So-called “Cruelty-free” products have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, but let’s take a step back and ask, what exactly does it mean when cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products are labeled as “cruelty-free”?
Products that are labeled as “Cruelty-Free” generally means they weren’t tested on animals, however, there is no standard or legal definition as to what is and isn’t allowed to be labeled as “cruelty-free”. So companies can call themselves and their products “cruelty-free” and it can mean whatever THEY want.
Misleading? — Yes.
Illegal? — No.
The FDA, responsible for regulating cosmetics labeling in the US, states on its website, “Consumers sometimes ask about use of claims such as “Cruelty-Free” or “Not Tested on Animals” on cosmetic labeling. Some cosmetic companies promote their products with claims of this kind in their labeling or advertising. The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms.”
Unrestricted Use. No Legal Definition. — “Cruelty-Free” is now being used as a buzzword by marketers wanting to cash in on the trend.
But not ALL cruelty-free companies are liars and imposters. Some brands are genuinely committed to not testing their finished products and ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world.
But HOW do we know which cosmetic brands are telling the truth and are truly cruelty-free in 2020?
❶ Ask brands if their products or ingredients are tested on animals either by the company, their ingredient suppliers or commissioned to a third party and if they allow animal testing when required by law.
❷ Look for @leapingbunnyprogram brands --the most trusted cruelty-free certification program available!
❸ Check @ethicalelephant’s Cruelty-Free Brand Directory List where we have verified each and every brand's cruelty-free status before we list them (link in bio!)
 Together, we can end animal testing for cosmetics once and for all!
Thank you for choosing cruelty-free! 🐘 💕

So-called “Cruelty-free” products have become...

Lazy Sundays 💖 Laying in bed and wondering why you haven’t gone cruelty-free in 2020 yet 🤔✨
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Lazy Sundays 💖 Laying in...

I love you all for going vegan! ✨ Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 (via @sassyspudshop)

I love you all for...

What can I say..? I’m just a hopeless ramen-tic! 🍜
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What can I say..? I’m...

THIS. 🙌🏻
“It’s not about being perfect! And we don’t know any vegans who walk around saying that they are, or that they cause zero harm. Veganism doesn’t mean causing ZERO harm (that would be delusional)... but it definitely means causing a lot less of it!! And causing LESS harm than before (before being vegan) is definitely worth celebrating and continuing to advocate for.

Don’t let the vegan haters get you down. Usually the people pointing their fingers and trying to find a flaw in veganism are the ones who simply don’t understand it or don’t know what it takes to stand for something.” (Words by @vegan_boss, 📸 via @unmeatfuture)

THIS. 🙌🏻 . “It’s not...

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Cruelty-free is the only way to be!🐇✨

Cruelty-free is the only way...

A quick and easy way to find out if your shoes are VEGAN and whether they were made from animal OR non-animal materials! 👠🌿
Once you know, you'll never forget! ✨ I've been using this guide for YEARS now and it has saved me so much time and hassle! 💗
Swipe 👈🏻 to see what each symbol means and which ones are considered vegan materials! 🌱
NOTE: This pictogram does NOT guarantee whether the glue used contain animal products, please contact the shoe manufacturer/companies to inquire about the source of their glue.
Shoes: old from @callitspring

A quick and easy way...

Never too late for a fresh start ✨ doing something is better than doing nothing 🌱
I had failed to meet my personal goals to living minimally and more sustainably this month, but I will keep trying to do better — even if it means making some mistakes along the way! 🌎 (via @createcultivate)

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bunnies are for cuddling, not for testing 💉🚫🐇 #endanimaltesting (via @veryfatrabbit)

bunnies are for cuddling, not...

Vegan Cuts + Leaping Bunny Beauty Box Review

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'Leaping for Beauty' Vegan Cuts + Leaping Bunny Beauty Box Review

What’s better than getting hand-picked cruelty-free and vegan beauty products delivered right to your door step? Why having a box full of goodies from Vegan Cuts that was specially hand-picked with the help of Leaping Bunny, the gold standard for certified cruelty-free cosmetics and household products!! =)

What You Need To Know About Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

  • Vegan Cuts is a 100% vegan monthly subscription box
  • Includes 4-7 vegan + cruelty-free beauty products
  • Beauty Box costs $22.95/month
  • Free shipping within U.S., $9 to Canada, $15 Internationally

*Prices updated: Oct 5, 2016

'Leaping for Beauty' Vegan Cuts + Leaping Bunny Beauty Box Review

December Vegan Cuts Box

Concrete Minerals – Mineral Eyeshadow in SMUT ($8.00)

Concrete Minerals SMUT mineral eyeshadow

I was a bit apprehensive when I opened the lid of this mineral eyeshadow. Since the jar it came in is black, the color wasn’t really coming through. I could see there was some shimmer but it looked more like a charcoal color than it does on their website. When I swatched it, it looks like its in between a grey and purple shimmery eyeshadow. I can see myself using this to create more of a smoke eye.

Crazy Rumors – Cinnamon Bun Lip Balm ($3.50)

Crazy Rumors - Cinnamon Bun

I have heard of Crazy Rumors since the beginning of my vegan journey almost 4 years ago but haven’t got my hands on one of their lip balms yet! and boy have I been missing out cause Crazy Rumors vegan balms have easily moved up to be one of my top must-haves now! Other vegan balms can’t compare to Crazy Rumors’ flavors and delectable scents!!! This cinnamon bun one is the real deal though. Seriously.

Auromère –  Mint Toothpaste ($1.00)

auromere ayurvedic vegan toothpaste

I have heard great things about this brand of Ayurvedic toothpaste before and it’s probably something I wouldn’t have bought on my own so it was a nice treat to see it in this month’s box! This mint toothpaste by Auromère features 23 botanical extracts, the flavor and texture takes a little bit of getting used to.

Demes – Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover ($6.00)

demes vegan cleansing oil and makeup remover

And yet another brand I’ve heard of before but haven’t had the chance of trying! Demes is a family owned and operated Canadian business and out of all their products, I am so happy I get to try their cleansing oil made with only 4 ingredients: castor oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, and geranium oil. It does a great job of removing all of my face and eye makeup and leaves my face feeling super soft, smooth, and cleansed!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques –  Pressed Blush ($14.00)

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Vegan Pressed Blush in Sweet Sixteen

I got this blush in my last month’s LaRitzy beauty box in the exact same shade, ‘Sweet Sixteen’ but this one came pressed. It’s extremely pigmented yet blendable so you only need a little but I find that the color is a bit too dark for my skin tone since I’m way lighter during this time of year.

Acure Organics – Cell Stimulating Facial Mask ($7.00)

Acure Organics Vegan Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

I have been dying to try some of Acure Organics products. I’ve emailed them before asking for a list of their Canadian retailers/distributors but they have  yet to expand across the border so I was excited to see their ‘cell stimulating facial mask’ in this month’s Vegan Cuts box! What I like about this mask is that it goes on smoothly and doesn’t dry or crack like other face masks and it’s super easy to rinse off. Leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed!

Final Thoughts on Vegan Cuts December Box

The total value of this month’s Vegan Cuts beauty box is $39.50 and it came with a fabulous variety of lip products, skincare, color cosmetics, and even a toothpaste! and it was an added bonus that this box was specially curated to include 100% Leaping Bunny certified products!

This box was very interesting because I always say that these subscription boxes are great for discovering new cruelty-free + vegan brands and products. However I’ve already heard of most of these brands before yet I haven’t tried any of their products before receiving my Vegan Cuts box! So, major thumbs up on this month’s box!

What do you think of the vegan beauty products included in Vegan Cut’s December Beauty Box? Tried any of these products before or would you want to try any of them? 

What do you think?

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