Last Updated: May 25, 2021

How Ethical Is Avon?

Avon Products is a multinational cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and personal care company but is Avon cruelty-free or vegan in 2021?

Ethical Analysis

Is Avon cruelty-free or vegan? Here’s what we know! Read below for more details on Company’s policies.
It is currently unclear whether Avon is truly cruelty-free.
Yes, Avon sells its products in mainland China.
Avon claims to have some vegan products but the brand’s cruelty-free status is unclear.


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I’ve been getting lots of questions about Avon’s cruelty-free status so I thought I’d provide an update and address the question, is Avon cruelty-free in 2021?

Avon is working to become cruelty-free but they’re not there yet.

Avon is still selling their products in China. Although they claim to have stopped testing their ingredients on animals in China, they were unable to clarify exactly how or what they’re doing to be exempt from China’s animal testing requirements.

They also haven’t verified with all of their ingredient suppliers that they are all cruelty-free too.

Therefore, Avon is on our ‘Grey Area Brand List – Brands with Unclear Policies.’

Note that Avon Products and New Avon are two separate companies. In this post, I’ll only be looking into Avon Products’ cruelty-free claims and statements.

Avon & PETA

There’s been some confusion about PETA and Avon’s partnership. As of May 2021, Avon is still NOT officially certified cruelty-free by PETA. When you type ‘Avon’ in PETA’s directory, it says that Avon is “working towards regulatory changes to reduce the number of animals used for testing.”

This does NOT mean Avon is cruelty-free. It just means PETA acknowledges that Avon is working on it.

PETA reports, “Avon Products, Inc., is no longer testing on animals anywhere in the world and is putting systems in place to ensure that none of its suppliers test on animals, either. When that process is complete, the company will be moved to our cruelty-free list.”

According to this statement made by PETA, Avon is putting systems in place to ensure that none of its suppliers test on animals but that process is not completed yet. And that’s why Avon is not yet certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Avon & China

I’m currently waiting to receive a response from Avon about their cruelty-free claims while selling in China. I will provide an update here once I receive a response from the company.

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38 thoughts on “Avon”

  1. I assume that everyone who has posted here avoids all products that are manufactured in China. That might include electrical goods, and the phones and laptops used to post comments.

    1. What about this newest thing? Where they “sold off” part of the company, calling IT “New Avon, LLC” (which purports to NOT do animal testing), and “Avon Products” which DOES do animal testing in some countries?

  2. I think this article was written with the intent to hurt Avon. As of the month before this post was written Avon split off from the rest of the world and is now called New Avon llc. This was made public before this article was ever written. They do not deal with anywhere other than the United States and are a North American Company. Reps can not sell to Canada, Mexico or anywhere else in this world but here. Avon does NOT test on animals and has stated that. What the other company does is on them. Avon in the United States are and will remain cruelty free. They are a caring company that helps with causes like breast cancer awareness and domestic violence. Reps all over are loosing business because people aren’t fact checking and accusing. North American Avon company does NOT test on animals nor does it sell to China or anywhere else for over 2 years now.

    1. Hahaha. They sell wherever they can honey. In fact, they sell in Serbia, which is in Central Europe, and all of the country’s they can make profit. So, shhh.

    2. Yes I agree! New Avon LLC does not test on animals. Avon products inc yes. But it’s unfair! New Avon is for USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. I live in Europe, I care about animals and I would like that Avon Products Inc stop testing on animals! One world, one Avon! Same rules!

  3. I bought all my makeup from Avon on the understanding it was not tested on animals. If this is their policy they shouldn’t be selling it to the countries that require animal testing.
    Profit before animal welfare.

  4. Nice efforts. I must say that you have researched really well about this policy of Avon and I am really amazed to know this all information. This information is really useful for me because I have used Avon products in the past and quite honestly, I am very much satisfied with the products. Recently, my friend recommended me an Avon flyer and from that flyer, I order Avon Color Glow Lip Gloss and I really loved it. But this information will help me a lot to use Avon products in the future.

    1. this article is from 3yrs ago and is no longer true i work for Avon we are leaping bunny certified and do not sell to china anymore and our products are 100% made right here in the US.

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