Is Charlotte Tilbury Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

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Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free and vegan?

Charlotte Tilbury is an award-winning makeup & skin care brand created by one of the world’s top makeup artists but is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free and vegan?

Is Charlotte Tilbury Cruelty-Free?

Yes, Charlotte Tilbury is Cruelty-free! None of Charlotte Tilbury’s ingredients, formulations, or finished products are tested on animals, anywhere in the world.

However, it should be noted that recently, Puig now owns a majority stake in Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury has confirmed they do not test their products or ingredients on animals, they do not allow others to test on their behalf, their suppliers also do not test on animals, and their products are not sold in stores in mainland China or any other country that may require animal testing by law.

Below is what’s currently stated on Charlotte Tilbury’s website:

Charlotte Tilbury’s Cruelty-Free Statement

Charlotte Tilbury Sold in China?

At the beginning of 2020, news broke that Charlotte Tilbury had testers of their products in a pop-up store in mainland China. Note that Chinese customers weren’t able to buy Charlotte Tilbury products at this store location but instead, had to order and buy Charlotte Tilbury products online.

Under China’s animal testing laws, all imported cosmetics that are sold in a retail store in mainland China must be tested on animals.

Cosmetics that are purchased online and then shipped directly to customers are not required to be tested on animals.

Charlotte Tilbury tried to bypass China’s animal testing requirements by offering its customers to test and try out their products in a pop-up store in China where then customers are directed to purchase the products online.

This is definitely a unique and innovative approach to avoid China’s animal testing requirements but it’s not guaranteed that Charlotte Tilbury products won’t be tested on animals by Chinese authorities.

Charlotte Tilbury didn’t know that their testers may be at risk of being tested on animals and since made aware, they had decided to pull their testers off from the Chinese pop-up store display. (Source: Logical Harmony)

As of now, Charlotte Tilbury products are no longer available to test or try out in any stores in China.

And Charlotte Tilbury confirmed to me recently that none of their products are sold in stores in mainland China, stating “I can confirm that we do not have any store locations in China.”

As long as Charlotte Tilbury is not selling their products in stores in mainland China and they’re not allowing testers of their products in any retail location in mainland China, we would consider Charlotte Tilbury to be cruelty-free.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation, especially now since Charlotte Tilbury was acquired by Puig. And if anything changes, we will update this article to keep you informed.

Charlotte Tilbury is included on our List of Cruelty-Free Brands.

You can find Charlotte Tilbury products at, Sephora, Beautylish, and Nordstrom.

Is Charlotte Tilbury Vegan?

Not all of Charlotte Tilbury’s products are vegan as some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products. However, Charlotte Tilbury does have some vegan options.

Please reference below for a list of Charlotte Tilbury vegan products.

Which of Charlotte Tilbury Products is Vegan?

Below is a list of Charlotte Tilbury products that are suitable for vegans and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

You can also find out which of their products are vegan on Charlotte Tilbury’s website.



  • Hot Lips
    • Bosworths Beauty, Electric Poppy, Hel’s Bells, Hot Emily, Kidman’s Kiss, Kim K.W., Liv it Up, Miranda May, Super Cindy, Tell Laura, Carina’s Love
  • Hot Lips 2
    • Angel Alessandra, Amazing Amal, Carina’s Star, Dance floor Princess, Enigmatic Edward, Glowing Jen, In Love With Olivia, JK Magic, Patsy Red, Red Hot Susan, Viva La Vergara
  • K.I.S.S.I.N.G
    • Coachella Coral, Love Bite, Night Crimson, Nude Kate, Stoned Rose, The Duchess, Velvet Underground
  • Lip Cheat
    • Bad Romance, Berry Naughty, Bond Girl, Crazy in Love, Foxy Brown, Hollywood Honey, Hot Gossip, Iconic Nude, Kiss ‘N’ Tell, Pillow Talk, Pink Venus, Savage Rose, Supersize Me, Walk of Shame
  • Lip Lustre
    • Candy Darling, Hall of Fame, Ibiza Nights, Portobello Girl, Red Vixen, Seduction, Unleash Me
  • Matte Revolution
    • Amazing Grace, Between the Sheets, Birkin Brown, Bond Girl, Glastonberry, Legendary Queen, Lost Cherry, Red Carpet Red, Sexy Sienna
  • Superstar Lips
    • Confident Lips, Happy Lips, Pillow Talk, Sexy Lips, Walk of Shame, Wild Lips

Eyes & Brows

Skin & Body Care

This vegan product list is updated as frequently as possible, please be aware that formulations may have changed since the publication of this post. If you have new information to suggest one of the above products isn’t vegan, please email me at to let me know.

Is Charlotte Tilbury Ethical?

Based in: UK

Products manufactured in: Italy and Switzerland

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any public information on Charlotte Tilbury’s sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Initiatives: Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips 2 comes in refillable and interchangeable lipstick tubes.

Giving Back Initiatives: Charlotte Tilbury pledges to donate £1 million from their Hot Lips sales to Women for Women International, a non-profit helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Ingredients and Formulations Claims: Some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products claim to be Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, and Sulfate-Free, check their website’s product description to view each product’s claims.

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  • Rachel
    June 6, 2020

    They are sold in China, just not at Charlotte Tilbury stores. Def not cruelty free

    • Vicky Ly
      June 8, 2020

      I believe they briefly had testers of their products in a pop-up shop in China, their products weren’t officially being sold at that shop. However, once the cruelty-free community was made aware of this and expressed their concerns about the risk of CT products being tested on animals, the brand decided to pull their testers from those stores. My most recent exchange with them, they told me their products are not available to test or buy in stores in mainland China.

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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