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Ultimate List of 100+ Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for 2020

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Whether you’re vegan yourself or looking for a gift for a vegan this Holiday season, here is an utlimate list of over 100 awesome vegan Christmas gift ideas.

In addition to all of the items not containing any animal ingredients or materials, most of these gift ideas are also eco-friendly and sustainable. So they’re better for people, the animals, as well as, the planet!

Gifts That Are Not Vegan:

Let’s first start by listing what’s not vegan and items that should be avoided:

  • Food and beverages that contain meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, or bee-products. Watch out for candies that contain gelatin and wine clarified with egg whites or isinglass.
  • Clothes, shoes, or accessories made from animal materials like leather, suede, fur, shearling, sheepskin, wool, cashmere, down, and silk. That includes wool scarves/hats, watches with leather straps, and silk pajamas.
  • Beauty products that were tested on animals or that contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products like carmine, lanolin, keratin, honey, beeswax.
  • Home decor & furnishings made with animal materials like wool throws, down and feather-filled pillows and duvets, silk bedding, and leather chairs. Also, watch out for candles made with stearic acid or beeswax.

Note that this is not a complete list of non-vegan items, but it’s enough to get you started on the basics. And if you ever find yourself not sure if something is vegan, try searching “is ___ vegan?” into Google. There’s surely someone else that has asked the same question before you.

Now, let’s get into the list of 100+ vegan Christmas gift ideas!

For ease of browsing and navigation, I’ve categorized the list of vegan and eco-friendly gift ideas into sections. Click to jump to the corresponding sections.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Him

Some sustainable and vegan Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life.

Zero Waste Safety Razor Kit

The Detox Market $132

Ditch the disposable and electric shaving razors with this plastic-free safety razor kit. It comes with a vegan shaving oil, exfoliating cloth, 5-pack of recyclable razor blades, and well kept’s safety razors designed to last a lifetime.

Organic Cotton Beanie

tentree $25

Made with 100% organic cotton, this cozy beanie is a great vegan alternative to wool or cashmere beanies.

Vegan Leather Watch Set

Hurtig Lane €121

Why just gift one watch when you can give two-in-one with this interchangeable vegan leather watch strap set. The gift set includes Hurtig Lane’s luxurious square design timepiece with a black vegan leather strap and an additional chestnut strap.

Vegan Cologne

Aesop $95

A woody, spicy, and floral vegan cologne with key notes of clove, sandalwood, cardamom.

Compostable Phone Case

Pela Case $25-$40

Biodegradable and eco-friendly phone case made from a plant-based polymer. Lots of designs, patterns, colors to choose from. But I especially love this wallet phone case the most!

Recycled Copper Flask

Made Trade $173

A cool handcrafted flask made with 100% recycled copper. Heavy gauge, made to last for generations.

Organic Cotton Socks

Conscious Step $40

Socks that plant trees! An endless selection of colors and patterns to choose from. Fairtrade, vegan, and made with GOTS organic cotton. Each pair supports Trees for the Future and their work to plant trees for better soil and more successful farmers.

Yoda Best Vegan Mug

Etsy $20

A funny and thoughtful gift for the vegan in your life!

Protein-Packed Vegan Cookbook

Gaz Oakley $16

Gaz Oakley’s (aka @avantgardevegan latest plant-based vegan cookbook, Plant-Only Kitchen includes over 70 easy-to-follow and delicious vegan recipes!

Eco-Friendly Wireless Charger

Nimble $60

A cool wireless charger compatible on most devices. The cover is made from a sustainable blend of recycled water bottles & organic hemp.

Men’s Vegan Slippers

TOMS $65

Cozy faux-shearling slippers made with 100% vegan materials.

Eco-Friendly Headphones

House of Marley $65

Noise-canceling wireless headphones by House of Marley. Made with sustainable materials, FSC® Certified Wood, durable recyclable aluminum

Organic Cotton Sweater

Pact Reg. $90, On Sale $59

Fair-Trade Certified, 100% organic cotton cozy pull-over men’s sweater that’s sure to keep them warm this season.

Vegan Leather Jewellery Box

Watson & Wolfe $218

Made from vegan corn leather and the most luxurious Italian faux suede material, perfect to safely store and organize accessories.

Recycled Nylon Duffle Bag


A lightweight, durable, practical duffle bag for the eco-warrior because there is no planet B. Made from 100% recycled nylon.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for the Homebody

Technically, we’re all homebodies lately. So here are some cozy vegan gift ideas to making staying-at-home a little more enjoyable.

Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Set

Glow Recipe $59

A recharging sleep set featuring Glow Recipe’s cult-favorite Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and the coziest plush pink eye mask, so you wake up feeling refreshed and glowy in the AM.

Organic Cotton Hoodie

California Cloth Foundry $186

A cozy sustainable hoodie you’ll never want to take off.

Unwind Live Well Gift Set

Modern Sprout $50

Lovely gift set includes Lavender bamboo grow kit, soy candle, sleep mask, and a vegan pillow spray.

Chill Pill Vegan Bath Bomb

OUAI $30

This jasmine-and-rose-scented bath bomb provides a dreamy escape into a tranquil, spa-like experience

Vegan Fur Slippers

Noize $65

Faux-fur slides to keep your feet and toes cozy and warm because real shoes are optional at this point.

If you like discounts, use Noize coupon code ‘ETHICALELEPHANTFW20’ to receive 20% off your order.

Personalized Vegan Mug

Etsy $20

This adorable personalized vegan hot chocolate mug is such a lovely and thoughtful gift!

Vegan Scented Candle

Mala the Brand $24

Scented, non-toxic, soy candle that smells like eating your favourite childhood cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Vegan Satin Beauty Pillowcase

Bloomingdale’s $80

Silk pillowcases are all the rave right now to reduce wrinkles and bedhead, but silk isn’t vegan. So, here’s a satin pillowcase that’s just as good but without the cruelty!

Upcycled Scrunchies 3-Pack

tentree $15

3-pack hair scrunchie set, multi-color selection, upcycled TreeBlend fabric.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for the Vegan Fashionista

For the trend-setting compassionate fashionista in your life.

Vegan Style: Your Plant-based Guide to Fashion

Sascha Camilli $25

A hardcover guidebook to all things vegan fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle.

bareMinerals* Vegan Palette

Sephora $34

A clean makeup palette inspired by the bestselling Warmth All-Over Face Color for a touch of holiday radiance—wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

*Note: bareMinerals is cruelty-free, however, they are owned by Shiseido, a company that is not cruelty-free.

Designer Vegan Watch

Olivia Burton $135

An Olivia Burton watch with a vegan leather strap featuring a delicate alpine-inspired print and Swarovski crystal.

Vegan Leather Jewelry Box

Samara Reg. $79, On Sale $65

Safely and beautifully organize and store your precious accessories in this luxurious, chic vegan leather jewelry box.

Vegan Lip Crayon Set

Bite Beauty $39

A clean mini lip crayon set, featuring Bite Beauty* Power Move Creamy Matte Lip Crayon, in four throwback-inspired pink shades, including bestselling Nonino.

*Note: Bite Beauty is cruelty-free, however, they are owned by Kendo, LVMH, a corporation that is not cruelty-free.

Vegan Sherpa Jacket

For All Kind Reg. $228, On Sale $150

From your favourite athleisure, to street clothes, to evening looks, the For All Kind vegan Sherpa Jacket will go with virtually any wardrobe staples, taking you from day to night looking fashionably cozy. Use code: ‘ETHICALELEPHANT’ to receive 10% off your order.

Vegan Leather Lace-Up Boots

BHAVA $279

A classic round toe and minimal detailing make this elegant faux fur lined boot a heavenly experience for your cold weather footwear needs.

5-Piece Vegan Skin & Body Care Set

Herbivore $54

A full routine of Herbivore‘s skincare and body mini-size essentials for visibly healthy, glowing skin.

Designer Vegan Leather Purse

Alexandra K $342

A perfect size to fit a full-size wallet, phone plus other essentials. Made with eco-PU and all-vegan materials.

Sustainable Vegan Sneakers


Comfortable and chic vegan sneakers made with polyester recycled from plastic bottles collected from the Mediterranean seabed.

Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

Amazon Reg. $80, On Sale $40!

Make your clothes last longer by keeping it in tip-top shape with this lint remover, sweater defuzzer, fabric shaver! It’s also travel-friendly.

Vegan Silk Cami

ettitude Reg. 46, On Sale $37!

A silky-soft sateen cami you’ll never want to take off. Made from our sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric, this cami is perfect for a night in or layered with jeans for a night out.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for The Vegan Home Cook

For the ones that loves to cook & bake the best plant-based and vegan dishes.

Vegan Cheese Making Kit


Making your own vegan cheese can be intimidating. That’s where this vegan cheese making kit comes in. It includes everything one would need to start making 7 varieties of nut cheese at home!

Tofu Press


A tofu press is one of those items that are not totally necessary (a stack of textbooks or canned goods can get the job done) but is more of a luxury kitchen tool that would be nice to have. So, why not treat a vegan chef with this boujee looking tofu press?

Infused Salt Classic Set with Wooden Stand

Jacobsen Salt Co. $35

Add some flavour to someone’s life with this set of six infused salt neatly displayed on a wooden stand.

Plant-based Milk Maker

Almond Cow $195

This cool gadget can instantly make 5-6 cups of fresh nut milk at the touch of a button. No straining. No mess. Easy cleanup. Just the way it should be!

Ninja OS101 Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

Amazon $159

Two kitchen equipment that have totally changed my life as a vegan is an air fryer and a pressure cooker. And this bad boy is a combination of the two. So you get both awesome equipment while saving counter space.

Le Creuset Cookware

from $250

Gift durable, high-quality, and made-to-last cookware like Le Creuset cast iron. They last a lifetime and is on just about every home cook’s wishlist!

Reusable Bowl Cover


Handmade bowl covers that you can easily wash and reuse as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use, plastic food wraps!

Stasher Reusable Bags

Amazon $12

These are the best reusable food storage bags available! Best air-tight seal, easy to wash, and best of all, you can reuse them!

Spiralizer 7-Blade

Amazon $25

A spiralizer is a game-changer in a vegan kitchen! Effortlessly and easily make veggie spaghetti or zucchini noodles (zoodles) with this 7-blade spiralizer.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Your Bestie

Not sure what to get your partner-in-crime this season? Times may certainly be different this year but thank god we have our BFFs to get us through this. Here are some vegan Christmas gift ideas for the ones that’s got your back 24/7.

Besties Clean Hair Set

Briogeo $30

No bad hair days for your bestie with this cruelty-free and vegan 5-piece mini travel set of Briogeo’s best hair products for healthy hair.

Vegan Leather Card Pouch

Angela Roi $55

A luxe sleek cardholder size pouch to keep your essentials.

Vegan Turmeric Superfood Blend

Golde $29

Because our bestie’s gut health is important to us. This latte blend claims to boost your beauty and gut health with anti-inflammatory superfoods turmeric, coconut, and more. It’s also vegan, keto-friendly, and packed with antioxidants.

Gemstone Water Bottle

VitaJuwel $78

Not just a regular water bottle, but a cool water bottle with gemstones to vitalize your drinking water!

Vegan Fur Lined Slippers

PAWJ $80

Cute faux-fur house slippers for those late nights you guys stay up and since we’re all pretty much indoors now.

The Radhi ‘Mudita’ Necklace


Each Chrysoprase stone is unique in cut, color and character, and is paired with a dainty 14k gold-filled chain. Also comes with SAMARA x Radhi vegan leather jewelry pouch.

Vegan Gift Exchange Ideas

Gift exchanges and swaps can be difficult as a vegan as you want to get something that everyone else would enjoy but that’s also not wasteful like novelty gifts that never get used. So, here are some great vegan Christmas gift exchange ideas.

Bamboo Cup + Socks Set

Thought £23

Best 2-for-1 set that includes a pair of super soft bamboo and organic cotton socks and a reusable cup that’s made from bamboo and corn starch.

Plant-based Milk Making Set

Uncommon Goods $35

The coolest and most compact tool kit for making your own plant-based milks at home. It comes with two jars, a silicone splash guard, a filter, and airtight lids.

Solar Portable Light + Speaker


Lightweight, water-resistant, and solar-powered. This smart little light is your personal speaker, mobile charger, and wake-up light. The best travel companion you’ll find.

Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook $30

No more wasting paper – this environmentally-friendly 36 page dotted grid notebook can be used endlessly by wiping clean with a damp cloth and upload your handwritten notes to the cloud.

Bureo Jenga Ocean

EarthHero $50

An ocean-themed Jenga game. Just like the original but these blocks are made from 100% recycled fishing nets along with images of ‘at risk’ ocean life on each piece.

Terra Cotta Grow Kit

Modern Sprout $18.99

Add a touch of green to your décor—or delight a host—with this self-watering kit that comes with everything you need to grow a houseplant.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for the Ethical Entrepreneur

For the eco-CEO running on plants and coffee, here are some vegan Christmas gift ideas to help the ethical entrepreneur stay organized & inspired.

The Anti-Planner


Since 2020 was a write-off. The Anti-Planner is your piece of calm, reminding you that you can do things your way, with no timeline, just you, your thoughts, and a few prompts to keep you grounded.

Vegan Leather Briefcase

Matt & Nat $175

A luxe vegan leather satchel with adjustable and removable crossbody strap to carry all of your essentials for work. 100% recycled nylon lining.

Big Change Enamel Mug

tentree $25

A mug they can use everyday to keep them motivated to keep fighting the good fight!

Office Joggers

LEZÉ the label $129

Whether you’re in between the office or working from home, these are the most comfy joggers for the modern working woman. They’re also made from recycled fishnets!

Sustainble & Vegan Tunic

Neu Nomads $138

If all of you’re doing are zoom calls then this smart tunic top is perfect as it is comfortable. Made with luxuriously soft, lightweight and eco-friendly TENCEL™.

Portable Espresso Maker

Simpresso $80

This slim and lightweight brewer creates crema-topped espresso with just boiling water and a few pumps of the handle.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Moms

Finding a gift for moms and mothers-in-law are always the hardest. They have just about everything they need so anything you get them is just a luxury. So, here are some luxurious vegan Christmas gift ideas for our moms.

Sustainble Vegan Wool Scarf

Love & Lore $40

Both flattering and eco-friendly at once, this butter-soft scarf is made with care from 55% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and 33% recycled cotton.

Vegan Perfume & Candle Gift Set

Maison Louis Marie $110

Earthy and Woody scented. No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Luxury Perfume Gift Set.

Vegan Silk Robe

Ettitude Reg. $80, On Sale $56!

Slip into luxury with our classic, sateen weave women’s robe made from our silky-soft sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric. So comfortable against your skin it’s like wearing nothing at all.

All-Over Joy Face and Body Essentials Set

Josie Maran $75

A richly hydrating and thoroughly nourishing essentials set to envelop yourself in pure joy from head to toe and enjoy a renewed all-over glow. All of the products are vegan.

Tan Vegan Leather Wallet

Sans Beast Reg. 97, On Sale $54!

This wallet is a timeless travel companion, made with tan textured vegan-leather. Open it up to reveal a secure zipped compartment and 12 slots for your cards, receipts, and bills. 

Handwoven Cotton Blanket

Amante Marketplace $87

This gorgeous throw blanket is handwoven with 100% eco-friendly Turkish cotton. Amante Marketplace is a women-owned company and pays all their artisan partners fair living wages.

Vegan Christmas Gifts for Moms-to-be & Baby

Not sure what to get an expecting mom for Christmas? Here are some eco-friendly gift ideas to get you started!

Nursing Pajama Set

Cosabella $235

A super comfy nursing pajama set that includes a robe, nursing camisole, and stretchy pants. Made in super-soft Pima cotton and modal.

Elephant Organic Toy

Under the Nile $20

A sweet friend for your little one.

Eco-Friendly Baby High Chair

PlanToys $150

This Baby High Chair from PlanToys has a unique curved design that is the perfect fit for a lively toddler or baby. All PlanToys are made from sustainably harvested rubberwood trees.

Mama to Be Trio

OSEA $138

The perfect gift for expectant mothers.

Vegan Diaper Tote Bag

Doshi $159

A chic large vegan tote with 5 pockets inside to keep all your mama things & essentials organized. (Use code: ETHICALELEPHANT10 to receive 10% off your order)

Awake & Refreshed Kit

100% Pure $20

Gift the appearance of a well night’s rest with these relaxing bright under-eye masks and one of my favourite vegan eye creams.

Eco-Friendly & Vegan Stocking Stuffers

Some eco-friendly stocking stuffers that are actually useful. Perfect for those wanting to make the switch to green and eco-conscious products!

Rattan Pop Socket


These gorgeous rattan pop sockets are truly a statement piece. Each one is handmade and is the perfect addition to any phone or phone case.

Guppyfriend Washing Bag


The GUPPYFRIEND™ Washing Bag is a must-have for anyone trying to make more eco-conscious choices! It protects synthetic garments in the wash and helps stop microfibers from entering our oceans and rivers during the washing process.

Reusable Plant Travel Straw

Lund London $15

Say no to single-use plastics with this retractable stainless steel straw that travels easily in a keychain-friendly case made from organic plant material.

Reusable Bags


Baggu makes some of the best practical reusable bags! They have an endless selection of prints, colors, and patterns to choose from, you’ll surely find one that suits each person on your list! I am especially loving this Lisa Simpson print!

Reusable Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds


Swap out your beloved single-use makeup wipes or cotton rounds with these eco-friendly, super soft and effectvive reusable USDA certified organic bamboo cotton wipes instead!

Mini Vegan Makeup Brush Cleaner

beautyblender $9

Make the dreadful task of washing makeup brushes a little more tolerable with this convenient and easy-to-use makeup brush cleanser. The charcoal-infused formula claims to draw out the most stubborn makeup, grime and germs from deep within blenders and brushes.

Zero-Waste Vegnan Lip Balm

Meow Meow Tweet $14

A dreamy, creamy moisturizing balm in a biodegradable tube.

Zero-Waste Multi-Stick

Axiology $14

They may be small in size but they’re big on purpose, pigment, and power! 100% zero-waste lip-to-lid balmies that can be worn as a lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, you name it!

Vegan Top/Base Nail Polish Set

NCLA Reg. $35, On Sale $24

Ace your manicure! This all-star duo contains a mattify-ing, essential base coat and an extended wear gel-like top coat. Together, you’ll outlast and outshine any manicure.

Biodegradable Hair Ties

KOOSHOO $18.95

Plastic-free organic hair elastics that claims to be 2 times stronger than hair ties joined by glue and these are machine washable. Designed to last in your hair but not in a landfill.

Reusable Cotton Swab

LastObject $13

LastSwab is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to cotton swabs, buds, and Q-tips. It helps combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs that are produced every day.

Vegan Holiday Makeup Brush Gift Kit

ecotools $7.50

The limited-edition WINTER SHINE kit allows you to perfect a winter look with 4 must-have brushes.

Collapsible Reusable Travel Cup

Stojo $15

Everything about this collapsible travel cup is simply convenient and the silicone cups are meant to last a lifetime as they are virtually indestructible, resilient and safe.

Vegan Funny Christmas Gifts

Looking for a funny vegan Christmas gift idea? I’ve created a list of some laugh-out-loud, hilariously clever vegan gifts before, and here are some of my faves for this season.

Vegan T-Shirt

Etsy $20

Let someone know they are just the world okayest vegan and that’s okay.

Ugly Vegan Christmas Sweater

Etsy $40

All I Want For Christmas is Tofu.

Tofu Plushie Toy

Etsy $35

Taking the saying, “All I want for Christmas is Tofu!” literally. Made from bamboo and organic cotton blend.

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Amazon $12.50

A collection of vegan recipes so simple to make that even a stoner could prepare them.

Punny Vegetable Towels

Etsy from $33

Funny puns screen-printed on flour sack dish towels for some giggles in the kitchen.

Funny Cat Mug

Etsy $20

Pretty much the best response to where do vegans get their protein from?

Vegan Christmas Cards

We may not be able to gather like we used to, so why not send your best wishes with a vegan season’s greeting card? Etsy has some of the best designs and prints, you can also personalize them! Here are some of my top picks.

“We wish you a vegan Christmas and a cruelty-free new year!”

The Punky Bunny from $4

“Have Yourself a Merry Vegan Christmas”

My Sweet Paper Card from $4.93

“Ok kids, let’s put out the gluten-free, vegan, artisan mince pie and dairy-free, organic almond milk for Santa”

PaperJamPrintCo from $5.48

“Save a turkey this Christmas. Eat one of the bad children instead.” This is a pack of 6 cards.

Dead Good Doodles $11

“From all the animals we saved this year… merry everything!”

Culver And Cambridge from $6.95

Pack of 3 Vegan Christmas Cards. Printed on 100% recycled paper and packaged using eco-friendly, compostable packaging.

Emilie Draws Things from $8

Pack of 6 or 12 funny vegan Christmas cards. Printed on environmentally-friendly sourced card stock.

Plant Based Cards from $14

Well, that’s it! You’ve made it to the end. I hope this ultimate list of over 100 vegan Christmas gifts gave you some inspiration or ideas on what to get this holiday season!

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