Review: Color Club Vegan Nail Polish (Bright Pastel Polish)

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Color Club Nail Polish Review

I finally got my hands on some Color Club vegan nail polish! I’ve been a long-time admirer of their polish, seeing them everywhere on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr! They have an enormous selection of polishes to choose from but since it’s Summer time, I thought I’d give some of their bright pastel colors a try!

I got mine at, they were $8.95CA each.

Let’s get into the review!

Color Club Nail Polish Review

Feathered Hair Out To There by Color Club Nail Polish

Feathered Hair Out To There

Described as a pink pastel neon which is an accurate description when you see it in person. In the pictures and on their website, you wouldn’t be able to tell the color comes off as neon but there’s definitely a luminosity, neon effect to the color.

I loved the bright pale neon pink on my nails but sadly I did not like the application or formula of this particular color. It didn’t apply evenly and looked very streaky. I had to apply 4 coats to get it to where I liked it and the polish kept on moving in between coats as it wasn’t drying fast enough so it would leave “holes” in the polish, making the application look uneven.

Diggin' The Dancing Queen by Color Club Nail Polish

Diggin the Dancing Queen

This is my favorite out of the bunch! Although it’s not as opaque as I expected but it’s definitely better than Feathered Hair Out To There and it’s not as streaky. This polish has the same neon effect but in a pretty purple pastel color.

It’s not as bright as the pink so maybe the streakiness of the formula is a little more forgiving on this one. In the photo, I’m only wearing 2 coats of the polish and it applied more evenly than Feathered Hair Out To There!

Holy Chic! by Color Club Nail Polish

Holy Chic!

This is a beautiful lilac pastel color with a cool undertone. I also love this color and it’s almost an exact match as Nubar’s New Mood but honestly, I actually prefer Nubar’s formula better than Color Club’s. It’s also photographing to look like it has more blue undertones than it looks in person.

I had the same issue with Holy Chic! as I did with Feathered Hair Out To There where the color wasn’t that opaque after 2 coats and was just looking too streaky and uneven. In the photo, I have 3 coats of Holy Chic!

Final Words on Color Club’s Nail Polish

I sincerely loved the colors of all three of these nail polish but the formula and application just wasn’t what I was expecting. When comparing my Zoya nail polish in similiar colors.. it’s sadly not a close comparison. Sometimes I feel like I can get by with just one coat of Zoya’s pastel nail polishes making it quick and easy to do my nails every time and I, unfortunately, can’t say the same with these colors Color Club!

But it’s without a doubt that all three of these are absolutely stunning colors and because of how affordable they are (cheaper than Zoya!), I’d probably try a few more of Color Club’s other colors before giving up on them!

What do you think of these colors? Have you had better luck with Color Club’s pastel or neon nail polishes?

What do you think?

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  • Bren
    September 6, 2018

    I will admit the color club poptastic neon polishes don’t have good formulas but I have about 16 color club polishes and out of all of them only two have bad formulas and both are the pastel neons and I bought he same shades as you, the pink and purple but all the other have good or great formulas so don’t give up on color club, they’re one of my favorite brands when it comes to nail polish

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