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ATTITUDE Products Animal Testing Policy (2018)

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Is ATTITUDE Cruelty-Free?


Yes. ATTITUDE is cruelty-free and 100% vegan. ATTITUDE products are not tested on animals and they do not contian any animal-derived ingredients.

ATTITUDE offers a range of products from household cleaning products, bath and body care products, and even some baby and pet care products. ATTITUDE is also owned by Bio Spectra.

ATTITUDE claims that their products do not use any animal based ingredients and therefore are vegan.

ATTITUDE’s Animal Testing Policy (2018)

*This post has been updated to reflect new information.

My original publication of this post (Sept 3, 2015) suggested that ATTITUDE was selling some of their products in stores in Mainland China via their Hong Kong import agency.

Hong Kong is exempt from China’s pre-market animal testing laws however I was originally under the impression that ATTITUDE was distributing and selling their products in-stores throughout Mainland China through their Hong Kong import agency. In this case, their products were still subject to post-market animal testing.

However my recent conversation with ATTITUDE has confirmed that their products are sold online only to Chinese customers in Mainland China and not sold physically in-stores.

Therefore I am happy to report now that ATTITUDE is considered cruelty-free!

China’s Animal Testing Laws

There is no official animal testing statement on ATTITUDE’s website with the exception of their use of PETA’s Cruelty-Free Bunny Logo. When I reached out to ATTITUDE, they told me:

First of all, ATTITUDE uses no animal tallow or any other animal based ingredients, in the manufacturing of any of its environmentally friendly ATTITUDE products. All components used are either vegetable or mineral based and are selected for their environmental and health safety profile.

ATTITUDE’s mission is to promote responsible consumption by providing effective products that minimize the impact on health and environment. Therefore, we do not perform or instructs to perform test on animals, neither for its finished products or ingredients, and does not tolerate animal cruelty.

Regarding the ingredient suppliers, we do ask each of them to agree on providing us the origin of each ingredients, along with a required signature to legally make sure the ingredients were not tested at any point in time.

It is true that China requires animal testing for personal care products and cosmetics before being registered by the government.  Therefore, none of our products are registered in China. We don’t export our products directly to China but they are available in China. When importing products in Hong Kong, considered as a free trade zone, the animal testing process is not required. When Chinese distributors are interested in buying and selling ATTITUDE products, they buy them from our Hong Kong import agency.

ATTITUDE is Cruelty-Free!

After confirming that ATTIUDE is only selling to Chinese customers through e-commerce platforms where animal testing is not reqired by law, I am happy to confirm ATTITUDE is now cruelty-free!

5 Responses
  • leslie harriet
    August 16, 2018

    selling products in Hong Kong only and selling in china is totally different. the laws applicable are different. what attitude is doing is selling products into china via an agent and the agent redistributes into china. this bypasses animal testing laws. take lush for instance. their products are not animal tested. they have shops all over hong kong but not china. people and small shop owners come to lush to buy then bring into china to sell. this doesn’t mean lush needs to start animal testing per Chinese law.

    • Vicky Ly
      September 10, 2018

      Hi Leslie,

      I just updated this post to reflect some new information and clarifications from ATTITUDE and I’m now able to confirm that they are indeed cruelty-free!

      You’re right about how Hong Kong is exempt from China’s animal testing laws however it wasn’t clear whether ATTITUDE was allowing some of their Chinese distributors to sell their products in-stores in Mainland China. If that was the case, those products are still subject to POST-market animal testing where Chinese officials randomly pick products off of store shelves and test those products on animals, often done without the company’s consent or knowledge.

      That’s why any cosmetic brand that distributes or sells their products in an actual store in Mainland China cannot be considered cruelty-free.

      But ATTITUDE has reassured me that they only sell to Chinese customers through online e-commerce platforms so therefore none of their products are required to be tested on animals.

  • Aleksandra
    July 30, 2016

    Well, does it count as selling in China, since they actually export them to Hong Kong, and they are bought there by Chinese distributors? I mean, by extension, no one’s safe. Literally ANY brand could be imported by a Chinese distributor from somewhere else, and sold in China, therefore making it possibly tested on animals. Where do we draw the line? I guess if a company proudly states that they don’t sell in China because animal testing, they might be more legit, but is that a necessary and sufficient condition?

  • Ado
    May 13, 2016


    I just found your site searching for more info about Attitude’s cruelty-free policies. I’m glad I did so, I find your comments on China rather informing.

    It is indeed Attitude’s decision to sell in a market which only can offer animal tested products, such in China. That said, from that POV, ALL and ANY products there will be animal tested! So it is impossible to find cruelty free products in China. If that’s the case, it is good that Attitude decides to sell there since, at least, people can buy from a brand which is indeed cruelty free, even if the Chinese authorities don’t allow such term to exist. That being the case, better to buy from them that, said, Mr Clean. The money will go to a good place.

    About Attitude, do you have more information about Bio Spectra? Is that also 100% cruelty free? What other products do they offer?

    Thanks a mil!


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