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Aubry Watches – Interchangeable 3-in-1 Vegan & Ethical Watch!

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Have you ever given much thought about whether your watch is vegan-friendly? And if your leather watch strap was derived from animal skins?

This small accessory you wear everyday can be contributing to animal cruelty where innocent animals are being killed and skinned for a mere fashion accessory.

Thankfully there are animal cruelty-free watches available that looks stylish, chic, and on-trend without harming any animals! In this post, I’m sharing with you all, a vegan watch brand that I’m currently loving!

Aubry Watches

All of Aubry Watches are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their leather watch strap is made using premium polyurethane (PU) and no animal glues or dyes.

Created on the foundation of mindful, modern and cruelty-free design, Aubry’s mission is to create beautifully simple watches which can be worn and loved every day.

Aubry Watches – Interchangeable Straps

The coolest part about Aubry Watches is how they have interchangeable straps! So you can get multiple uses and styles out of a single watch. It’s super easy to change out the straps. Use coupon code “ETHICALELEPHANT” to receive a free strap with your purchase of a watch.

There are currently 2 sizes available, Classic Collection with a 38mm case and Petite Collection with a 33mm case.

I have very small wrist so I typically like my watches to be on the smaller side so I opted for the Petite Collection.

The watch arrived in a beautiful white, slim, minimal box. This would make for a perfect gift for someone special! And the 2 extra straps came in a matching white envelope.

There are so many color options for vegan leather watch straps (dark red, navy blue, brown, soft pink, soft grey, and black) available in both Classic and Petite Collections, you also get different options for the buckle like gold, silver, rose gold, or matte black.

Mesh watch straps made from high quality PVD plated stainless steel are also available in gold, silver, rose gold, and matte black.

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Watch Strap

This is the Petite Aubry Watch with a rose gold stainless steel mesh strap, accompanied with a rose gold plated 33mm case + white dial.

I love this combination, it looks so seamless and chic. The mesh strap is adjustable but you will need a small screwdriver to adjust it to your wrist size. Buy Now

Black Vegan Leather Watch Strap

This is the Petite Aubry Watch with a black vegan leather strap + rose gold buckle, accompanied with the same rose gold plated 33mm case + white dial.

The vegan leather straps are super lightweight and flexible, so it sits comfortably on my wrist and doesn’t slide around. The strap is adjustable and fits me perfectly! This is such a classic leather watch that looks and feels practical and modern, perfect for every day wear! Buy Now

Grey Vegan Leather Watch Strap

This is the Petite Aubry Watch with a grey vegan leather strap + rose gold buckle, accompanied with the same rose gold plated 33mm case + white dial.

This feels the same as the black vegan leather strap. The soft grey is such a pretty color! I don’t own any watches in this color and it goes so well with the rose gold and white dial. Buy Now

How to Change Aubry Watches’ Straps

It’s super easy to change these watch straps. You don’t need any fancy tools, just your fingers… I find longer nails help too! I’ve timed myself (I know, I’m such a dork), and managed to change straps within 15 seconds, it’s that easy!

In the back, you’ll find two little ‘pins’ on either sides of the strap, see above picture to know what I’m referring to. You simply just slide the pins and the strap will slide right out. Repeat on the other side.

To replace for another strap, simply line up one end of the hinge and slide the pin to the other side while you position and line up the strap to fit nicely into the other hole. Repeat same steps on other strap.

Once the straps are in place, they don’t move around or come loose so you don’t have to worry about them coming undone!

Overall I’m very impressed with Aubry Watches’ interchangeable straps! I love how each of these straps makes the watch look like an entirely different style so I can get so many different uses out of a single watch!

To receive a free strap with your purchase of a watch, use coupon code: ETHICALELEPHANT.

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