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Review: Eco-Dent’s Vegan Dental Floss

I have been on the hunt trying to find a vegan dental floss since finding out most floss, including Tom's of Maine and Desert Essence, both have floss that are coated with beeswax. I found a brand called Eco-Dent and as I was researching about the brand and floss, I read that their floss may contain enzymes derived from dairy sources. I was confused because it said "100% vegan" on their packaging and their ingredients didn't list any possible animal derived ingredients. VEGAN? After emailing the company, it has been confirmed (and double checked) that both of their dental floss (mint and cinnamon) are 100% vegan. Below you can find 3 email responses after inquiring whether it was true if their floss contained enzymes that are grown on a dairy substrate: No , that is actually not true.  The formulation was changed a number of years ago after our company took over the brand from the former owners.  It has not had...

Cats have No Place in a Vegan Household

Don’t get me wrong - I love cats, yet, as wonderful as they are, there is one troubling, undeniable reality about these furry little munchkins - they are obligate carnivores. What is an obligate carnivore? It is an animal that, by biological necessity, must eat meat in order to survive. Humans are not obligate carnivores and, surprisingly enough, neither are dogs, which means that these species can potentially thrive on a vegan diet. (disclaimer: please don’t make your dog go vegan until you do research on the topic. I, myself, know very little about vegan dog diets, so please look elsewhere for more information. Here is a great book to check out if you want your dog to go vegan) I’m not suggesting that all vegan cat parents throw away their kitties in exchange for a veggie eating dog, however, if it is our ethical stance that all creatures are not to be subjected...