Butter London Vegan Product List

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butter LONDON is a cruelty-free beauty brand, they got their start with selling vegan-friendly nail polish and now they have expanded their product line to include a variety of makeup and skincare options!

Although not all of Butter LONDON’s products are vegan, but they were kind enough to send me a list indicating which of their products are indeed vegan and do not contain any animal derived ingredients or by-products!

I love supporting brands that are willing to accommodate to vegans and hopefully butter LONDON will be adding more vegan-friendly products to this list in the near future!

Butter London Vegan Products






Below is a list of Button LONDON products that are not considered vegan as they contain animal-derived ingredients:

  • Eye Pencils – Inky Six, Indigo Punk
  • FitLash Volumizing Primer (contains beeswax)
  • Glazen Lip Glaze – Sugar Dust, Pixie Dust (contains carmine)
  • Glazen Lustrous Liner – Magnetic (contains carmine)
  • Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat
  • Inky Six ElectraLash Colour Amplifying Mascara (contains beeswax)
  • Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat
  • On the Glow Pen (contains carmine)
  • Plush Rush Lip Gloss (contains carmine)
  • Plush Rush Lipsticks (contains beeswax)
  • Pretty Proper ShadowClutch (contains carmine)
  • QuickFix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm
  • Scrubbers 2-in-1 Prep & Remover Wipes
  • Stroke of Wow™ Roll On Liner – Pitch Black (contains carmine)
  • Trend Lacquers (with the black or gold caps)

Have you tried any of Butter London’s products before? If not, which products are you interested in trying?

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  • Natalie
    June 1, 2017

    You mention that they are cruelty free, but does that also mean that their ingredients aren’t tested on animals as well as their final products?

    • Vicky Ly
      June 2, 2017

      Yup! On my blog, in order for a brand to be considered cruelty-free they must meet the following requirements:

      – ingredients were not tested on animals
      – final product was not tested on animals
      – companies must verify with their ingredient suppliers that none of their ingredients are tested on animals
      – must not commission or ask a third party to test on animals on their behalf
      – and must not sell their products in markets that may require animal testing by law

      Hope that answers your question! =)

“Make ethical choices in what we buy, do, and watch. In a consumer-driven society our individual choices, used collectively for the good of animals and nature, can change the world faster than laws.”― Marc Bekoff

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