Updated on January 10, 2024

100+ Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Using Ethical Mica

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Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands Using Ethical Mica

Here it is! A master list of cruelty-free makeup brands that have confirmed their mica is ethically-sourced without child labor. It took me months to compile this list but I know it’s something many of you have been asking for.

If you’re not aware of the widespread issue of child labor and labor abuse in Indian mica mines, I suggest reading this post of everything you need to know about this controversial shimmery makeup ingredient.

About This Ethical Mica Makeup List

I reached out to all of the cruelty-free makeup brands in my Brand Directory to ask if they use ethically-sourced mica that’s child-labor-free. I learned from each company that responded and I researched to get a better understanding of the best solutions for sourcing natural mica responsibly and ethically. I then analyzed every response I received to determine if I believe the company is doing everything it possibly can to ensure its mica is ethically-sourced.

I’ve also included a separate list, at the bottom, of cruelty-free makeup brands that are only using synthetic mica that’s made in a lab, and therefore no child labor is involved.

*Note that this list is exclusively for brands that are (1) listed in our cruelty-free directory and have met our cruelty-free standards and (2) that offer some makeup products. I’m currently working on a separate list for nail polish brands, skin & body care brands, and haircare brands.

Cruelty-Free & Ethical Mica Makeup Brands

I have confirmed the following list of cruelty-free makeup brands have ensured their natural mica is ethically-sourced without child labor and have verified this with their mica suppliers through documentation, certificates, third-party audits, or their members of the Responsible Mica Initiative.

If you want to know and learn more about the responses I received from each brand, I’ve been adding their email responses at the very bottom of their corresponding brand page. See below for how to find the brand’s response to their ethical mica sourcing policy.

This will now be a requirement for all cruelty-free brands before they’re approved and listed in our Directory.

Cruelty-Free Brands Using Synthetic Mica Only

The following cruelty-free makeup brands are currently or working towards using only synthetic mica in their collection. Synthetic mica is made in a lab and therefore no child labor is involved.

*Fairypants and VE Cosmetics are both working to switch to using only synthetic mica by end of the year

There are several cruelty-free makeup brands that I never heard back from but I will keep trying.

However, if after multiple attempts, brands that fail to address if their mica is ethically-sourced, will no longer be listed in our Cruelty-Free Brand Directory.

For example, I’ve reached out to Anastasia Beverly Hills four times in the past year and I’ve never received a response from the brand. Because of their lack of transparency, I’ve decided to remove them from my master list of cruelty-free brands.

This is part of our ongoing process to redefine what it means to be a “truly cruelty-free” brand in 2021. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Thank you for your work! Can you ask Madara and (Nui from Germany) if they use ethical Mica? Greetz from Germany

  2. Hi there-
    First, THANK YOU for this list – it has totally changed the brands I consider ethical to purchase from. A few brands I’m wondering about: Cay Skin and Exa? I didn’t see them in the brand directory.


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