Vegan Dental Floss Options

Vegan Dental Floss Options

Most dental floss is coated with beeswax, making them not vegan. I’ve checked the ingredients for Tom’s of Maine and Desert Essence‘s dental floss and tapes and they unfortunately do contain beeswax so although they are cruelty-free, they are not vegan (but suitable for vegetarians).

As of right now, I could only find two brands that have 100% vegan dental floss, as well as being cruelty-free.


Both flavours are vegan: Cinnamon and Mint

Vegan Dental Floss by Eco-Dent Vegan Dental Floss by Eco-Dent

  • vegan waxed
  • contains essential oils and enzymes to reduce plaque
  • packaged in a cardboard carton rather than plastic case
  • made out of nylon


Available in two vegan flavours: Cranberry and Mint

Vegan Dental Floss by Radius Vegan Dental Floss by Radius

  • spun in natural vegan Candelila wax
  • made out of nylon
  • contains mint tea tree and natural xylitol
  • no glutens, preservatives, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners or color, or fluoride

They also have single-use floss sachets:

Vegan Dental Floss by Radius Vegan Dental Floss by Radius

Please do note that Radius does have another dental floss but made from all natural pure silk, which of course isn’t vegan.

I could only find two, so let me know in the comments below if there’s a vegan dental floss brand that you use or know, as I love discovering new vegan brands!

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