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13rushes Review – Cruelty-Free & Vegan Makeup Brushes

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High-quality, affordable, cruelty-free makeup brushes do exist! And 13rushes is here to prove it! Scroll down to read my 13rushes review.

13rushes is taking a stand against animal cruelty in fur farms by creating their own line of hand-crafted, synthetic and cruelty-free makeup brushes that do not compromise on performance, durability, or sustainability.

13rushes was founded in 2013 with a mission to create exceptional synthetic brushes that are kind to the animals. We are located in Singapore, a sunny island in South East Asia.


What sets 13rushes apart from other cruelty-free and vegan makeup brushes on the market? Unlike machine-cut brushes, all of 13rushes brushes’ are hand-trimmed, leaving the bristle tips incredibly soft.

13rushes - Cruelty-Free Brushes
13rushes – Cruelty-Free Brushes

13rushes Review

All of the makeup brushes from 13rushes are made with cruelty-free anti-bacterial synthetic bristles.

13rushes’ brushes feature a tapered wooden handle with a gold aluminum ferrule. They are a little bit longer compared to my other brushes but 13rushes have a good weight and balance to their brushes, and they feel incredibly sturdy.

Striving also to making beauty sustainable, we’ve worked closely with manufacturing partners to minimize resource wastage during production. Additionally, sustainable materials such as aluminum (highly recyclable) were chosen to reduce our ecological footprints.


Here, I have all of the face brushes that 13rushes sent to me side-by-side. From left to right: Luxe Powder Brush, Flat Top Foundation Brush, Classic Blush Brush, Precision Highlighter Brush, Illuminating Blush Brush, and Touch Up Artist Brush.

13rushes – Cruelty-Free Makeup Brushes

Luxe Powder Brush

Luxe Powder Brush - 13rushes Review
Luxe Powder Brush – 13rushes Review

Luxe Powder Brush by 13rushes (US$25) – This is a large brush and definitely feels very luxurious! It’s super soft and fluffy, this brush is hands down the softest out of the set! The large tapered brush is great for applying finishing or setting powder on the face and I also love using this luxe powder brush on my body as well!

Flat Top Foundation Brush

Flat Top Foundation Brush by 13rushes (US$18) – This is a HUGE flat foundation brush. The first time I used this, I was scared the bristles were going to absorb too much product but that wasn’t the case at all. This is an absolute game-changer for when I need to apply my liquid foundation as quickly as possible. I swear, it cuts my foundation application time in half! The bristles are so soft and densely packed which blends any liquid foundation effortlessly without any streakiness.

Classic Blush Brush

Classic Blush Brush - 13rushes Review
Classic Blush Brush – 13rushes Review

Classic Blush Brush by 13rushes (US$14) – This brush is described as a cheeky blending brush to be used with powder blush and highlighter. The synthetic bristles are soft and fluffy. It does a great job of blending out my blush on the apples of my cheek for a flawless and soft finish.

Precision Highlighter Brush

Precision Highlighter Brush - 13rushes Review
Precision Highlighter Brush – 13rushes Review

Precision Highlighter Brush by 13rushes (US$14) – This is probably my favorite brush out of the set. It’s called the ‘precision’ highlighter brush for good reason. The small tapered brush is perfect for applying highlighter or any other powder makeup to exactly where you want it. It’s soft and fluffy so you can seamlessly blend out your highlighter to avoid harsh lines. I also love using this brush to apply powder to my undereye area as it’s small enough and can get into all the right angles.

Illuminating Blush Brush

Illuminating Blush Brush - 13rushes Review
Illuminating Blush Brush – 13rushes Review

Illuminating Blush Brush by 13rushes (US$14) – This brush is described to be used to blend cream or powder blush and highlighter, as well as, any pressed or loose powders on targeted areas of the face. I really liked using this brush to apply my highlighter and setting powder in certain areas. The brush is soft and fluffy and blends products beautifully. However, I prefer using 13rushes Classic Blush brush to apply my blush as I found the Illuminating Blush brush applied too much product in one area.

Touch-Up Artist Brush

Touch-Up Artist Brush by 13rushes (US$18) – This is a very unique brush! It is a flat, crescent-shaped, densely packed, tapered brush that is described to “help with powder touch-ups without messing your makeup… [and] packs on powders precisely with minimal fallouts.” It does exactly what it claims and is absolutely perfect for touch-ups as you go about your day. I’ve also tried using this brush to apply other makeup products like my undereye concealer, as well as, cream highlighter, blush, and contour, I find that it works just as well for both powder and cream products! This is definitely a multi-tasking brush.

Final Thoughts: 13rushes Brushes

I am so blown away with the quality and performance of 13rushes! It goes without saying that these brushes are so incredibly soft to the touch and they have a good range of makeup brushes that works with a variety of products whether it’s powders, creams, or liquids!

I love that some of 13rushes’ makeup brushes are so unique and innovative, like their large flat top foundation brush and touch-up artist brush. I didn’t think I was going to like these brushes but now I can’t go without them!

I would definitely recommend 13rushes’ cruelty-free and vegan makeup brushes!

Where to buy 13rushes? You can shop online at 13rushes.com, they ship internationally. Some brushes are also available on Amazon.

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