

Vegan Lipstick

All lipsticks and lip colors mentioned in this post are from brands that have been verified as being truly cruelty-free and don’t test on animals. Note that I’ve included some options from cruelty-free brands that are owned by an animal-tested parent company. If you choose not to purchase from these brands, avoid the ones marked with an * asterisk.

All lipsticks have been verified as vegan-friendly and don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients at the time of writing this. However, always check the manufacturer’s website for the most up-to-date information, as ingredients and formulations may change.

Merit Signature Lip Lightweight Vegan Lipstick

Signature Lip isn’t a tinted lip balm or a traditional lipstick – it’s a hydrating, buildable formula of sheer, satin color that feels so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Use one swipe for a sheer finish and three swipes for rich color.

*Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip

Stunna Lip Paint delivers high-impact color with low-maintenance, long wear in a range of universal shades handpicked by Rihanna. With one stroke of its lip-defining precision wand, Stunna’s weightless, comfortable, soft-matte formula stays kissably smooth all day.

*Note: Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free, but Fenty is owned by Kendo & LVMH, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

*NYX Shine Loud High Shine Vegan Lipstick

Meet NYX’s ultra-pigmented high-shine lip color, with up to 16hr no transfer wear. Lightweight & comfy on the lips, this vegan formula delivers one swipe of loud color with an ultra-glossy, non-sticky shine finish.

*Note: NYX is cruelty-free, but NYX is owned by L’Oreal, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

*ILIA Color Block High Impact Lipstick

A clean, handcrafted lipstick with high-impact color and supreme hydration for all-day wear and care. This full-coverage vegan lipstick is handcrafted with custom pigments made from castor seed oil—giving you four times the intensity and a creamy finish. Get bold, long-wearing lip color that stays smooth. This lipstick comes in a range of ultra-wearable nudes, reds, and berries.

*Note: ILIA is cruelty-free, but ILIA is owned by Clarins, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

e.l.f. SRSLY Satin Vegan Lipstick

This lush, creamy vegan lipstick saturates lips with decadent color for a pout that makes a statement. The nutrient-rich formula applies and wears like silk, hugging the curves of your lips while delivering deep moisturizing benefits. Choose from 10 color-rich vegan shades.

*Chantecaille Lip Chic

Crafted in Italy, this exceptionally comfortable formula combines the high shine effects of a gloss with the rich, even coverage of a lipstick. It is easy to apply and creates an even finish that is shiny but never sticky. Lip Chic leaves lips fuller and decidedly more youthful in appearance but never irritated.

*Note: Chantecaille is cruelty-free, but Chantecaille is owned by Beiersdorf, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

Axiology Zero Waste Multi-Use Balmies

Lip-to-Lid Balmies are plastic-free, multi-use crayons for eyes, lips and cheeks. Packed with oils, butters, and antioxidants such as hemp, and plum oil to nourish and hydrate skin. Made with 9 natural, palm-oil-free ingredients.

Fruit Pigmented® Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

An innovative cocoa butter matte vegan lipstick that keeps lips moisturized all day long while providing stunning, long-lasting color. Formulated with chocolate and antioxidant-rich fruit pigments like cherry, blueberry, and peach. Made with a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E to moisturize and protect delicate lips from dryness.

Rose Inc Satin Lip Color Refillable Hydrating Lipstick

This rich refillable vegan lipstick with a skincare twist contains concentrated active ingredients that impart creamy, long-lasting, and weightless color. It contains powerful botanicals that smooth the lips and deliver a fuller look, oil-dispersed hyaluronic acid that visibly plumps, and vitamin E that creates a soft and supple finish.

Makeup By Mario Ultra Suede Lipstick

The ultra-comfortable, non-drying formula features duo seed oil, which moisturizes and softens lips for a super-sensorial, addictive glide. Blur-filter technology in the form of smoothing gels offers smooth-matte, soft-focus coverage in a single stroke. Twenty gorgeous shades serve all skin tones.

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17 thoughts on “10 Long-Wearing Vegan Lipsticks That Stay Smooth All Day | 2023 Update!”

    1. eeep! there’s so many great vegan-friendly lipstick brands! =) I’ve been meaning to try dose of colors liquid lipsticks! I haven’t really seen their lipsticks around before though. But FairyGirl lipsticks seem to be very popular lately.. although they looked a little drying from some online swatches. How is the formula for FairyGirl lipsticks? =)

      1. i actually really love dose of colors’ lipsticks. they are super smooth, pigmented, and not dry at all. i also love their liquid lipsticks and lipglosses 😉 i feel like their formulas are so different than any others i have tried. you are right about fairy girl; the lipsticks are a bit dry/hard, but not drying on the lips. the weird thing about fairygirl’s lipsticks is that their switches and lipcolors look dramatically different than the swatches and on different people. i have seven of them, and i feel like they look almost nothing like the photos online/swatches/instagram. luckily, i still like the majority of them. if you ever want me to swatch the ones i have for you to compare online, i totally can 😉

  1. I don’t like shopping on line,, I live in Toronto Canada, Which store can I find those wonderful lipstick.. I went to the Big Carrot store on Danforth…they say their product are cruelty free and I find out they sell cosmetic from China..it is a NO NO for me… and I did research on all their cosmetic products. For example I bought the LAVERA LIPSTICK to my surprise after doing a research .I returned the lipstick…..( But then you get to the paragraph where they say ‘Unfortunately, lavera as a producer of natural care products cannot give legally valid guarantee for the products of its raw material suppliers.’
    In other words, they can’t guarantee that the raw materials in their cosmetics have not been tested on animals. Why not when they claim they check? I amB not going to buy any cosmetic product from the BIG CARROT ANYMORE….

    1. Oops! I saw this comment after I replied to your other one, Christiane! Looks like you already discovered this post! hehe =)

      I wanted to take the time to clarify that cosmetics that are MADE in China are actually NOT required to be tested on animals. And only cosmetics that are SOLD in China are required by their local laws to be tested on animals. So if the Big Carrot carries cosmetics that were MADE in China.. those cosmetics are NOT required to be tested on animals.

      That’s too bad to hear about Lavera! You’re absolutely right.. Lavera should definitely make it a priority to check with their raw material suppliers that they also do not test on animals!!

      I was happy to hear that you were able to return the lipstick once you found out the truth about Lavera though!

      In the meantime, if you have a Whole Foods market near you.. I would highly recommend checking out their beauty aisle! Even Superstore or Loblaws may carry some natural AND cruelty-free cosmetics. I know that they keep them in a separate “natural/organic aisle” away from where all the other cosmetics are. It’s in the same aisle as where you’ll find the organic food!

      Other than that, I would suggest sticking to your local natural health food stores but making sure you research each brand and its ingredients before you buy! It’s a bit time-consuming but definitely worth it in the end to know that your choices are not hurting any animals! =)

        1. Hi Vicky,
          Thanks again…I am heading to the store Sephora at Eaton Centre.. I am not please with them because they are still doing tested on their product. on innocent animals…I only going to buy products non tested on Animals and nothing with animals product . I’m a ‘Voice for the Voiceless’ because not enough is being done to help …

    2. Hi Christiane,

      I happened to read you comment and i would love to share something about your queries and concern on lipsticks and vegan products. I am Victoria and I lived also in Canada. I used and loved to shop at Sephora before but now that I am into vegan journey for months and proud to say I am loving it I usually order online and some I happened to get at Wiiners. I get some stuffs at Well.ca, it’s a credible online store and shipping is fast. They carry tons and tons of vegan, natural, fair trade, cruelty free and organic products from food, baby and beauty to name a few. Well.ca has a pop-up shop too at Don Mills since you live in Toronto you might be close to the place. It’s at 5 Karl Fraser Rd Toronto. Try to check out too Detox Market at King St in Toronto. For lipsticks you can try to drop by the Glamgoesgreen store they carry Red Apple Lipstick it is located in Mississauga. I hope the info would be of help to you.

      Hope to hear from you should you be able to visit or search on those stores mentioned. To our wellness and beauty.

  2. Hi Vicky! I am new to vegan and I am in the process of switching all of my cosmetics to vegan and cruelty free brands. I am currently using what’s left of my Revlon Colorstay. Which lipstick (not gloss) would you recommend for staying power? What I like about the Revlon is that I can put it on in the morning, and in the evening it will be barely faded, but not gone, no cracking and it isn’t just left on the outline of my lips.

    1. Hi Courtni,
      Congratulations on your new beauty journey. I realize due to the timing of this post you have may already heard or seen this but wet and wild makes some fantastic liquid lipsticks that you can find in drugstores or online. Hope this helps.

  3. Makeup Monsters and Black Moon Cosmetics make 100% vegan liquid lipsticks! I didn’t know if this was just a bullet listing, but I figured anything would help. 🙂

  4. Hi Vicky,

    Greetings from Ontario, Canada. I am so glad to come across your beautiful and informative blog on natural and vegan stuffs as I am doing more research and continuously learning about going vegan. I am into switching to a more healthy and natural beauty regimen for months now and happy to say that I am loving it aside from my minimalist and being frugal journey. Blog like yours open new learning for people who are interested and transitioning to a more natural beauty guide. I am also following Logical Harmony and Beauty Vegan Review. Most of the vegan products i ordered online at Well.ca, they carry tons and tons of natural, cruelty free, organic, fair trade and vegan products. Some I happened to get at Winners. When it comes to ethical and sustainable fashion I am into transition too. I’ve already read some of your blogs and it is truly helpful especially for those starting to change or switch to a more natural and cruelty free beauty routine and wellness.
    That would be all for now. May you continue to spread awareness and keep us updated on what’s new and what’s in the the world of natural beauty and that is wellness. Looking forward on your next topic.

    1. Hiya Victoria!
      Thank you so so so much for taking the time to leave such a welcoming comment on my blog!! You have no idea how much it means to me when I read a comment like yours!! =)

      I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying my posts and that you found them helpful while you’re transitioning over to cruelty-free, vegan, and natural products!! If you ever have any suggestions or feedback on what I should write about next, definitely let me know! =)

      YAAAAS. I love shopping at Well.ca too! They have such an amazing and large selection of beauty products that are both cruelty-free and vegan. And girl, don’t get me started about Winners!!! That store is like a gold mine for affordable natural and vegan beauty products. I love Winners especially because they carry a bunch of international brands from Australia and the UK that are hard to find in Canada.

      Have you heard of iHerb.com? They’re similar to Well.ca but they’re based in the US; they do give the option for Canadian users to shop in Canadian prices and I find that they have better prices than Well.ca for some products! Shipping is also fast. A quick tip about ordering on iHerb is in order to avoid paying custom duties/taxes, try and keep your order under $60 or so. You can see my haul on iHerb in this post here: https://ethicalelephant.com/iherb-cruelty-free-vegan-beauty/

      Just something I thought you might enjoy! =)

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