Updated on October 6, 2023

13 Best Vegan Deodorants That Keep You Feeling & Smelling Fresh | 2023 Update!

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Looking for a cruelty-free and vegan deodorant that actually works? You’re not alone. This has been one of the most requested guides by many of you!

So, I’ve done the research for you, and here’s a round-up of 13 best of the best vegan deodorants that actually work!

Most of the deodorant brands you find at the store are from companies that test on animals including Degree, Axe, Old Spice, Arm & Hammer, and Gillette.

In addition, some deodorants may contain ingredients derived from animal sources like animal-based stearic acid, glycine, and royal jelly. Manufacturers often don’t disclose the source of their ingredients on the product packaging so it’s difficult to know with certainty whether a product is vegan just by reading the ingredient list.

Vegan Deodorants

All of the deodorants listed in this guide have been verified as being truly cruelty-free using our Cruelty-Free Checklist. And they’ve all been verified as being vegan and don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

Whether you’re looking for a vegan deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum or baking soda and you prefer a roll-on, stick, or plastic-free option, there’s something for you in this list!

Kosas Chemistry Deodorant

Free from aluminum and baking soda, Kosas Chemistry Deodorant is a serum formula that comes in tube packaging. It contains a unique AHA blend that targets odor-causing bacteria leaving you feeling fresh and non-smelly.

Apply this feel-good, cooling serum vegan deodorant on your underarms, and make sure to wait for it to dry completely.

*Native Vegan Deodorant

Native deodorants is a stick formula that’s free from aluminum and paraben. It contains naturally-derived ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda.

Available in an array of refreshing scents, with Coconut & Vanilla awarded as Allure 2021 Reader’s Choice. Native Deodorants are all vegan and they also have a plastic-free packaging option.

*Note: Native is cruelty-free but owned by P&G, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

*Schmidt’s Deodorant Sticks

Schmidt’s offers Ecocert Certified Natural Deodorants in a variety of delightful unisex scents. Free from aluminum and parabens, this vegan deodorant is made from plant-based and 100% natural origin ingredients like odor-fighting magnesium and essential oils.

Prefer a baking soda-free deodorant? Try Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin line of deodorants that are made without baking soda.

*Note: Schmidt’s is cruelty-free but owned by Unilever, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

evolvetogether Natural Deodorant

evolvetogether’s natural deodorant is a clear, plant-powered formula that won’t build up and actually works. Formulated with advanced enzymes, tapioca starch, glycerin, and pro-vitamin B5 that work together to absorb sweat, neutralize odors, and soothe sensitive skin — keeping you feeling fresh and smelling great.

*Sol de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-Free Deodorant Cheirosa 62

Rio Deo keeps you feeling fresh and smelling amazing all day. This smooth-glide deodorant prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria while soothing the delicate underarm area. Papaya enzyme helps even skin tone and fight ingrown hairs. The deodorant is infused with the Cheirosa ‘62 scent with warm, sunny notes of pistachio and salted caramel.

*Note: Sol de Janeiro is cruelty-free, but Sol de Janeiro is owned by L’Occitane, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

Kopari Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Aluminum and baking soda-free, Kopari’s natural, vegan deodorant comes in 7 divine scents that smell like sweet paradise. It glides on smoothly and goes on clear without leaving a sticky, white residue.

Megababe Rosypits Daily Deodorant

Megababe’s vegan deodorant contains enzymes and extracts that help break down odor and absorb wetness without aluminum or baking soda. The water-based formula glides on smooth without tugging and applies clear. Their Rosy scent is a cult fave.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

This vegan deodorant is powered by Lavanila-developed technology to break down sweat molecules and effectively prevent odor. Resulting in an aluminum-free and baking soda-free deodorant with a velvet-soft formula that goes on clear and smooth. Lots of lovely scents to choose from too!

Crystal Essence All Natural Body Deodorant Roll On

This is a mineral salt deodorant with a roll-on application. It applies wet but once dried, it provides an invisible, protective barrier that blocks odor before it starts. Crystal’s vegan deodorant is non-sticky, non-staining, and doesn’t leave a white residue.

Pacific Underarm Deodorant Wipes

These vegan deodorant wipes by Pacifica are great for times when showering is not an option. A distinctive blend of natural essential oils and coconut milk, these odor-neutralizing, aluminum-free wipes keep you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

Malin+Goetz’s deodorant is synthesized with refreshing natural eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing citronellyl to be appropriate for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. Formulated without aluminum, baking soda, or parabens.

*Tom’s of Maine Long-Lasting Deodorant

Tom’s natural, vegan deodorant is formulated without aluminum, artificial fragrances, or preservatives. This long-lasting deodorant stick contains odor-fighting hops combined with the natural fresh scent of Wild Lavender for a natural deodorant that works.

*Note: Tom’s is cruelty-free but owned by Colgate-Palmolive, a parent company that is NOT cruelty-free.

by humankind Vegan Refillable Deodorant

Trying to reduce plastic waste? by Humankind’s vegan deodorant refills are made with biodegradable paper, reducing the single-use plastic waste you’d find in a single-use deodorant by 90% on average. Each time you refill, you eliminate 1.49 oz of single-use plastic waste from your routine.

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