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5 Things That Helped Me Go Vegan

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This year, I am celebrating my 5 year veganniversary! That’s right, I’ve been embracing a vegan lifestyle in all its glory since 2012!

5 years ago, my decision of choosing to live a lifestyle that avoids the consumption of all animal products has been the single best decision I’ve ever made and has quite possibly changed my life, for the better.

I know, that’s even weird for me to say out loud.

Going and being vegan has taught me to be kinder to one another and to be more consciously aware of what we consume because it plays a bigger part in the world, whether we see it with our eyes or not, so it’s important to always be asking how can I do better with the every day choices I make?

I have so much to be thankful for in my decision to go vegan but this post isn’t about that. In honor of my 5 years of being fully vegan, I wanted to share 5 things that helped me go vegan to hopefully inspire some of you to make the transition!

1. This YouTube Video

I don’t even remember how I found this video on Youtube. I think I typed “Vegan” in the search bar and wanted someone to ELI5 (explain like I’m 5) what it meant to be a vegan in simple terms. And this presentation did just that!

Warning: it is low quality at 360p, this was 2012 we’re talking about mmmkay? =)

There’s absolutely nothing graphic in this video but from what I remembered, it was a very straight-forward, non-judgemental presentation on the reasons why we should turn to a vegan diet for the animals and if we want to live healthier.

2. My Boyfriend at the Time

I dated someone for a couple months and he decided (on his own!) to be a pescetarian like me and I remember thinking, finally someone who gets me! so shortly after, I told him I was thinking of becoming a vegan and he responded like most people would and said “that’s a bit extreme.” But at that point, I wasn’t seeking for his permission and told him I was going to make some changes and would appreciate his support.

Turns out, he was incredibly supportive because shortly after, he went fully vegan with me! It definitely helped to have someone in my social circle that understood and “gets me” especially when the rest of the world, including my family and close friends, were saying I was ‘wrong’ to deprive myself of animal products.

Surround yourself with supportive and positive people, now you can find like-minded people online without having to leave your house! I especially love the awesome Vegan Facebook Group in my city!

On a side note: we broke up and he went back to eating meat shortly thereafter.

3. Earthlings, The Documentary

Yes, this documentary is graphic AF and I had to watch it through my fingers but if I hadn’t watched it, I probably wouldn’t have taken the leap to go fully vegan. I was dabbling in and out of a vegan diet for about a month but after watching Earthlings (which you can totally watch for free on Youtube), it made my decision to go fully vegan crystal clear!

The documentary also opened my eyes to a world of veganism that goes beyond our diets and one that extends to other consumer products we choose to buy such as our leather shoes, personal care products that was tested on animals, and even our choice of entertainment where animals are exploited like zoos, aquariums, and the circus!

4. These Books!

Of course, I had to turn to books for some guidance on how to go vegan! These 3 were the first books I read introducing me to the inhumane practices of factory farms and all the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet!

These books are super easy to read without an overwhelming amount of information, which was especially nice when I was just starting out!

5. Yves Veggie Cuisine is LIFE.

Back in the day (geez, I just made myself sound so old!), there wasn’t as much commercial meat replacements available but Yves Veggie Cuisine was EVERYTHING. I was the only vegan in my group of friends so when it came to Summer BBQs and I wanted to feel included, I would always rely on Yves vegan hot dogs and burger patties!

When you go vegan, you get to try out a bunch of food that you wouldn’t have typically tried before and that was probably the most enjoyable experience of going and being vegan!

We now have way more options in terms of vegan meat, eggs, and dairy products but it’s always interesting to look back and see how far the vegan movement has progressed!

Do What’s Right For You

I’m not the type to push a vegan lifestyle down other people’s throats,  I know that a vegan diet isn’t for everyone but I’m always encouraging others to stay informed and always be striving to do a little better each day.

I hope by sharing some of the things that motivated and inspired me to go vegan 5 years ago, has opened your eyes to the world of opportunity and resources available to living the best version of yourself!

I’d love to hear your story and what inspired you to go vegan?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

2 Responses
  • Sascha
    September 29, 2017

    Congrats on your vegan-versary! I celebrated 5 years in June and I couldn’t be happier with having made this decision. What made me take the leap? I’ve always wanted to – I went pescatarian at 11 years old – and had thought that it was too hard to be vegan, but then I moved to London and discovered all the amazing options! It was SO much easier than I had imagined. Also, the book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer broke my heart into a million pieces and convinced me to take the step. Going vegan also inspired me to leave the fashion industry and get a job with an animal rights charity and start my vegan fashion magazine! So I can truly say that veganism changed my life. My husband was a meat eater when we met and now he’s been vegan for 1.5 years. My sister went vegan two years ago. I’m so proud of both of them!

    • Vicky Ly
      September 29, 2017

      Thanks Sascha for sharing your vegan story! I love hearing what inspired others to go vegan! You’re totally right, I always thought being vegan was “too hard” but like you said, it’s a lot easier than I thought! Wowza, that’s incredible that you inspired your husband and sister to also go vegan!! What an influence you have in both of their lives, that’s amazing!!

      p.s. love your digital vegan magazine!! <3

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