Is Alterna Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

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Alterna is a luxury haircare brand known for their caviar anti-aging products but is Alterna cruelty-free and vegan?

Is Alterna Haircare Cruelty-Free?

Alterna is NOT Cruelty-free. Alterna is owned by Henkel and they have confirmed they DO test on animals when no legally accepted alternative test methods are available.

Alterna Cruelty-Free Claims

Interestingly, Alterna makes no claims their products are cruelty-free or not tested on animals. I couldn’t find any relevant information on their website and their products are not marketed or labeled as being cruelty-free.

However, oddly enough, Alterna does claim their products are vegan.

Below is an example of Alterna’s vegan claims:

Alterna Haircare Vegan Claims

This is a classic example of products marketed as “vegan” but they’re not cruelty-free.

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When I reached out to Alterna Haircare to inquire about their cruelty-free status and animal testing policy, I discovered Alterna is owned by Henkel, a parent company that is not cruelty-free.

Alterna Haircare and their parent company, Henkel share the same animal testing policy stating in an email response,

Hello thank you for reaching out, and great questions!

Wherever legally possible, we demonstrate the safety of our products and the ingredients we use through existing data or through accepted alternative test methods, thus avoiding animal testing.

Henkel only ever uses such tests if required by legal regulations or if no accepted alternative test methods are available for obtaining the necessary safety data.

Naturally, at the same time, we comply with legal regulations that do not allow animal testing, e.g. testing in order to meet the requirements of the EU legislation on cosmetics.

We would very much like to be able to answer all questions about the safety of our products and the ingredients we use without any animal testing at all. Unfortunately, however, it is not yet possible to avoid animal testing completely: This is because legally acceptable alternative test methods are not yet available for all safety aspects, and alternative test methods are not able to answer all questions relating to safety.

We have been working intensively for more than three decades on the development of alternative methods to obtain the necessary safety data without animal testing. Significant examples include tests on cell systems – known as in-vitro methods ‏(Latin: “in glass”).

Unfortunately, Alterna Haircare and Henkel allow their products, ingredients, or formulations to be tested on animals when no legally acceptable alternative tests methods are available.

However, there are nearly 50 scientifically validated non-animal tests that are cheaper, faster, and more reliable than traditional animal tests, along with nearly 20,000 raw ingredients that have already been tested and proven to be safe and don’t require any new animal tests.

In addition, all 500+ cruelty-free companies that we’ve verified and list in our Cruelty-Free Brand Directory have managed to use non-animal test methods to prove their products and ingredients are safe so it’s disappointing to learn that Alterna and Henkel still need to rely on animal tests.

As a result, we would NOT consider Henkel and Alterna Haircare to be cruelty-free, at this time.

Is Alterna Haircare Vegan?

Alterna claims their products are vegan and free of animal ingredients and by-products. However, since Alterna is NOT cruelty-free, we would not consider anything manufactured or marketed by Alterna Haircare to be vegan.

Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Alterna Haircare

Try these cruelty-free haircare with vegan options instead:

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